Idea: Personality Animation Sets

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Greetings :)

I would like to see Personality Animation Sets in the game.
What do i mean by this?

Personality Animation Sets for me would mean, that you can unlock (by playing the game) or buy (from the Cosmetic Shop) a whole set of purely cosmetic animations for your Character.
These Animation Sets would give us the option to adjust our Characters behavior to our liking and make them more the way we imagined them.
Maybe at some point in the life of your character an event happens that could change your Character's personality (you unlock a new one), so your character might no longer behave the way they did before and now act in a more confident manner, or maybe they have become more shy? That's up to what Personality Animation Set you pick.

We should be able to switch out Personality Animation Sets just how we can change cosmetic items on our characters.


  • AzathothAzathoth Member, Braver of Worlds
    So emote skins? Like if I were to *laugh* I could instead *laugh manically*, I would enjoy that a lot. Making them unlock-able for specific quests is a nice idea. Having one from a religious sect's progression would be nice too, like the *pat on head* could become a *blessing onto you*.
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    Good morning~! <3 Very good idea, I love the idea of that. Different animations for when you're idle, emoting or whatever it is. Instead of standing in the default position you could if you were shy, stand a bit awkwardly or something. If you wanted to be more confident, maybe you puff your chest out with your chin up~! <3

    Either way that's just an example, I'm sure they could do a lot with this and it's a wonderful idea to suggest
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One
    So you mean like weapon twirling, or idle animations etc?
    Could be really cool if you asked me ;D
    I really want a guard animation (you dont move even one bit, while standing stock still)
  • As for idle animation, that would definitely be cool. Don't think it'll be worth the time and effort for all animations though.
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  • Ryliah DragonvaleRyliah Dragonvale Member, Leader of Men
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    I love the idea and i think it's weird that every character has the same animations regardless of their personality. How can i identify with my shy character, if it acts like a confident hero?
  • timbatimba Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    Maybe @nagash can't laugh? :x
  • DOOMDOOM Member
    ./me or italics are all you really need for rp.
    Having emotes reduces how expressive one can be during rp because they will try and shoehorn in their emote animations.
    Maybe people asking for emotes in the cash shop are inexperienced rpers or they have money to burn or maybe they have lots of referrals from rpers and are looking to make money.
    Regardless, I do not support OP's idea because fixed emotes reduce the expressiveness of people during rp. Intrepid will still likely add them to the cash shop, after seeing ESO's success with them, to make lots of money, even if it is to the detriment of the rp experience.
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    Love emotes and would love to have plenty available. I'm not crazy about having to buy them, but earning some thru social organizations, playing the game, would be lots of fun.
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    I really like this idea. ESO has this and it does a good deal to introduce a character "personality" so to speak.
  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    Yes as mentioned above ESO does indeed have this and I really do like how it works. The idle animation changes for your character according to the type of personality you have selected plus a number of your / commands will also gain new animations according to the personality type. It is purely cosmetic so can be sold in the cash shop and gained in-game as quest rewards.

    Hope to see this implemented in the future its a fun little RP addition that will make them some $$ though I do hope they do not follow ESO with being available through in-game and cash shop initially but seem to be a cash shop only item now as many things seem to have become with ESO of late but that's another story.
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    timba wrote: »
    Maybe @nagash can't laugh? :x

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  • Time to put my few cents into this topic. I like the idea and with people above mentioning ESO having them and working pretty good, I happen to think more about The Sims 4 and the animations in that game and how I would like to see that kind of crazy detail to animations in a way. However I also believe there should be a slider that can be used to tone down the amount of craziness those animations actually get to so that it doesn't ruin immersion.
  • JokucJokuc Member
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    So you mean not like emotes which you have to activate yourself when you want to use them, but instead something like changing the default animation for killing an enemy or saying thanks to an NPC?

    Sounds cool. The more we can do to further personalize our characters the better. I would love to see something like changing the default character voice lines too, in so many games I pick the evil character and he ends up saying some stupid shit like "Love peace love, I'm a good guy blah blah" ...oh wait nvm AoC isn't going to have VAs :(
    it's not like I want a hug or anything, b-baka!
  • AlruaAlrua Member, Braver of Worlds
    I like the idea overall however, don't feel it should be tied down to items.
    It should rather be something added in customization as an option all together. You'd be able to choose animation sets and stances that fit the idea of your character.

    Something that can be added to later as well.
    Never hurts to have more options in how you wish to dress up. I am also rather against the idea of so many cosmetics and alike being added in the cash shop when you pay monthly for it already?

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  • Id be ok with this would add a lot more individuality.
  • PelathosPelathos Member
    I Second this.

    I would like to be able to mix and match different animations (idle, walk etc) from different personalities though. Oh, and don't overdo them. The ESO "theif" for example just looks silly to me :P
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    I am all for cool sorta RP emotes.

    FFXIV sells a number of those depending on the season etc, and tbh they are a lot of fun.

    A large number of them can also be earned through seasonal events, as well as some main or side quests.
  • VhaeyneVhaeyne Member
    I actually like this idea mostly because it can be another non pay to win option for items in the cash shop.

    Asgerr is right about FFXIV having a large number of emotes(some paid). Personally I never really care to unlock them, but I see a lot of emote use in FFXIV. People really some to like emotes in FFXIV.

    I normally see emotes or extra idle animations as a extravagance that takes away from other parts of the game. The fact that you suggested them to be a potential cash shop item sold me on this idea.

    I know a lot of people don't like cash shops, but we live in a cash shop reality. I think we should be making the most out of the cash shop. Custom Idle animations or animations that allow us to adjust our characters physical personality seem like they would be a hit on any games cash shop.

