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[MÝR] - Mýrvikings | PVP | Hardcore | Family Type Guild

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The Myrvikings are recruiting! A EU and NA International Guild based in europe. English, French and German speakers.

Battle hardened Warriors who have risen from the dead of fort mýrborg and mortal wars to raid and pillage verra. We have come from Darkfall and Mortal, LiF, Atlas and LO. Most of our brethren do light rp viking warrriorplay. We do RPK but swore a conduct of honor.

You like the manga Berserk? Then you came to the right place. We honor its ways and are heavily inspired by it, as of the Jomsvikings and Myrmidons.

We are Mercenaries and Outlaws under one banner for honor and blood to seek the thrill of Battle, Challenge, Survival and Adventure. A small hardcore family band of Guild with a glory to roam and raid verra for many riches to one day sail away to our home to build.

Our goal is strictly not to zerg but as a Team to effectively win and impact the battlefield with small numbers through commitment, discipline and honor. Our objective is to become a strong and small elite pvp force that never backs down with a support of a strong pve core.

We aim to establish ourselves within the great calamities of war that wage throughout Verra. With no Keep on sight, we will roam the world to explore, adventure, to battle and to raid, while keeping a friendship to those that honor the same values as us and collaborating with those that seek our mercenary services or trade, and fighting those that don't. We train hard for our skill and rep as Members who bear the tag MÝR. Our honor and fighting talks for our actions.

"Death before Dishonor, for Blood and Honor" is our vow.

- We are International EU and NA based in Europe timezone. We speak English, French and German.
- Play with us to progress in your Skill and to become Infamous.
- A reputated band that values honor comes with many opportunities to sell its Sword.
- Consider yourself as Outlaw, as Wolves we hunt the forests and make ourselves many preys.
- Kill to your hearts content. Dedicated and hardcore Gameplays and many Raids and Guildbattles.
- Awesome Adventures and Challenges with a real Team of friendly buddies.

- Uphold our Conduct of Honor. We demand basic English to come together as a guild in chat and in voice.
- Dedication, Teamwork, Challenging, we work as a team and for the Guild. PvE for PvP.
- You like to fight outnumbered and to progress in your skill. Death before Dishonor, in battle we die doing damage.

Looking to get battle hardened mercs to get your job done? Look no further.
We do battles, trainings, guardings and other services for the right price in your endeavour.
We are pvp/pve experienced Veterans in the mmo area, contact us for any service needed.

Skal ! You walk with glory and honor? We do too!
Enter our discord server and message @[MÝR] Myrmex#0149 or @PhoenixeFireDrake for joining.


Discord Server:


Honor is not comfortable. It demands all you have, all you are, all you can.
We strife by nurturing our viking ways as raiders. By raid, plunder and kill.
We demand blood from those dishonorable and those that value not our ways.
Blood for blood. In all we act is honor as we roam the world in search of glory and gold.

We give opportunity for those with a sword in hand to show their mettle and earn their glory.
Never will we refuse a Duel and give a chance for a Challenge to slip our hands. Earn your name and perhaps a place beside us.
In Raid we fight those worthy to put up a fight, those that are our sworn enemies and those that are dishonorable griefers. For honor and reputation.
Never will we harass citizens and grief new players without a sword in hand to fight back. We nurture the true way of pvp and help new players.

We have sworn an Oath to honor any mercenary contract until the end. Shall we be hired for Siege, Battle, Guarding or Gathering.
We will kill and plunder anyone who would get into our way to fullfill the Contract.

We keep trolling to a mininum and stay away from toxic talk in voip and general chat. Don't be a fool and put our reputation on the line.
You wear our tag so you bear the guild, your actions are the guilds actions. We let our Fighting and Honor do the talking!

Death before dishonor. In Battle outnumbered, the goal is to fight and survive while awaiting help, or win the fight. As brothers in arms we never retreat. This is the way.


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