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Crafting/Economic Design Information

I'll try and keep this one short :) 

TL, DR; I would love to see some concrete design direction and discussion on crafting from the team!

Slightly Longer, Maybe Read; If I'm being honest, I'm a little sad that yet another game, combat is first in line... :(   With all of the early talk about economics, I figured it might weigh in a bit more than in other recent games.   

I know, I know, you can argue that "everyone will be doing combat all the time!" and it needs to come first. But is that really true, and does it?

If the economic principles of a game are important, and items are player created, I think we could make the case that this should be the foundation and the combat built off of the needs of it instead of the other way around.

Anyway, this isn't me saying Steven & Co are doing it wrong, but just dying to really get some info that will help solidify all of the merchants, crafters and harvesters out there that this could really be the game that makes it all a first class citizen again :)


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    Fight has to be the main stuff.. if  not , it will get boring
    nothing really epic to craft a gear
  • You are not alone in your desire for more information on the economic side of things. We know they have hired an economist who will be aiding in creating the ashes economic structures and systems. Steven has said that crafting and trade are pillars of the game, he has also said that someone who focuses solely on becoming an economic power house in game may very well wield more power that someone who focuses on combat.

    As for hard and fast facts there is not all that much out there as yet, perhaps we might get a blog in the next few months with what the overarching vision is for the economy in AOC. 
  • So youre issue is with the order of development? 
    1. Be patient
    2. Im a hypocrite and the thing id most love to see first is the tavern system in their blog about how the rumors in  a tavern can be a driving force for players but rumors can also be fake and be used to ambush players. I kinda want to see how that works first and i really wanna see tavern games cuz gambling duh. And yeah the third most thing i want to see is economy stuff as you mentioned. combat can come after all that fr all i care
  • Honestly I think the front line of the game is what you put first when playing it. I think they are putting out info on the fighting now because that is what the mass wants. I believe as we get closer to launch we will get more info on economics and crafting and such... I have to keep telling myself that the game is still early in development  :)
  • Nazbin said:
    Fight has to be the main stuff.. if  not , it will get boring
    nothing really epic to craft a gear
    See, I'd propose that's not true... and in fact should be the opposite. Why does "fight" have to be the driver? You can definitely make other activities fun, and not everything has to be twitchy.

    I'd just like to see a design direction for the other systems earlier for a change. They would have to be design along side, if they're that important. 
  • i like playing differents stuff too like fishing or mining etc but don't worry everything will be worked on :)
  • I also really want more information on the crafting and economy, but we'll get there eventually! :D
  • I do hope they have a more in depth system then what many other mmo's have had in the past and especially much better then WoW's...
  • I will bite.

    So far they have stated that there is item degradation, so this will eliminate resources and create scarcity  which is following in the same footsteps as Eve with their sophisticated economy. The other thing that they mentioned is that there is going to be gold sinks and so you won't get the same issue like in most mmorpg's where to buy a blue drop is going to cost 150k gold. This is easily alleviated with the systems they are going to put in place and if they don't have wolves are a cockroach dropping gold just like sentient creatures as well.

    As for combat it is important as that is what creates the scarcity and so yes they kind of need to delve into pvp first as crafting system is moot without this. Also, combat is for pvp/pve and if the combat system sucks no one is going to play the game. If they are truly serious on the economy part we should see something similar to this.

  • I am also eagerly waiting more info about crafting.

    Combat and crafting are in no way conflicting. There has always been combat-oriented majority and crafting/economy-oriented minority. In my games and guilds i have always formed a fruitful co-operation between these two groups, me being the crafter. We both do what we most like.
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