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Is Ashes of Creations Armour grind better than other MMOs? [NEW VIDEO]

AzrialAzrial Member
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Refer to the video below for my deeper opinions
Ashes of Creation MMO - What are Monster Coins and are they Pay to Win?

In this week's episode, I aim to answer the question of "What are Monster Coins in the Ashes of Creation MMO?" & "Do these Monster Coins make Ashes of Creation pay to Win?"
In this video, I'll review - What are monster coins? How do you obtain them? What are the rewards? How does the system progress? How will it affect PvP? And will this be in Ashes of Creation Alpha 2?
Follow the series along as I dive deep into all the core gameplay systems that have been revealed leading to Alpha 2 (& the release date) and get some of the answers to your questions.

What's your opinion on the monster coin system?

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