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[NA] Aetherius | PvP | Hardcore | Castle Focus | Military | Alpha 1+ | Active

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Meaning: “Ethereal realm; above all”

[NA] Aetherius | PvP | Hardcore | Castle Focus | Military | Alpha 1+ | Active


Originated by an experienced group of friends who've enjoyed cohesion and structure for almost 2 decades. With our current active or retired military background we dominated Lineage 2, SWG, GW2, EVE, Darkfall, Archeage, BDO, to name a few. However Aetherius as a guild and Discord, has been formed for Ashes of creation and not converted from any other game or community.

What will Aetherius be like in-game?

Aetherius aims to immediately be one of the major factoring guilds on the server to acquire a castle as soon as possible post launch. We will use what ever special warfare necessary to achieve our ambitions on sea or land. This will include major crafting operations, dungeon delving and clearing raids for gear and items to fuel the war effort. Everyone is a soldier first, then comes your profession. Economically we will boost our coffers and our alliances alike. Using our resources to protect the nodes and their caravans under our rule.

What sort of Atmosphere will Aetherius have from member to leadership?

We have always ran our guilds to be more of a family aspect rather than "you're just a number" within the ranks. We've always been about getting things done but at the same time enjoying ourselves by the friendships we create with our members. You can expect to be what you want and always find a spot within the content we are trying to achieve. "A no man left behind" mentality will exude how the leadership values those under them and leads them to victory.

Will there be RP in Aetherius?

There will never be a requirement to RP in Aetherius however we do enjoy having little events or ceremony's for those that truly achieve something great in-game. Whether that's a promotion of guild rank to a parade through town or taking a guild photo, we like to keep it interesting.

Note - Lots of prior /retired or active military in our ranks but not required


-Passionate about the game and the guild goals.
-Minimum activity 4 days a week or take a leave of absence.
-Use Discord and be able to speak.
-Respect chain of command.
-Be professional when it maters.
-Members must attempt to assist all guild related functions.
-Have a good attitude so we can have fun!
-Age 20 or older.

If you 'd like to join us please use the Discord link below, and come get to know us!


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