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Gear & Appearance

So in most MMORPG games I have played, I tend to take pride in how my character looks (with or without costumes)... I know you have plans of a cash shop based purely on cosmetics; however, I feel most games seriously lack when it comes to the appearance of regular gear. I hope the gear we wear isn't going to look horrible, just to persuade people to choose cash shop costumes, to hide the ugly gear we wear. lol.

As a vanity fanatic, I would still gladly buy costumes and put money into items in the cash shop - even with awesome looking gear!

But as someone who will have to pay a monthly subscription to play this game as well, I want gear that will look badass & cute/sexy too!

Another thing to think about: Females will play this game. A lot complain about their apparel being over-sexualized. "That barely covers anything! If this were real life it wouldn't protect me from anything!" ... So you don't want it to be too skanky/revealing! That is not to say that we want to be covered from head to toe like a nun though either! Then you have a lot of males who role a female character. They say, "If I'm going to play endless hours, I'd rather spend it looking at an attractive chick." ... So there has to be a healthy balance. A medium that pleases everyone! And this will especially need to ring true on female characters, since both men & ladies can role as one.

Obviously the cash shop costumes will look better than our regular gear. Just please take the time to ensure our gear isn't hideous please. So time & effort spent on the vanity/fashion end would be nice. So many games I have played, the gear looks like crap. The costumes became a desperate attempt to hide my ugly, stupid looking gear. Lol! I don't just want to have good stats and play like a badass. I want to look the part & feel that way too!

Colors need coordinate together smoothly. Black with deep red, and hints gold. Or Black with white, and hints silver. Dark Navy blue! Earthy tones together, such as Olive green with brown.
Allow people to dye their regular gear, as well as cash shop costumes. Everything dyeable.
Not too much skin showing, but still just enough in the right places to be #Hawt ;)
Not all cloth robes should look like long dresses. Some can look like skirts, or pants at the bottom. Not all plate should be bulky & overbearing. Some should could give off an "assassin" vibe. When it comes to "themes" the more popular ones tend to be styles that put you in the mind of assassins, gypsies, witches/warlocks... dark colors, or rich deep colors.

Also, hair options... PLEASE during character creations, allow us to have a large variety of styles, lengths, and colors for our hair. For males & females. A variety of makeup, piercings, tattoos, and scars. Each race be given their own options of height. Some games do not give you a height option. Breast size options would be nice...Some want bigger, others may want less jiggly/smaller ones. For males it would just be "Chest Size" for their pecs I guess lol. Customization of our character is key <3

Now, I'm sure you will create your own designs & unique gear, but to give some ideas/examples of gear (not cash shop costumes) that would look amazing...
This is for styles and color ideas/examples - not asking you to directly copy:

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