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[EU] Ironguard [RP, PvX] 18+ semi-hardcore

MonoryMonory Member
edited April 2022 in EU Guild Recruitment
Region: Europe
Server: To be announced
Guild tag: IG


About us:
Ironguard is a new guild led by a person that has experience with leading a guild. The goal is to find great, fun and nice people to jump into this new world with and create long lasting memories with new friends we make while overcoming obstecles.

Guild Introduction

Ironguard will have a deviding system meaning that there will be class captains.
Every class will have X amount of captains. (The idea now is 1 for every 10 players of the same class but that might get changed)


All members will be required to have the same tattoo. (Deciding if it should be on specific part of the body or not, people of the guild will decide)

The focus of the Guild

When the game launches, everyone will want to try everything, so from the beginning the goal will be to explore, level and gear together with guildies, hopefully creating a good relations among each other.
After few months the guild's direction and focus will be PVP and RP of course crafting and PVE will be on the side as well but not as heavily chased.

Important to say, you are not needed to have access to Alpha or Beta!

What we are looking for:
- Friendly players open to do various content. (PVX)
- Reliable and dependable people not afraid to join voice call.
- Players that know all about classes. (Captains)
- 18 and older.
- Somewhat active people.
- Open minded people willing to make improvements

If you have more questions about us, please contact Salty#7332 on discord and I will get to you ASAP.
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