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[EU] Royal CCC | PvX | Competitive / Hardcore | Organized | Age 18+ | Alpha/Beta required

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We are an upcoming tryhard gaming community which focus on pushing our characters to the brink. We are looking for tilt-proofed members who are beyond childish behaviour and drama. Open-mindedness and respectful behavior are necessary goods that we expect from everyone. This guild was made explicitly for Ashes of Creation. That means that there is no previous guild history. Our current focus is on building the guild and getting started with the latest tries and tweaks in Alpha 2. We are already trying to improve our interaction with each other in Alpha 1. (CEST-Timezone)

History of the Guild Leader: I am the leader of the Royal CCC and have gained experience as a public and guild commander in Guild Wars 2 over the past several years. Back then I was leading publics with over 100 people in discord and over 70 people on my tag. With my old squad/guild we managed to be the number one guild on our server but this is already four years ago.
In the past few years there hasn't been a new game that I liked or that motivated me to get back to playing at a high level, so I literally slacked off. AoC has the potential to be the next big game that I want to waste my time in and get back to the top of the ladder with a guild.


Our main focus as a guild is PvP. To have a high server presence it is essential to have the best gear. (50-55% is gear dependent)
It is therefore essential to participate in PvE as well.
After launch our goals are:
- First world boss clears!
- First maximal level!
- First nodes/sieges
- Large scale PvP
- Arena PvP

Our goals change from PvE in the beginning to PvP later on when we have accomplished most of the stuff in PvE.


In the alpha and beta phase we try to expand and optimize our knowledge and level speedrun routes to its limits.
At launch we force long and organized gaming sessions which help us to achieve our goals.


- Selected gamers with the same goals
- With some support Discord server level two
- Tryharding from minute one (even in alpha)
- Experienced Raidlead
- Future sheets for speed leveling, gathering (materials) spots etc.
- Economy + tryhard guild part.


- We require active players, which push there characters to the brink.
- Meta classes + Gear are just necessary if we dont find a solution to counter the current Meta.
- We expect people with a decent PC setup so they can play the game at over 10 FPS at launch.
- Level rush to get to the endgame really quick.
- A working headset is necessary. Communication is key.
- Tilt Proof behaviour outwards. We want to have a good reputation. Intern and outwards are two different stories!
- No DRAMA, no talking back behinds people back. Find a solution if there is a problem. Don´t make drama over nothing!
- We require an open minded setting from you and the possibility to adapt quick.

Additional to the previous Information:

Our plan is to have two types of guild parts: the economic part and the tryhard part.
The difference between those are:

- 10-20% Economic, 80-90% tryhard
- People in the economic part help the tryhard part out when it is needed like PvP, Raids etc.
We expect high quality players in the economy sector as well. Rather for people who don't have that much time to play.



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