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    Welcome to another enchanting Gilded House Update! We are filled with immense delight as we present a handful of marvelous endeavors that have recently captivated our Officer Team's attention. We firmly believe that active participation is of paramount importance in conducting business, and we have devoted our focus to a number of noteworthy initiatives.

    First and foremost, we are thrilled to announce the release of yet another captivating Lore Video, centering around the fascinating Aelan Humans. This endeavor is a testament to our dedication to creating engaging and compelling content. Moreover, during our Roleplay meeting, we meticulously deliberated upon our vision for out-of-character growth and shed light on one of our esteemed branches—Gilded Ventures.

    Gilded Ventures, a dedicated division within our organization, has been entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading Exploration & Research activities within the game world of Ashes of Creation. Simultaneously, this branch focuses on fostering out-of-character engagement by emphasizing the thrilling Player Vs. Environment aspects of the game. Our structural framework is carefully designed to nurture a vibrant and interconnected community, while also providing avenues for recognition and promotion. Most significantly, it equips our members with the essential tools for success, thus enabling them to align with the overarching theme of our company.

    Through diligent planning, we have crafted a dynamic Rank structure within Gilded Ventures that caters to both novices and seasoned individuals alike. Additionally, we have developed a range of invaluable programs, both in-character and out-of-character, aimed at enhancing their involvement with the broader community of Gilded House. Rest assured, these initiatives will undoubtedly enrich their journey and contribute to the flourishing tapestry of our esteemed organization.

    Roleplay Update!
    Regarding our Roleplay Update, we are pleased to inform you that we have diligently updated our Map to intricately depict the ever-evolving tale of Sanctus, as witnessed through the eyes of our esteemed Members. It fills us with immense pride to state that numerous individuals have ardently contributed to shaping this narrative, not merely for a fleeting month, but for a prolonged period spanning several months. The creation of new storylines and the prospect of heightened interactions have kindled enthusiastic discussions among our community. We approach this endeavor with utmost care and profound deliberation, contemplating the establishment of open spaces that foster immersive Roleplay experiences and facilitate increased camaraderie among our members.

    For any Questions, Feedback or Wish to know more please reach out to @[GH-RP] Joe (Dalliance) @[GH-RP] Sersei Kimura @[GH-RP] Zason @[GH-RP] Tetra or Myself @[GH-RP] Nahele Myrunji .

    Posted and Image of our Last Meetings Attendance!
    Following Our Lore Series which is based on Ashes of Creation You can find it here:
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    Today, we showcase House Thorne. One of our vassal communities.


    House Thorne is an ancient Kaelar house. Born first on Verra as diplomats and political advisors to dignitaries. House Thorne made their name for being savvy, and quick witted. They are masters of conversation, and find their greatest pull in matters of the court. The peak of their dynasty was on Verra itself, in alleged negotiations between the Aelan and Pyrain. However, after the fall, House Thorne lost a lot of its influence. The once admired, and intimidating noble house found itself regarded as no more than mere-stewards. An insult, and a slight that would not be forgotten.

    Luckily, not all was lost. Though the family had lost some of their luster, they had built a web of allies that ensured they kept their station. One such ally, House Kimura, was steadfast in their support. Unlike House Thorne, House Kimura was on the rise, and had built up considerable wealth and a surplus of influence quickly. While their Vaelune ancestry gave House Thorne pause, it was negated by the fact that a union between their families would restore much of what House Thorne had lost, or so they hoped.

    But as time passed, and the houses were joined, it was evident that whatever was lost would not be returned on Sanctus. With the death of the family patriarch, and their eldest daughter, their survival was very much uncertain.

    Yet with uncertainty there was possibility. In the present, with the divine gates re-opening to Verra, House Thorne and their allies have banded together, unified as one, to settle anew.

    House Thorne is a Kaelar family, with a cultural focus on tradition. As a patriarchal family, the men typically inherit all titles. Legitimately recognized family members are of Kaelar descent, but bastards are a possibility.

    House Thorne is a diplomatic household, which employs and trains stewards, ambassadors, and political advisors. Family members are known to be quick witted, and masters of conversation.


