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[NA] Overlord | Hardcore | Organized PvX | Server First | Alpha/Beta Required - ~150 in A2



  • DarkseedDarkseed Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Great community! Overlord went hard in the Alpha 1 testing phase, exceeding my expectations I just had to apply. Draco is a very organized guild leader and takes the recruitment very seriously. Without a doubt in my mind, I believe Overlord will be the Top guild in whichever server we choose to play on. Cant wait to explore the world of verra with you all!
  • CorneliusCornelius Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I had a fantastic experience playing with Overlord during the Alpha 1 testing. I had been in a few communities before, but none of them had the organization that Overlord does, the guild leader is a rockstar when it comes to planning.

    The rest of the guild is full of very friendly, very active and helpful players. I was never left to suffer alone - in fact any time that I needed help I actually had too many people volunteer! Overlord is without a doubt the guild to join if you're looking for a great Ashes experience.
  • Your search is over -- Overlord is where it's at

    We are more than just your average hard-core Guild -- we go above and beyond what most Guilds strive to offer. Individually we are strong, together we are overwhelming. We build long-lasting friendships, participate in competitions and attend all events. We do ask that you use Discord (voice) for communication and dedicate a minimum of forty-hours a week in game as we obtain server firsts. Brace yourself, this is not going to be half-ass’ed. Above all, have fun and invite your friends!
  • I have been a part of this guild for a few months now. Their organization and ability to prepare for all types of players is unmatched. As soon as I joined we discussed average play time/amount per day and came up with organized plans for how each player can help the guild grow.
  • Been hanging out with some members of Overlord the past couple of months and have learned a lot about them and this guild. I personally believe that Overlord is very organized, mature and very serious when it comes to MMOs. Everyone is friendly and there is a mutual trust between members that I don't see in many other guilds. I didn't have the chance to play A1 but will be taking part in A2 and am looking forward to interacting with the great community and working together to make Overlord the top guild in whatever server we fall on.
  • SigtyrSigtyr Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    This group is a sure thing for world firsts. Been playing together since alpha 1. They are super dedicated, organized, excellent communicators, god tier pvpers, and goal oriented: all traits that will be essential for success in Ashes. Looking forward to great things in alpha 2 and beyond.
  • Super proud to be a part of this community. If you are looking for a close knit set of players to be around this is the one for you. We have amazing structure and direction, with excellent leadership and growth potential. Come check us out!
  • I can tell there are a lot of amazing guild postings already for ashes. But this one definitely is praiseworthy among a tough crowd.

    What sets this guild apart from many others are (in no apparent order):

    1. The community: there are the combat members, the economic members, and the community members. So there’s a little something for everyone. If you want to feel out the guild with no commitment? Join the community group!

    2. The organization: I’ve never seen a guild set up as thoroughly as Overlord before. The charter, the charter, planning, and information saving, etc. is phenomenal.

    3. The people: there are members from all over the states and all ethnicities. They are all friendly and helpful. Several have world first experience in other MMOs. There are definitely skill differences among them but they don’t grief over it.

    4. The commitment: there are strict requirements in joining the combat guild, this is true. However, life happens, there are times when you absolutely can’t make a raid time or miss out can’t make the time commitment; they are understanding. Just explain the situation. Many guilds will not tolerate or accommodate this.

    5. Fairness. No one in the guild is treated better or worse then the others, this is something that’s extremely rare and highly appreciated.

    6. Activity: the discord is highly active and a fun place to be. Whether it’s in the text or voice chats. There is usually someone in it through the day. Also, many of them are playing other games and MMOs. There are a few upcoming MMOs releasing in February that many in the guild are planning on starting. There are no requirements to join these games and you can attend as a community member.

    7. These are but to name a few, there are many more. I hope to whomever of those who read this far whether you join Overlord or not join a good guild and have a glorious time in Ashes, I know I will!
  • I love this guild, while we wait for Alpha 2 there are plenty of activites and players to do other things with, and the best part is we all have the same outlook when it comes to going hardcore and being the best! Come theory craft, socialize, and join on of the best guilds around for ashes, and make some friends and play some random stuff while we all patiently wait for A2!!!
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  • KrystalockeKrystalocke Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    An extremely organized and friendly guild that does things outside of gaming as well! Great community and honestly super excited to start AoC with them all. Everyone's voice is heard and its a great feeling. Can you believe we got our own T-shirts already? <3
  • grimceegrimcee Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I was going to wait until farther along in Alpha and Beta testing to join a guild, and just so happened to stumble upon this one. It was definitely worth it, as the Guild is as friendly, helpful, and welcoming as they come! The leader, as well as other fore-front members of the community, are competent and fun to be around! Highly recommend to anybody looking for a guild who does it all and has fun in the process.
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  • Seriously, The leader is driven and has put a crazy amount of effort into the Guild. Not just an "in game" community but a fun community that watches anime together and all around fun to hang out with in Discord. Honestly a great guild!
  • AveNytemareAveNytemare Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    If you are looking for an active guild that is super organized and has a great feeling of community, this is the guild for you.

