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<pew pew, spell casting sound effects magically opening a door>Welcome traveler, you have come a long way to reach us here. Be seated, have a nice cup of tea or other drink of your choosing. You came here looking to join a guild? I'm sorry to disappoint you, we only offer a family.

Welcome <pause>
to <raises curtain>


Welcome interested person you have reached the information hotline of Controversy,
to continue, please press 1.
If you are looking for the hardcore part of what want to offer please dial 2.
If you are looking for a casual adventure please hold on to the 3.
Reading in order is still advised.


You probably never heard of us before and who could blame you? We didn't even exist up until recently when a random guy started to reach out to strangers with hope in his heart to finding like minded people for our new hope Ashes of Creation.

Sounds like every other guild out there at their beginning, true it's just a guild after all, but you might just come to like us instead.

What do we want?

It's simple really, we want to go on adventures together. We have the hunger inside of us to experience all those different aspects a game has to offer. It may not always be the same hunger for everyone and that is fine.

Not everyone likes to go out in search of the thrill of a good fight with other players.
Not everyone wants to spend weeks of their time to enjoy the bliss of seeing the worlds greatest threat dead on the floor at one’s own feet.
Not everyone finds the joy in researching recipes, materials, locations (...) to create something truly amazing and reaping a shower of gold for it.
Not everyone is out there exploring to enjoy the simple pleasure of new sights.

What everyone who is looking for a guild does enjoy, is doing these things together and we aim to provide a place as diverse but united at the same time as that.

We would like to see us become an amazing community, a family that is welcoming, warm, and most importantly fun to be in. That is, who we are with all our weird minds and hearts.

Welcome stranger.


For that we are building up a nation. I am greedy after all and want everything. Ashes of Creation is an opportunity to do just that.
As far as we know, everything is connected. May it be PvE, Crafting, PvP, Economy, Politics. Everything plays a role in each other category so we are looking to build up a nation of people that support each other in their respective category.
Since Ashes is still mostly clouded in mystery and we simply do not know what will be possible in terms of guild structure and so on we’ll skip that for now, but there is a plan. What's important here is, we want to teach and learn from each other.
No single mind has all the answers. We want to value creativity and proactive personalities. We want minds that are open to new and different approaches as well as hardened ones that understand that criticism isn't a personal attack but part of the learning process that is called trial and error.

Learn, teach, created.

All that so we come to a point where we can siege and hold the biggest castle, be the first that bring the ancient evil of utter destruction to its knees, unravel the mysteries of the world, call a Metropolis our home and own the greatest luxuries the game has to offer.

Delicious bacon armor.

Crafting, Exploration, PvE, PvP, we want it all.

Welcome adventurer.


Everyone should walk to the beat of their own pace. We aim to respect that and want to offer a seamless transition and progression in all aspects. We aren't pure hardcore and we aren't pure casual. We want to let everyone find their own comfortable place with us to enrichen each others time in the game.

If you wish too, you will still get to experience that ancient evil of utter destruction or a myriad of other things the game provides. Even if you just want to spend an hour after work to enjoy and goof around, you will do so with people you got to meet and love spending time with. That's what counts after all.

Welcome Friend.

Since you already read that far, or were smart enough to skip ahead and find the all important link, here you go.


This is our invitation to meet us and see for yourself if this might be a place to settle your nest in, of course you can just come and talk to me directly per pm in the forum or discord first @Zekece#1819 if you want to.

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