    Blood Relations to House Thorne are done through the father's line. As a Kaelar family lineage, all members must have at least a partial Kaelar bloodline. This includes siblings, aunts/uncles, bastards, and cousins.

    Bastards in this family may be plentiful, as the family has a IC policy against mixed bloodlines.

    Working for House Thorne entails working alongside experienced diplomats and political advisors. While servant roles will be plentiful, the household are known for their strategic moves in court. This will suit those who want to play politics, and intrigue roles.

    In addition, non-combatants, who enjoy IC combat but not OOC combat can find their place here, as knights of the rose. A purely IC household guard for the house.


    House Thorne offers a medium-heavy roleplaying experience, focused on noble family, and political roleplay. Members of this vassal house will find plenty of opportunities for story engagement within and outside of their household. It is a low PVX content community.

    Currently, we are looking to fill core family member roles. From pure blood siblings and cousins, to bastards and potential suitors.

    Chances are, If you have a concept, we can collaborate together.

    House Thorne are bannermen of House Kimura, having unified their houses through marriage just a few generations ago. They may not have the oldest bond, but they do share similar focuses on tradition.

    House Greythorne is a cadet branch of House Thorne, and though they do not have the strongest relationship, they do share a bloodline.
  • Good Afternoon!

    I hope everyone has had a fantastic week thus far! Tomorrow we have our monthly community meeting, and we plan to discuss a host of different topics.


    Livestream Recap
    Open-RP channels (Expanding on our story channels/threads)
    Phoenix Antiquities (Our Crafting/Economy Branch)
    Conan - RP Server (Sharing Updates Regarding Our Community Building Project)

    We hope to have an active discussion about these topics, and invite all our members, new and old to join us at 9:00pm EST!

  • Good Day AOC Role Players!

    Gilded House Roleplay continues to grow and thrive, as we have surpassed 50 members in our community.

    With our continued growth, we are focused on building up our ranks through mentorship. We aim to take those who are passionate about the community, a branch, or a house and support them for leadership in GH-RP. We plan to build a bench of leaders who can help lead the way forward for Alpha 2 and beyond.

    In addition, we just completed our community meeting, where we shared updates on our own Conan Roleplay Server. We have invited our community members to work alongside leadership in fleshing out the world. Building roleplay locations such as the Kimura Estate, Kimmalune (IC town), and our very own Py'rai village designed by @nahelemyrunji (See Screenshots).


    This project has been ongoing, and will be an addition to our already flourishing discord roleplay.

    OH? Speaking of Roleplay!

    @raptor_joe hosted a demo event for our custom Dice System, which went very well. Our system allows for a focus on role-play over time, where the Dice Support the story rather than consume it. Additionally, three new RP Threads have started this week, including two from new players participating in our story. We maintain an average of 12 active RPs with members at any given time and are always looking for more who want to participate in a diverse story and region that grows with your characters and actions!

    Also, we are adding additional roleplay channels in our community, that will encourage and facilitate open roleplay. These channels will also be open to guests, and ambassadors to take part. So that we can continue to engage with others.

    Pride Month is upon us
    ! And because of that we think it's important to re-state that GH-RP remains and will always be a safe space for those who don't fit into a plain colored box. We are proud of and thankful for our members.

    We also are proud to celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month which gracefully unfolds during the month of June, serving as a poignant occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable contributions and accomplishments of our Caribbean-American brethren to both American society and culture. Within this vibrant and diverse community, individuals trace their ancestry to an array of nations, including Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, Haiti, and beyond, each bearing the indelible imprint of their heritage. Their profound impact spans numerous domains, encompassing the realms of art, music, literature, sports, and beyond, shaping the fabric of our shared cultural tapestry.

    Amar es un arte, y como todo arte, requiere dedicación y paciencia

    Almost a year ago, Gilded House Roleplay was founded with the goal of being a safe space for role players and gamers of all backgrounds, to have fun, write together, and keep the drama llamas in their pen. While the llamas did in fact break out of their pen, we are glad the AOC-RP community has made impactful changes that will keep this space, safe for the future of this community.

