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[NA] Lucky Wolf Trading | PvX | 18+ | Semi-Serious

Guild Leaders:
Who We Are:
Lucky Wolf Trading [LWTC] is an 17+ gaming community. Our main focus is crafting and selling high tier items (Weapons, Armor, Mounts, Ships). We strive to be the best Crafting guild in all of Verra. Our motto is, Omnia Pretio Habet, which is “Everything has a price.”

What We Offer:
♦ LWTC values every member. We are a team, and we got your back.
♦ You must be 17 years or older.
♦ We are looking for those who use text and voice chat.
♦ We are a new community looking for people to help build our merchant empire
♦ All classes and sub classes welcome. Preferred if you have an Artisan Class in mind.
♦ We know the importance of clear communication. We schedule our events a week in advance.
♦ Leadership has an open door for feedback.
♦ Everyone has an equal opportunity to grown with/in the guild.

What We Need:
♦ Players who enjoy PvE and PVP (protecting caravans) content
♦ Players who strive to improve their gear/skills
♦ Active players
♦ Team players. Everyone needs to work together in our guild.
♦ Shipwrights
♦ Lumberjacks
♦ Siege Weapon Crafter
♦ Armor Smiths
♦ Weapon Smiths
♦ Miners
♦ Furniture Crafters
♦ Jewelers

How to Join:
If you are interested in our community, please join our discord. There you can speak to either Guild Master if you have further questions. We will have our website posted soon with the application format. Feel free to join our discord until the website application is sorted out.

Discord: https://discord.gg/hDP3jhV



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