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[EU ] Welcome to Controversy | PvX - Nationbuilding

grisugrisu Member
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Hey you, yes you scrolling to page 3 of the guild recruitment because you just can't find the spark of companionship you are looking for.
You are in for a surprise, companionship is now 50% off since 2020, permanently, just subscribe, retweet, sign up for twitch, follow, ring the bell, turn on notification and accept all the cookies, the data ones, not the edible ones, but we have those too. (sell your soul in the process, small print). Did I mention make a comment on our facebook page?
It's hard to keep track of all the steps. Just use the promo link below, we have our own landing page now!


With that out of the way, sit, have some tea and enjoy some afternoon delight away from those pesky real world troubles.
I heard you want to explore a new world hu? Take me with you, it's dangerous to go alone.
In fact we are already refining our plan for world domination.

Step 1. Ensnare all the people with cool promises and dreams.
Step 2. Be the best in all aspects of the game
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Own the world.

Eeh, don't get stuck in details, many ways to that goal after all. In the meantime, we will just do whatever the heck we want!

Craft all the bestest weapons, armours and tools? With the help of everyone some of us will make the most crazy bacon armour the world has ever seen!
Fight for all the castles? Our fights will be legendary, charging in like the heroes we are!
Slay all the big baddies, dragons and end of the world calamities? Until we stand on top of their slain corpses and scavenge their decaying carcass for all the valuables!
Point is I want us to be among the pioneers to explore the world, search for hidden treasures and fight for it if necessary.
I wish for us to create bonds that are usually separated and never meet because there is never really a reason for it.
I want us to be that reason. I want to connect us in ways that were contradicting before.
I want to pioneer new ways in old and new grounds.

So yeah, join us in our quest for the fun-est world domination you can possibly imagine!
Step 0.5 Have fun

Right, landing Page: consider yourself invited to hang out with us.

<disclaimer we are a fresh group that found each other for Ashes, since there is no Ashes yet we are a rather passive group for now>
I can be a life fulfilling dream. Grisu
I can be a life devouring nightmare. Zekece#1819


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