    To close and on a serious note. If you or someone you love is struggling now or in the future, please share and save 988 in your phone. The national suicide and crisis hotline is there to save lives, and offer someone to talk too, when you may have no one else.

    Thank you and if you have any questions about Gilded House Roleplay [GH-RP], please contact @sersei, @raptor_joe, @nahelemyrunji or @zason.

    Hail All!

    Today is a new day, and I present you with an offering to expand our realm further. To create something new and build a nation together as a community.

    I present to you, The Arisean Proposal.


    Made up of two parts, The Arisean Accords & The Nation of Arisea.

    The Arisean Accords is a coalition of guilds and serve the core purpose of encouraging cooperation, promoting diplomacy, and intertwining guild storylines to create alliance focused storylines. Beyond that, establishing an agreed upon map of Sanctus, on which all the allied guilds could co-exist.

    On the OOC, details are pending agreement between all parties. But Joint trade & defense pacts would be up for debate, along with allied PVP/PVE events.

    This is not a node project, and members of other nodes can join the accords.

    The Nation of Arisea is a node project aimed at bringing together allied guilds in order to build up a node as one. The project will be made up of a council of guild leads & representatives who decide matters regarding the nation and node. Establishing core values and building a societal structure to create an immersive environment.

    Members of the Arisean Accords can also be part of The Nation of Arisea.

    This project will be built with the core principle that no single entity, or individual will have veto power or authority, and there will be no monarchy structure.

    You can read the full proposal here:

    If you'd like to be part of this group, please apply here:

    Roleplay Guilds & Non-Roleplay Guilds Welcome!
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    We just had an absolutely incredible meeting on the 23rd at 9:00pm Eastern Time, and let me tell you, it was off the charts! We delved deep into our Branch known as Gilded Ventures, and shared a bit about the Obsidian Order and unveiling a surprise even to our guild leader: a Gilded Song, complete with vocals, to represent our vibrant community for its first year! But that's not all—Gilded Ventures is not just some ordinary group. Oh no, we have a meticulously crafted rank structure that is just begging for enthusiastic individuals to climb the ladder and make their mark. And guess what? We are all about embracing fresh ideas, so there's plenty of room for everyone to contribute and inject their creativity into the mix.

    What's even more exciting is that we are dedicated to treating all members equally, whether they're newbies or seasoned veterans. We made it crystal clear during the meeting that every member will receive the same level of respect and recognition. We also discussed how progression will be represented within the game, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to grow and shine. Gilded Ventures isn't solely focused on Player Vs. Environment (PvE) activities. Nope, we take it up a notch by incorporating a strong emphasis on roleplay as well. We have come up with a brilliant system that allows individuals to progress through either PvE participation, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills, or by immersing themselves in the captivating world of roleplay.

    Gilded Ventures is set to offer a unique blend of PvE, roleplay, and endless opportunities for personal growth.

    This said let me share with you our latest Video:

    Alliance Update
    From the mouth of Sersei Kimura herself!
    Huzzah! We recently unveiled **The Arisean Proposal**, a guild alliance proposal, aimed at being equitable for all involved communities. We are happy to share, we have found a partner in **The Divine Order**! We look forward to working with other guilds as we discuss building an alliance charter, and constitution for the Arisea node project. If you're interested in learning more, you can review the full proposal here:
    Following Our Lore Series which is based on Ashes of Creation You can find it here:
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    In addition to guild leaders, have you considered giving equal footing to node mayors? They may turn out to be the key players in AoC.
  • tautau wrote: »
    In addition to guild leaders, have you considered giving equal footing to node mayors? They may turn out to be the key players in AoC.

    So for the node alliance, most likely the mayor, will be in one of the partner guilds. And so they may actually have a role within the group as a representative or leader. So there certainly is a role for them.
  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    So how, given the game mechanics, do you plan on making sure the node mayors are in one of your guilds?
  • tautau wrote: »
    So how, given the game mechanics, do you plan on making sure the node mayors are in one of your guilds?

