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[EU] - Insidious [PvX] [Semi-Hardcore]

malgusmalgus Member
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Guild size: Medium (subject to change)
Guild occupation: PvX
Language: English

About us
Insidious is a semi-hardcore PvX guild in which there is a large focus on creating a democratic community between players. Our primary focus as of now is the game Ashes of Creation where we strive to be a competitive and social driving force within the world of Verra.

The main premise of the guild is for our members to be able to maintain a life in the real world as well as one in the virtual through teamwork and collaborative efforts, as well as meetings. We strive for everyone to have a voice and a purpose. Hardworking individuals within the guild will be rewarded through in-game and out-game means. We are a mature but relaxed and banterous community.

Malgus (Discord ID: Malgus#6518)
Diura (Discord ID: Diura#2853)

Doc Bones


Application Form:

Thinking about joining?
Send us an application and become a Trial Member or join our discord as a guest. We are very welcoming



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