    These extra non pay to win options are good for the health of the game in my opinion. As I always say... A well funded game does not get taken over by outside investors. Right now the only people investing in Ashes are MMORPG fans, and I want to keep it that way.
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  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Big thumbs up! Particularly if we get tavern emotes....slouching against the wall or bar, drinking beer (both sips and gluggs), ....and the duck dance, I want to do the duck dance.
  • Sounds like an interesting idea.

    e.g. May be a mage can choose between the more exaggerated casting animations (like the jumping swirling fireball casting animation that drew a lot of ... comments) and more "regular", "composed", "traditional" casting animation, based on your character's personality.

    not sure if this would work for melee classes though, coz typically more exaggerated motions = more openings for your opponents to exploit ...
  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    I was wondering why everything in the thread seemed familiar...
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    It sounds like a really good idea but what would be real reasoning for having personalities to be sold opposed to giving them to the player base or having them as achievable?

    Reminds me too much of EA with SWTOR shop where the corporate mentality was to prey on people missing out to obtain more money manipulatively.

    Cosmetics/Costumes/Skins are one thing but trying to sell additional packages for the full effect of a character immersion has corporate all over it. It starts with minor things, then progressively evolves until you are paying for entire persona's. You would expect it from companies like Activision with Blizzard shop, Bethesda and EA which get a bad rep for preying on their communities with this kind of marketing mentality.

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with paying for cosmetics but if they become too outlandish and people develop that feeling of missing out because they have to pay, the immersion takes a big hit and so do players wallets.

    Do not take it personally, I am just not one for cosmetics and shops so I definitely would not be willing to pay for personalities. I would rather represent the items I get and earn in-game.

    I understand they have intentions for a cosmetic shop and that potentially worries me on what they're going to sell, how much they're going to sell it for and how the immersion will take a hit if it becomes too theme parkish.


    Many of the cosmetics now are skins to go over your original object. You are not actually getting some of those items, just changing the appearance of it. You may be getting a skin for a mount that goes over your original mount but you are not paying for that mount. Those mounts can be found similarly in appearance in the game just not those exclusive colours in relation themes.

    For all we know, you may have to own a similar type of mount in order for that skin to be applied. Considering how mounts will have abilities, they may be required to be paired with similar origin object.

    Look at the armour costumes. You can find all those pieces in game, but you just wont be able to put it together in the same colour or appearance as those cosmetics.
  • VhaeyneVhaeyne Member
    @Enigmatic Sage

    I understand your fear of over monetization and greed. It is a fear I have as well. It seems that I fine myself arguing as someone that is pro cash shop more and more these days. I don't think that I am pro cash shop. I am just extremely anti external funding. I hate dealing with companies that have interests other than their own customers. To me that is the path to ultimate greed. Not the fun Ferengi greed, but the greed that sucks the soul out something people once loved.

    Keep in mind the fact that Ashes does not have the mass appeal of WOW, FFXIV, ESO, and GW2. Those games are not centered around risk vs reward. Risk vs reward to the average gamer is a very alienating concept. Ashes is also not going to have a East Asian server (Not going to get into that). These factors mean that Ashes is going to be just as expensive as those games with a lower income. The success of the cash shop is going to be what keeps Intrepid Independent and Ashes alive.

    Sadly, I have to defend any reasonable none pay to win microtransactions that doesn't compromise the game play loop. In my opinion any cosmetic falls into that category. The proposed personality animations would defiantly be something that would qualify as a none pay to win microtransaction.
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    Understandable! I'm against pay to win as well. Even loot boxes and their RNG disgust me.
    To me, this game looks and sounds really good. Would hate to see it ruined by over marketing in the cash shop. I understand the intent without having a box price and getting support via cash shop to make up for those lost profit margins.
    To be honest, I would prefer if it did not have a cash shop to save its immersive integrity. But, there is nothing I can do about that, lol. They made their choice!

    I just fear the gaming community as a whole is losing its identity where communities are now more focused around playing dress up, transmogs and fashion shows rather than playing the game as it is intended. We all grew up with toys for the most part changing out pieces on them etc.

    But hey, there are those who value these parts of games more than core gameplay. Basic target demographic goals for sales. Know your audience.

    This is not intended to sound offensive :)
  • Its a very appealing Idea. I'm all for character changes for character progression. I think that's one thing gamers really want in a game that could take years in progression, to feel like their character, their armor, weapons etc change. Adding the way a character "Behaves" just adds another level of depth to the character.

    1) Doing full animations for behavior changes would take quite a bit of time for the development team, This is why most companies opt in to emotes and paid emotes as more things come out.
    (unlocked walking stances or Idle animations only might be a something that works well too)

    2) Perhaps associating job/ titles with centralized emotes specific to them.

  • ViBunjaViBunja Member
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    Yes, all the sets are needed.

    We need sets for classes. Like royalty, knighthood, blacksmiths, tamers, etc.
  • uaouao Member, Braver of Worlds
    I dont really care about these idle emotes you need to type out, however having some options to change up your gathering/mount up/combat moves/walking/jumping/running would be extremely awesome.
  • maouwmaouw Member
    and sitting :)

    leg spread
    ankle on knee
    ankles together
    foot tucked behind the ankle
    straight legs
    crossed legs
    fetal position

    And for people who complete certain religious questlines:
    floating-in-the-air meditation
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  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Nose picking, examining, flipping at someone...wincing and look of revulsion on target's face...

    All leading to a fight at the tavern.
  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    maouw wrote: »
    and sitting :)

    leg spread
    ankle on knee
    ankles together
    foot tucked behind the ankle
    straight legs
    crossed legs
    fetal position

    And for people who complete certain religious questlines:
    floating-in-the-air meditation

    T poses for dominance

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