    It depends on the node type. For instance, if you have a science metro, and the partner guilds make up the majority of the node as expected, then the majority would vote for a member of one of the guilds.

    But ultimately, this alliance project is meant to be a sort of United Nations Of Communities.

    The structure you see, is a proposal by one of the partner communities, but it will likely change and be adjusted as the idea is discussed, and other proposals are put forward.
  • In the past 2 weeks, we have had two guild meetings: going over branch updates and member progression paths, and our guild storyline updates!

    We have made great progress in building our Conan Roleplay Server (See Pictures). While also playing games together as a community.


    We keep active, as we push towards Alpha 2. If you're looking for a community that builds up its members, has active and ongoing roleplay for all, and isn't scared of a little pvp, check us out!
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    Hail fellow well met!

    I hope everyone had a joyous and memorable Independence Day, yesterday. I want to genuinely thank all the service members and veterans whose sacrifices have safeguarded the freedoms we cherish. May the memory of those we’ve lost always be a blessing.

    My name is Zason and I’m the lead for the PVP branch of Gilded House [GH-RP] and I’m more and more excited about Ashes of Creation and the direction the development is taking.

    The Gilded House is, first and foremost, a storytelling community. We pride ourselves in the deep character-driven narratives our members create together. These epic tales weave the foundation for what we will grow into once we cross the divine gateway. We have built ourselves in a way that embraces every aspect of Ashes of Creation.

    The Obsidian Order is our RP-PvP branch and will stand as a protector for our community, friends, and allies. We aim to build a force that can counter those who would dare disrupt roleplayers, and to adequately offer protection to caravans, and roleplay events. We embrace the concept of Honorable PVP which is essentially about respect, fairplay, and engaging in PVP that is fun, competitive, and does not ruin the experience for others.

    While our primary objective is to act as a defensive unit, the Obsidian Order will not shy away from PVP, and will seek to root out those individuals or communities that wish us, or our allies harm. We will work hand in hand with the other branches and members so we can really enjoy all Verra has to offer us! Ashes will offer us a lot of PVP opportunities without turning into a bunch of murder hobos. :) We will be rolling out more about the Order to our community soon.

    RP Updates
    June's Gilded House RP meeting on 06/30/23 was our 5th consecutive monthly gathering. We had a very successful RP event in June, as well as 12 RP threads running. Our campaign setting expanded as three new members contributed to the growth of our story and map, leading to another Role-playing Event planned for July in addition to new RP threads starting!. More RP updates are planned for this month, as we launch a new and exciting role-playing feature in our server today!

    Last Meetings Attendance

    “We humbly present to you two videos, unveiling the captivating realms of House Thorne and the Tower of Carphin. Together, they beckon you to embark on a journey of discovery, where a narration transports you to extraordinary realms of beauty and intrigue. Join us as we traverse the intricacies of House Thorne, a noble house allied with House Kimura, and delve into the enigmatic depths of the Tower of Carphin. As we bid adieu to this chapter, be assured that a grand opus dedicated to the venerable Dunzenkell awaits you in the forthcoming month. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking voyage into the heart of Dunzenkell, where untold marvels await your eager eyes.”

    The Tower of Carphin

    House Thorne

    Alliance Update
    We're happy to announce not 1, not 2, but 3 NEW PARTNER GUILDS to the Arisean Alliance. Phoenix Regiment, Aeval, and The Exchange are the newest members of the Arisean Accords, a united nations of communities, that will help shape the world of Verra together. We hope by bringing on more communities, we can create an establishment of values. Including joint defense pacts, trade, and collaborative roleplay stories.

    If you're interested in learning more, you can reach out to myself, or any of our alliance leaders or Ambassadors.

    For more info, checkout our alliance thread here:
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    Good Evening Team Ashes!

    Your local weather for tonight is clear skies with a high in RP Focus.

    Our RP meeting was a great success, helping us to launch a series of Open RP channels! Members, Guests, and Ambassadors are able to join in and engage in our Sanctus RP setting. We rolled out a comprehensive plan to make the channels easier to navigate, which has helped new members find out how to get involved and will start with two new RP threads going this week! That will take us to a total of 14 active threads, despite three of them having reached their conclusion.

