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Centuries ago in the old world of Verra, long before the explorers came to this world there was nothing but chaos and unrest in the world. Year after year wars were fought by tyrannical kings and Zealot leaders over the dwindling land and the riches of the old empires. The people suffered as this time of darkness descended while corruption reigned and strength was the law of the land. In these dark times, an order formed after the Light Pact appeared out of the mists of war to help bring an end to this senseless fighting. They were not of one race or people but a collective of like-minded warriors, scholars, and merchants that banded together to hold off the decline of their world. They were named the Gray Sentinels because they would do anything whether it be good or evil to make sure that the world would change for the better. Legend has it that after this group of nameless heroes banded together the evil powers of the land could never rise again. This order named the Gray Sentinels created warrior and scholar alike that were unmatched in their unwavering devotion to one another and to their oaths. The order was said to have perished in battle against a great and terrible foe, some however say that the members of the Order still live and are passing down their teachings and lore to the next generation. These few remaining members are said to have entered into the light of day once more hearing that the portals have opened to return to Verra and are looking for more able bodied men and women who have strength of both mind and body to help stabilize and ensure the chaos and corruption of the past does not rise once more.
What is Gray Sentinels?
Gray Sentinels is a community of various minded people that come together for one common goal which is to have fun and enjoy their time playing games. We were brought together after several of the founding members were sickened by the sad state of guilds being led by leaders who cared only for themselves and not the members, we want to change that and make guilds about everyone having fun instead of only the select few at the top having a clique and forcing their views and goals upon others. At the end of the day we are always willing to listen to anyone. We are against drama of all forms, accepting of all people regardless of their faith, political views, or identities. At the end of the day if you like playing a game with a large group of people who want to maintain that small guild family feel and you are not a dick this is the place for you.
Our Members and Leadership style:
We have members and officers interested in PVP, PVE, RP, and Trade. We have members that play anything from FPS shooters to RTS and even some who play Anime Games. We will be having groups running throughout the day and numerous larger scale events every week to make sure everyone has a chance to play with both small groups and large gatherings. Our goal is to cater to the desires and wishes of our members instead of following the beaten drum of the leader and their council. Our leadership has over 40 years of experience leading guilds and over 25 years of leading RP groups both in MMOs and in table top.
How the guild operates:

We are run by the Gray council that votes on all major issues and is led by the Lord of Gray who votes on tie breakers and advises the council on how to vote but does not have a vote himself until the voting is completed by all of the other council members. We believe every person no matter how new or veteran in the Order should have a right to speak up and be heard so we always keep information freely moving and have done so for 2 years now. Also we are looking to bring in new blood to rise to the rank of Council members so please come make your mark!
Roleplay in the Sentinels:

On the side of Roleplaying, the Order will be holding multiple events throughout the week that are friendly to both NA and EU players as we will be hosting morning events in NA for our EU players and evening events for our NA players. This is to ensure that regardless of your time zone you will play a part in shaping the lore, history, and destination of the guild. We want every member to take ownership in the guild's lore and feel like they truly are part of it all. When your character does a heroic deed we will write about it, when your character rises in the ranks both in game and in guild it will be heard, when you wish to make changes in the Order you shall be heard and the changes will be debated and taken into consideration. The lore is still very fluid and flexible for the Order and will need help solidifying it as the game gets closer and closer. Please join us and help make that happen.
What are we playing:

We are playing Planetside 2, Final Fantasy 14, and ESO to pass the time while we wait for Ashes, As the game approaches and more is revealed we will be hosting Ashes themed DND with our characters for the game building up our lore for our guild, everyone will have a chance to shape our lore and be part of it! We also have working lore projects that will not be set in stone until after the game is launched so we are flexible with players bringing in their unique characters to join us.

If you want a large guild with many different personalities but still maintains that small guild feel where the officers and guild leads want to know everyone Gray Sentinels is the place for you!
How to join:

Please either reach out to me via my account on the forums or through the discord accounts listed below. We are looking for respectful mature people who can play nice with others and enjoy both the game and a dynamic long term complex story.

Contact Information:

Discord Contacts for recruitment.
Guild Master: Kayvaan2037 #6168
Council Member: DEEW #2975
Recruitment officer: Joe (Dalliance)#0148

Discord info: Please ask either Kayvaan or Deew for info in joining.


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    Glad to see the post up. See you in game.
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    Oh you guys are still around :)
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    Oh you guys are still around :)

    Been just busy in other games is all!
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    Uhh first off wrong spot for the post.. lol

    It's a guild recruitment ad; you might not have gotten past the lore intro? xD
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    Best guild ever friendly people and great gamers
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    See you in-game :) !
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    Why don't you whisper sweet nothings in my ear anymore?
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    See you in game! :smiley:
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    Currently working on some new lore projects for the guild Join us to help build up the guild!
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    I look forward with working with the Grey Sentinels in making Verra a better place for everyone :smile:
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    That crest is dope!
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    BraneGames wrote: »
    That crest is dope!

    Thank you, one of our members made it come to life!
  • anduinkayvaananduinkayvaan Member, Braver of Worlds
    I look forward with working with the Grey Sentinels in making Verra a better place for everyone :smile:

    Looking forward to fighting alongside you both on the battlefield and in the markets!
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    GS has really been loving the new game Mordhau so come join us for glorious combat!
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    ESO has been taking off recently with the launch of Elsweyr! Come join us for good fun and laughs!
  • I actually just joined this guild, so far I'm having a lot of fun just talking to the regulars of the guild. :smile:
  • anduinkayvaananduinkayvaan Member, Braver of Worlds
    ESO has been going very well for GS! Come join us for trials and rp!
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    Hello Everyone!

    I've been a part of the Gray Sentinels for some time now and this is an excellent community to join. If you want a friendly and welcoming place to meet people, play games, and hang out then this is the right place for you.

    Join Gray Sentinels! Please reach out to me if you have any questions! You won't be disappointed!

    - Joe
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