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We consist of mature players that have their families/friends playing with us and this give us a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Nordic Legends is not a hardcore guild, we consist of a few casual but mostly semi-hardcore gamers who all have a life beside the game. In Nordic Legends real life comes first over anything; no guild event or goal should ever trump the needs of family, work, or other real life pursuits. You are applying yourself to a community that isn't just in it for gaming we are here for the long term, we are here as a family and we stick together. Nordic Legends takes a relaxed approach meaning, we prefer steady sometimes slow progression, to no progression, or to a rushed progression.

Are you who we are looking for?

We aim to recruit players who share our family-oriented mind-set, value fair play and team work and fun above all else. People play games to relax, to enjoy their time and not having to stress about it. We need serious members, who value their guild and guild-mates. We are united towards the common goal of having fun and making friends while still making things happen in-game. We require people to download and join us on Discord and have a working microphone in order to help facilitate our common goal. It is imperative that our members be able to communicate with each other. Teamwork can only occur successfully when people are willing to communicate in a way that is clear and concise. Discord is mandatory for guild events, for the rest it's optional. Since this is a new game where Nordic Legends moves into, we will be looking for good candidates for Officer positions. Please note that this is a mature guild. Anyone under the age of 18 will not be accepted into the guild. YES! you don't have to live in any nordic country to apply we are EU guild.

What Nordic Legens is not looking for:

We are not interested in recruiting players whose motto is “I’m so l33t, you suck and I won’t help you”. One of our core values is to help one another. Nordic Legends does not choose to indulge in matchmaking. If you're looking for attention or someone to flirt with, please look elsewhere. Drama or any other negative vibe isn't tolerated here. Nordic Legends immediate response to people intentionally seeking to cause drama in the community is to ban or remove players from the community.


  • SqoopzSqoopz Member
    Seems good! I'll be happy to join  :)
  • DiuraDiura Moderator, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Ashenguard wishes you lots of luck!! \o/

  • VigorousQVigorousQ Member
    Thank you! much love to you guys on Ashenguard

  • SqoopzSqoopz Member
    Thank you :smiley:
  • JokiieeJokiiee Member
    edited September 2017
    Thanks for inv!
  • MrGlad8MrGlad8 Member
    Great guild, I can recommend it. Thanks for invite! Looking forward to play with you!
  • Thanks all for chosen us! looking forward to play with all of you!
  • Thanks for the Guild Invite ;) I already feel like i fit in becuase of the friendlyness from all the guild members!

  • perntapernta Member
    Thanks for the invite to the guild
  • nagashnagash Member alpha-stress-tester
    always nice to see other guilds joining I hope you and your guild flourish 

  • Thank you @nagash, we are hoping for the best!
  • JokiieeJokiiee Member
    Awsome too see so many ppl joining already!  Only over 1 year left bois! lets rek this game :D 
  • jibgawjibgaw Member
    I wanna join but i can't seem to
  • SqoopzSqoopz Member
    jibgaw said:
    I wanna join but i can't seem to
    Go to our website here , click "Recruitment" and make an application. When that's done all you have to do is to wait for one of our admins to accept you application. 

  • ShaeMaeShaeMae Member
    Sounds awesome! Can't wait to play!
  • FleelixFleelix Member, Alpha 0 Participant, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Good luck,

    I know some people where looking for a Nordic guild so hopefully they find this appealing.


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    EU - PVP

  • VigorousQVigorousQ Member
    Fleelix said:
    Good luck,

    I know some people where looking for a Nordic guild so hopefully they find this appealing.
    Thank you, we hope so too!
  • JokiieeJokiiee Member
    22 members so far keep this up bois and girls!!  Join us and make NL bigger and better and more EPIC!  
  • VigorousQVigorousQ Member
    we are still here guys our community is still growing and still recruting!
  • KawashimaKawashima Member
    Oooo, i want to apply to this Guild
  • VigorousQVigorousQ Member
    Kawashima said:
    Oooo, i want to apply to this Guild
    You are so welcome to join our family!
  • SqoopzSqoopz Member
    It's really easy to apply, just go to our website, here, and click "Recruitment"!
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