    Thanks to the contribution of our members, both at our RP meetings and special mapmaking sessions, our setting has grown substantially. We continue to flesh out story and connections across all our characters within the community for what will be an epic Prelude to our Verra storyline! Our current RP isn't a one off, but will tell the beginnings of a story that will continue on to the New World ... Old World? Verra World! Nailed it.

    I have a special shoutout for one of our members today! Zephyr has created a beautiful 'in game' map for our RP setting. While it's still in development, he's approved an early release for your viewing pleasure!


    There aren't enough words to express how proud of our community I am and the work we have done to come together and create an engaging environment for characters to get to know each other. We've done over 900 RP posts (I counted for giggles) and are only increasing how much we play as a community.

    This is Raptor Joe signing off. Now, a word from our sponsors ...
  • Community Promotions

    We recently promoted two of our members to the rank of community mentor! @meerkit takes up the mantel of Thane in the Obsidian Order! As she will be instrumental in developing the branch alongside @zason.

    @thenytefall joins Phoenix Antiquities as an Artisan, and is assisting @sersei in readying an updated roll-out of the branch in the near future.

    Both of them have proven to be active and engaged contributors to the guild, and we are glad to see them grow alongside the community.

    While these are our *first* mentors, we will be adding more in the future. Gilded House Roleplay continues to be a community that builds people up from within! And we look forward to growing and showcasing more of our amazing members in future updates!
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    Last Friday was our most successful RP meeting yet with 18 community members coming together. Our secret weapon this week was the debut of our Phoenix Antiquities branch document! More on that soon, but first some RP stats I'm super proud of.
    • We have a record 17 RP threads taking place on our site.
    • We've had over 25 players participate in RP (With no game out yet!)
    • We're moving on from our 'Intro' phase to the 'Story' phase where all the storylines converge and grow and new events take place.

    I'm proud to be the story officer of such an interactive guild. I've never played with such a dedicated group of RPers in an MMO setting, and I look forward to our next 1000 posts as we break the quadruple digits mark!

    The other part of our great meeting focused on Phoenix Antiquities: our merchant and artisan branch! We Expanded on the structure and duties within the branch itself using member feedback. Our crafters make up a significant population within the community, and because of that it is vital we focus our efforts on ensuring an equitable partnership between the work they do and the needs of the guild.

    We talked about resource-management, mentorships between merchants and artisans, and contributing to the guild by offering assistance and donations. In addition, with the most recent freehold update we reiterated the importance of attaining freehold(s) for our guild to ensure our master crafters can do the work they need to do.

    We have started a supplemental discussions that will help us refine things further, as we eagerly await Alpha 2.

    Meeting Attendance:

    Gilded House continues to be a community where member engagement drives the majority of our server's interactions! If you're looking for a place where you can play your character, see it grow, and be a part of the story, check out our recruitment thread for more information.

    Check out a message from our alliance and partners!
    The Arisean Alliance
  • Good Tidings AOC Role Players!

    This past week has been one of excitement and adventure as we celebrated our 1 year anniversary for the Gilded House!

    We participated in the ArcheAge Classic open beta, using it as a testing ground for many of the mechanics that will be in Ashes. With the variety of classes, trade systems, and player vs. player environment, there is no better model to use for Ashes of Creation prior to Alpha 2.

    We also hosted our monthly community meeting where we did a deep dive of the most recent cleric updates. Our very own @nahelemyrunji put together the ability descriptions based on the livestream and we did a walkthrough of key topics from the stream including the new resource bar for clerics, story system, and of course the PvX elements.

    Beyond the livestream, we are going to be putting together a DnD style game-night coinciding with the launch of Baldur's Gate III. Expanding on our community engagement! And we have our second Discord RP event coming up very soon!

    Alliance Update
    Our alliance welcomed House Raine to its ranks very recently! In doing so, we have brought 4 communities together for our Arisea Node Project, and 6 for the Arisean Accords. With our newest partners, we are very close to finalizing our Alliance Charter and cemented structure.

