Haunted Halloween: Halloween Fan Art Event!

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Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees … for tonight is Halloween! Share with us your otherworldly images and win your way into the world of Verra with an Alpha key!

Are you graphically or artistically inclined? Do your creations scare or make people gawk in awe? Use your talents to bring the world of Verra to life! We welcome graphic designs, pen and ink, paint or any other medium you choose so long as it is an original image. The best two submissions will walk away with keys to Alpha Zero!


Our Halloween Fan Art Event is a chance to go wild with your creativity, we hope to see all sorts of entries from our community but here are a few guidelines for you to follow:

  1. Please refrain from sexually explicit, or racially charged Art.

  2. All submissions must be posted here on the Halloween Fan Art Event page to be considered.

  3. Please ensure that all entries submitted are your original creation. Sorry, photo manipulations will not be allowed in this event. In addition, please add the Ashes of creation logo found here: (https://i.imgur.com/tFPB8Lh.jpg) to your creation prior to submitting.

  4. Deadline is October 30th, 2017 at 12PM PDT, submissions after this date and time will be invalid.

  5. Each Entry must follow a specific format, please refer to this example:

GMSam said:
Username: GM Sam


*Note* GM Sam’s masterpiece should win this competition hands down, w-wait it’s not Ashes related? Better luck next time GM Sam!

The Team at Intrepid Studios will handpick their two favorites. Alongside receiving a forum shout out, and an Alpha Zero key, your Fan Art will be featured on the October 31st Spook-A-Thon Stream. Good luck our Halloween Fan Artists, make us proud!

Don't forget to post and share on Social Media with the hashtag #AshesOfCreation. We will be picking winners from Social Media as well! heartraised_hand_with_part_between_middle_and_ring_fingersskin-tone-1prayskin-tone-1


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    Cat Cheshire Halloween iconAll you extremely talented artists, I can not wait to see your work here <3

    PS Sam's picture though hehehe

    Greetings and a warm welcome to the Ashes of Creation Community!

    Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to message me here or in the Discord at Belle-bot.exe ♡#1421

    Make sure to take a glance at our Code of Conduct and FAQs:

    Community Guidelines & Code of Conduct

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    Contacting Intrepid for Support

    Ashes of Creation Release Information

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    I can't post an image
    My signature is the wind.
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    We're waiting @SoySoy?!?! ;)
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    Daughter saw me looking at the contest and wanted to enter a picture. It will rival Sam's entry 8) . Not sure if image will show either
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    Trying to get this to work. My daughter wanted to submit a drawing after reading about the contest. 
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    Kratz said:
    We're waiting @SoySoy?!?! ;)

    Omgosh lol I've been called out! D: 
    I've already got something in the works :smile:
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    for those having issue's with posting an image make sure its URL is smth like <https://i.gyazo.com/cbe71584ece417e264fdea2fefaff382.png>; if it doesn't have the file extension at the end it may not work when using the insert image button shown below.
    if your still having problems please let one of the mod's know and we will be able to help you out :smile:

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    @TeiTeiPlay I love his magic hand, looks so cool! Nice face btw  :#
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    Oh! new posts nice <3 good luck everyone 
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    Thadgar said:
    @TeiTeiPlay I love his magic hand, looks so cool! Nice face btw  :#
    Thx :) but after long waiting the good man from support have changed my name in my true name Heiler yeeees :)
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    @Jackalune This is awesome! Floating candles are a great touch
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