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In the world of Sanctus, Clan Valtyr walked a different path than most, a way of life we practiced for hundreds of years independent of Corrupt Kings or the seven Gods, regardless of race or beliefs. We are an idea, a religion in our own right never ceasing to exist in all corners of the world. Kingdoms and Tribes have turned to us for aid in wars, killing beasts, trade and more. No matter the action, job, or quest, as long as it benefits our people and ensures our longevity and survival. As the portals open after a millennia, Verra shows herself to us once again. A world long forgotten in myth and legends of magic and glory. Alongside our allies the Gray Sentinels, we march fourth into the old world and place our mark in history.

Project Valtyr
Clan Valtyr Gaming Community is a long standing project seeking to bring together people of all backgrounds for the common goal of Gaming. From Planetside to ESO and more, Clan Valtyr or VALC is focused on creating a close knit community open to all. After years of our members being just another number in other groups, we decided to begin our own story and walk a path others stray from. Loving games, and gaming with each other. Our only focus in VALC is gaming. All IRL religions, beliefs, or political views are prohibited in discussion as we accept each other regardless of these matters. As a community we hold interest in a wide variety of games and hold weekly events or what we call “Hot Drop” events from MMORPG, to FPS, and even RTS.

Ashes of Creation
With experience in FPS and MMORPG, Clan Valtyr looks forward to placing our mark in the new and long awaited AoC. Small guilds have struggled in every MMO. Clan Valtyr is no stranger to being outnumbered in many games we play and AoC will be no different. Through our unorthodox approach to games such as this, we have always managed to remain unbroken by others. AoC Guilds will have to make alliances to survive, and Clan Valtyr has done so. Alongside the Gray Sentinel Guild, we march forth into the unknown.

In the past we’ve gone from council, to military styles of hierarchies. Currently the Clans originals members remain and act as a Clan wide council listening to all thoughts and from that we decided a common path. Any tie breaking votes fall to the Community Manager, Maviodas. Everyone should have a voice, as everyone has a different collection of knowledge, ideals and such that may help us push forward and open new doors.

Clan Valtyr is always accepting of new members. Follow our rules and there will be no issues. Simply message myself here on the Forums, or utilize our contact information below to join up with us.
Contact Info:
Email- [email protected]
Discord Contact:
Clan Manager- Mavi #0626
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