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[NA] Obsidian Mirror | 18+ | PVX | Light RP | Dark Religious Theme

TezcatlipocaTezcatlipoca Member
edited April 6 in NA Guild Recruitment

The visions of this tribe is Religious play on the dark side of things, specifically the Order of Fate and engage in the social climb of that organization and game play. Otherwise; to do content in all forms and be a well-rounded tribe siding on the PvP realm. This is a Light RP group. Expected is motivations and a small background on your character's actions. This is about your actions, not RP posts or any similar.


• Small tight-knit atmosphere
• Exploring one aspect of game; FULLY
• 20 years Experienced Leadership
• Strong and Varied Allies


- High Astrologer: Leader of Tribe and Reader of Stars.

- Bone Shaman: The crafting/gathering officer.

- Blood Shaman: The PvE leader and organizer/

- Warchief: PvP leader and organizer.

- Glass: The experienced members with time for the tribe.

- Smoke: A reference to the god we are based on. Entry member and observer/undecided.


• HQ in Religious Node
• Head Of Religious order of Fate
• Survival


• Must be Vek Race
• Must be 18+
• Must have Mic


• Tribe Leader: @Tezcatlipoca
• Officers: TBD
Contact myself if you have any questions or concerns on discord at Tezcatlipoca#7031.

Come my fellow Vek, your tribe awaits.


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