Weeks 29 & 30 Key Drawings!

The winners of our key drawings for weeks 29 & 30 have been released!

alaknight Alpha
heyzoos333 Alpha
arsenqc Alpha
daiquiri95 Alpha
neocat Alpha
363293 Alpha
h17l2y1 Alpha
daripper Alpha
feigii Alpha
xeirseus Alpha
alserian Alpha
ramsner Alpha

Malakite1337 and Kokkor were also our lucky raffle winners during the August 23 live stream!

Congratulations on the keys and thank you for registering to be a part of the Ashes of Creation community. The winners were randomly selected this time.

Want to win some keys for yourself? Don’t forget to sign up on the website so that you can be entered for the chance of a key next week! 

Curious how the weekly drawings work? Check out this thread.



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