[NA] Debauchery Tea Party | PvX | Server First | Hardcore | Commerce

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Guild Name: Debauchery Tea Party

Focus: Server First Raiding, Commerce, Crafting, Dungeons, Sieges

Guild Leader: Harsh#9772

Officers: Grimm#5076

Discord: Debauchery Tea Party Discord

About Us

Debauchery Tea Party is aiming to be a medium size guild that consist of 100 players. We are group of competitive individuals that want to reap the benefits of proper communication, getting to know each other and bonding together by being smaller than a typical guild with 300 people. We prefer quality over quantity. We encourage people who are active in chat and that want to get to know other players.

Guild Goals

Our goal is to be a part of a community that will be the first to reach a level six metropolis, achieving server first raids, doing end game content, being a major force in commerce, PvP, owning our own castle, and helping our members grow as we progress throughout the game.

About You

1. 18+
2. 20 hours a week
3. No past MMO experience required but preferred


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