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[NA] Pioneers | PVE, RP | Chill

AeneasAeneas Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited July 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
Have a good time, be cooperative with other guilds. Hopefully don't get invaded.
To strike out on our own, and at launch make a remote part of the World our own, and stay there as long as possible.
Who Would Fit In The Pioneers?
Anyone more interested in playing the game, doing dungeons and raids, doing professions or generally wanting to roleplay in this World than adopting a second job. This guild is not about rank, or status, just a bunch of guys being dudes.
My Pledge
I will never institute taxation if in a position of power, and will host town hall events for community members, or those neutrally living in the node to bring issues to the forum for discussion and resolution. My goal is to make a free, open and friendly node and community for all to enjoy. We will never kill-on-sight over guilds or neutrals and our regional resources will be open for exploitation.

Come join me in discord below!



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