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What will be the "core" of Ashes' PvP?

Since there are no factions in this game, what will be the core of pvp? Will it be large scale battles guild vs guild? Will it be citizens of node 1 vs citizens of node 2 (trying to flip the node to their advantage/citizenship)?

Will nodes and citizenship in your chosen node almost function as a temporary faction by choice (as you can change your citizenship after a short time (believe it's 2 weeks as it is currently implemented)

This is a game i'm definitely having my eye on, along with Camelot Unchained.

Ashes seems super promising and pleasing all types of players, just trying to get a better grasp on the focus of the PvP, and the meaningfulness behind it.



  • I think you basically answered all of your own questions in that it will be a culmination of all those things depending on how the global population interacts.

    A sandbox MMO is player driven, the world and it's mechanics are merely the tool set to allow players to do whatever it is they want within it's design parameters.
  • @laughingcoffin

    Thanks for the interesting question.

    Steven and the Developers have kinda touched based about this. I will kinda break it down however i recommend watching their Q&A Video.

    1) They do not want Factions. I will be using the word Faction but Steven didnt really want that but its the only thing to compare. His answer was because you can never really click with Team A or Team B. Instead with the Node system, you are choosing your "Faction" in a way, but you are building that Factions story. There is no King NPC that his dialog never changes. Instead a real player you choose or takes the crown to govern the node.

    2) This game is all about free choice, i believe you could switch Citizen Ships means you can buy or sell Property, and you need property to become a Citizen.

    3) Because this is so open world i believe even some guilds will be making none Node groups. Aka Bandits, Pirates,Raiders and Mercs.

    4) Nothing is permanent in this game. You and your friends could help build a node from the ground up. Next thing you know another Node or group comes and Levels your node to the ground. Your choice is to either the players start over, or join another node.
  • From what I've seen, it appears that World PvP will be the core focus, with emphasis on battling for control of the nodes rather than a war between 2 set factions that you choose in character creation. How effective this is as a focus for PvP remains to be seen, as it's entirely possible that the majority of people won't care about fighting over which nodes become metropoli, meaning they aren't going to initiate sieges, thus reducing world PvP to small caravan skimishes and the occasional wilderness ganks. If that happens then by default the hardcore PvP players will most likely just stick to the PvP arenas and make that their focus, even though the devs originally designed that portion to be more of an addon than the main focus of PvP.

    Basically it depends on how willing the players are to engage in the world PvP as to what the true focus of the game will be.
  • There will be a pvp ranking system in sort of.

    Maybe its world pvp maybe its arenas.
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