    A couple of my friends and I were researching guilds back at the beginning of A1 and stumbled upon Overlord. We reached out and got to speak to the leader 1 on 1 in a vc about what Overlord plans to achieve in Ashes, as well as get a general feel of the guild, which I personally feel is a nice touch vs just joining a recruitment post discord link and reading a wall of text.

    The leader is extremely dedicated and has put a ton of time to build Overlord and set the guild up for success once Ashes launches. The organization and planning really is a step above all others and is truly impressive. For those who are hardcore raiders, you will appreciate seeing the extent of thought put into the plans for the raids and achieving the goals of the guild. For those who love crafting more than raiding, there is a place for you here too, as there is an economic side of the guild that has just as much thought put into it as the combat side.

    The community is also great, the guildmates are super friendly, welcoming, and a joy to chat/joke around with. Overlord gives me that old school community feel that is hard to find in the newer types of MMOs, which I truly enjoy and have missed. There is more to Overlord than just people you will only chat with in game. The Guild hosts weekly hangouts in discord, every monthly dev stream we get together to watch it as a community and chat about the progress shown, and every now and then there are raffles for fun prizes (won myself a pretty cool tumbler on the last one).


    I highly recommend checking out Overlord and seeing if the guild is a good fit for you, and I look forward to welcoming any who join us. :)
  • MemnaukMemnauk Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited April 2022
    I’ve been gaming and playing MMOs for nearly 23 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to run with highly organized groups in many of the MMOs you are probably familiar with. Including server, realm, and even a few game firsts.

    I’ve also been lucky enough to maintain decades-long friendships with most of the people I've met along the way. I think that’s extremely important when you are offering so much of your personal time to play with people.

    Overlord is very much a community. The group is rounded out by many talented, dedicated, creative, and strategic minds. We support movie nights, and gaming groups based on interests, as well as shoot the gruff in our lobby and guild chats.

    You’ll find no elitists here, but you will find a bunch who are extremely dedicated to AoC, and our inevitable successes.

    We appreciate your dedication and contribution to the guild and fully expect to be a top-tier formidable power on the playing field.

    Our collective are creative, intelligent, kind, helpful and determined. There’s time to work and time to play and we want to incorporate all these things and build a strong foundation for years to come here.

    We hope you will consider Overlord home as we venture into A2 beyond release.

    Please feel free to join our open AOC Discord channels and get to know us.

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  • Bluehand70Bluehand70 Member
    edited May 2022
    Solid guild with good leadership and community, organized!
    Diverse age range, 18 thru 60s, many with families.
    Not just for hardcore raiders, full game approach, economy, PVP, crafters, etc. There's likely a place for your style.
    The guild is growing very well even though Alpha 2 is TBD. We just had a guild meeting this weekend. Good turnout and discussion, it went for over an hour.

    BONUS - give us a test drive!
    Look, AoC is the one we're ALL looking to sink into heavily, so you want to make sure you like where you land.
    We've started a WoW Classic guild. The plan is to raid in WotLK Classic to get a better feel for roles, build friendships, chase achievements (i.e. Algalon...) and have fun. Plenty of time to dust off your WoW account and fire up classic. TBC is current, easy instant Lvl 58. Take your time, hit 70 and jump in for the WotLK fun! Be honest, you know you want to do the safety dance again with 'ol Heigan in Naxx! Give us a try, if we're not a fit, no worries.

    WoW Classic info:
    Server: US East - Mankrik
    Faction - Horde
    *jump in our Discord & we'll get you a guild invite :)

    Discord, you know what to do...
  • RedlafRedlaf Member
    Joined this guild and they've been super friendly and amazing! Great community that's clearly excited about the game!
  • zedthoughzedthough Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Amazing Leadership. It has been a great experience even now before launch and the strong community will get that much stronger as the testing continues and we head into claiming our position at the top.
  • HayyooHayyoo Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Overlord is a fantastic group of MMO fanatics, that are deeply passionate about Ashes and achieving big things together. It was really awesome getting to know more of the crew via our time exploring New World, Lost Ark, and upcoming Wotlk. If you are looking for a kind, thoughtful, and passionate group to explore and achieve great things in Ashes of Creation (in testing and launch), then Overlord is the place to be :smiley:
  • In OVERLORD, leadership listens to the members and even asks about feedback even if it's negative. If you're looking for a solid guild that's going to have an awesome leadership structure then look no further. :smiley:
  • MrShoxMrShox Member
    Can't say enough good things about the people in this guild. Everyone is kind and welcoming and I have always had a wonderful time playing games with them. 10/10 would recommend!

