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Greetings Everyone!


VIRTUE is a gaming community of friends who enjoy playing a variety of games together. Although we enjoy a relaxed environment in games which is all about good times and fun we also have a core that focuses on end-game progression and push hard in regard to PvP and PvE aspects in games. The next big game we are focused on being involved and building a strong community in is Ashes of Creation.

We have high expectations and standards in regard to those we competitively game with and this extends into those we keep in our circle within the guild. Our leadership has extensive experience in MMO's, as well as, other gaming platforms with great success. We are focused on Ashes of Creation at this time and actively seek out exceptional members who wish to aid in that focus.

While competitiveness is our focus we also enjoy a strong social base that exemplifies camaraderie, helpfulness, and a strong sense of community. If an individual is part of VIRTUE they are expected to have a presence on the community site and to contribute to it in any way they can to represent this sense of community in a public setting not only on the website, but also, in the games we play.

Because a strong sense of community is important to us we enjoy allowing an opportunity for members to gain rank through hard work and dedication. Leadership opportunities are gained based upon merit in-game and out of game within the community. We reward our guild members with a level of prestige in-game, fairness, positive guild rules, and a relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

You may apply to the guild here:

Check out our guild charter on the same here:

If you have any questions please hit up our recruitment officer @Shahzade using his ID Shahzade#4525 on discord with any recruitment questions!




  • Hello Everyone from the Ashes of Creation Community! My name is RevelStrike new to the concept of AoC and as well as a member of Virtue. I would like to share my experience thus far about Virtue and the direction of this community. When you join Virtue your not just joining a guild, your joining a role that needs to be filled. Your opinion and what you think matters, and you will be asked on a frequent basis your ideas on: something new, something old, or something that just may need to go back to the drawing board. Your ideas and thoughts about what it takes to run a healthy community and the actions you take can make a huge impact here. We encourage you to grow as a person, think like a expert, and move as a army when the boots hit the ground. We are not a large community but it doesn't take numbers to win anything it takes effort, communication, and execution of the game plan. The plan you helped shape in some way that lead us to victory.

    Virtue where your ideas and voice matters and encouraged, because we all want to win! So check us out, or just come to chat for a bit if you wish. You can apply by the links provided above.  Hope to see you soon!

  • As a long time gamer and player of MMORPG's this has been one of the best, most caring communities I've ever had the honor to play with. As a Guild Officer, I can confirm that we care about the opinions of or members. We want to know your thoughts about the directions we head in. We encourage our members to be open and honest, so that we know we're doing a good job, or what we need to work on.

    When you join VIRTUE, you're not just joining a guild or a gaming community, you're joining an online family.
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  • Hey brother glad to see you guys are still going! How has recruiting been coming along for you? 
  • Hey brother glad to see you guys are still going! How has recruiting been coming along for you? 
    Oh yeah we aren't a "just for ashes" guild. We are a community with a stream team and in it for the long haul - life. So we aren't going anywhere. Recruitment is steady and we are picky so it's steady as she goes over here. All good things though man - thanks!
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  • Still looking for more!
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    Shaka Laca
  • Virtue is the perfect place for non toxic and community oriented people! We are still looking for more awesome members!
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  • Join the Virtue Order! 

    Something fun from a recent guild event!

    Guild Night: D&D Fun

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  • Keep them apps coming! Love our new members!
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