    Not to mention, everyone is very passionate about Ashes and are prepared to give it their all when the game actually comes out. Gets me really excited to be playing with such an amazing group of people.
  • JunoBladeJunoBlade Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Great community with a great leader and a friendly and helpful group. No one would be unhappy in this group! Totally recommended! <3<3
  • This guild has great communication with all the members and you'll be able to find the right fit for your urge in ashes of creation. The guild master will always listen to your questions and you'll find a group of players to travel around with in ashes and encourage you to try your best.

    I hope to meet any new members to this great guild!
  • I have stayed in this guild for more than a month and I'm still here that has to mean something right?

    They are great people. With a very active and dedicated leader. They are always in voice chats in the discord playing many different kinds of games and building bonds. They are pretty fun to hang with and are very chill too.
  • lemuletlemulet Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited August 2022
    After years of drama in Black Desert Online, I've been seeking a guild with a mature leadership that doesn't treat its people as numbers. It's not easy to find, many guilds will have leaders that lie to attract people and change their core ideals on a whim.

    I joined Overlord during the Alpha 1 test because there was people from this guild who were helping random people out even though they were not inside the same guild. I felt like I would have a good time also helping others with them.

    After joining, I discovered passionate people with a good sense of professionalism. They have a clear vision and have a plans to polish and improve the guild model as we get closer to AoC launch. Overlord is not just for the sweaty raiders, no life lifeskillers or big ego PvPers. It's a place where people work together to achieve something greater than themselves.

    I'm looking forward to see Overlord shape itself into a force capable of influencing the fate of Verra !
  • BlindEagleBlindEagle Member
    edited November 2022
    I really like the information about your guild. I have joined the discord for your guild. I am also excited for this game as well. I was hoping to apply for this guild.
  • SpudlerSpudler Member
    edited September 2022
    Amazing community full of people who are hyped about ashes. Looking forward to playing with all of them.
  • ZeldubZeldub Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2022
    When I was first made aware of Ashes of Creation I did a ton of research. I quickly learned that AoC was probably the closest thing to my dream game as anything could get. Joining the community discord, I noticed that guilds were already recruiting. I was kind of picky looking for a group that had the same goals I did, while also having a low number of members. One of my biggest concerns of joining a guild with a history was that loot wouldn't be distributed fairly, or that there would be some "inner circle" that would dominate everything.

    After stumbling on Overlord, I quickly joined as one of the very first members to alleviate my worry. Nearly two years later now, and I can confidently state that nobody should have the same worry I once had. I've played a few games with the guild now to include WoW Classic, and I couldn't be happier. The community of Overlord is one unlike any other, who support each other and reward hard work.

    Going into the release of WotLK Classic I achieved realm first level 80 hunter, which would not have been possible without the support of Overlord. There were multiple times where I was tempted by the Sandman to take just a small nap, but the party I was in still carried me through the dungeon grind till I caught my second wind.

    I still have a few goals in WotLK Classic, and am able to meet or progress towards each and every one of them thanks to likeminded people in the Overlord community. I can't wait to see that translate over to the release of AoC as we strive for all our guild goals.

    If you relate to my summarized story at all, I highly recommend joining the Overlord family!
  • I have yet to see a guild that is as active and friendly as this one. Movie nights, game nights, diverse and cool people with different backgrounds, interests and gaming experiences to hang out with and get to know! If you come for Ashes, you will stay for the cool-ass community!!
  • Joined this clan last month, and am working on the clan website, and I can tell this clan has big plans for this game. I'd recommend getting in on start, we have some dedicated people in here who love their craft. I'm eager for alpha 2 for a multitude of reasons, but I'm especially eager to push pvp and end game content with this clan
  • As someone who has been playing MMOs since Everquest there's a couple things I look for in a guild and Overlord has them:
    • No Drama
    • Great Organization
    • Leaders who understand their role and aren't on a power trip
    • Fun people to play games with

    If you're shopping for a guild for AOC and want to find a community that's mature, ready to get stuff done and have fun, then take a hard look at Overlord :)
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