    We also had our first alliance meeting that we plan to have on a monthly basis, as we welcome new partners overtime.

    Community Media
    New Rock-Themed Song - Gilded House One-year Anniversary Theme
    We are proud to present our one-year anniversary video - a brand-new Rock Themed song designed exclusively for Gilded House! This anthem embodies the spirit of our community and showcases the fantastic moments we've shared throughout the year. Get ready to rock out and groove with us as we relive the memories that have made Gilded House the incredible platform it is today! You can watch the video here:

    Discover Gilded Ventures: The Explorer, Researcher Branch Recruitment Video
    Introducing the Gilded Ventures Branch - a place where adventure and knowledge collide! This is our dedicated Explorer, Researcher branch, where adventurers and seekers of knowledge unite. Our focus here is on PvE Content, offering thrilling Quests, challenging Raids, mysterious Dungeons, and a world of other exciting adventures! Come, join our ranks, and embark on epic journeys together. Curiosity awaits! Watch the enchanting video that showcases the spirit of Gilded Ventures here:```
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    Our alliance partnership has grown pretty significantly since we first shared it back in June, with now 6 communities banded together. We have had numerous discussions about our alliance charter, and Arisean node constitution.

    In addition, we have updated our information document here: , with our new alliance partners, and our agreed upon leadership structure (Sneak Peek)

    > Arisean Accords
    The Arisean Guild Council
    The Council is made up of a collection of allied Guild Leaders. Each leader represents their own guild/company or family. The council works as one to support each other's mutual interests, regardless of a guild’s size, location, or focus.

    Like, the United Nations. The core mission of this group is to foster relations between different communities.

    > Arisea Node Project
    The Ducal Court of Arisea
    The respective guild leaders of each Arisean community shall form an in-character entity, the Ducal Court. The Court itself does not make law, but stands as the chief adjudicators of the realm. They will review the laws passed by the Assembly to ensure it is constitutional, and handle any issues that arise within Arisea.

    Over the next week or so we will be signing off on our alliance charter and sharing it publicly, so stay tuned!

    Interested in learning more? Checkout our Alliance Video:
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    Happy Tuesday Ashes Roleplayers!

    Gilded House Roleplay continues to grow with the addition of new and veteran rpers. Our Discord has also expanded beyond 90 members!

    This week we have our monthly Roleplay Meeting, and the roll-out of our PVP focused branch, The Obsidian Order. Which will offer a deeper look at the progression paths for our RPPVPers.

    As we eagerly await Alpha 2, our community has been thoroughly captivated by **Baldur's Gate III**, much like gamers worldwide. Character creation, group formations, and solo adventures have ignited our voice chat, fostering engagement and camaraderie. It's become a vibrant focal point, uniting members in discussions about their distinctive journeys. Amidst the gaming, our bond remains strong, and our shared experiences continue to strengthen connections. Together, we game, connect, and revel in each other's company.

    RP Update

    Exciting news in the world of GH-RP! We have had two more members join our RP scene, boosting us up to 25 active RPers in our guild. That's almost half of our active membership! We have record 18 active threads, culminating in a crossover event to start bringing all these stories to life in a single cohesive plotline. We're excited for additional updates coming from our RP meeting this week as we grow the story, our map, and begin our official Chapter 1 with our prelude Chapter's conclusion!
    Following Our Lore Series which is based on Ashes of Creation You can find it here:
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    Hail All well met!

    As someone who first encountered PVP, PKers and PKKers (the elders know of what I speak of) in Ultima Online I am beyond excited for the kind of PVP that is being promised for Ashes of Creation!

    [oldmanvoice] "BACK IN MY DAY.... PKers were everywhere. You'd lose everything when you died.... AND WE LIKED IT!![/oldmanvoice]

    One of the things I miss about open world PVP is the risk vs reward aspects that were not boxed into a riggid system. For me, the glorious PVP days were when players helped strangers if they were getting killed. There were whole guilds dedicated to an honorable form of PVP and would hunt down those who killed indiscriminately. Those Player Killer Killers were akin to valiant knights, delivering divine judgement on those murder hobos.

    Announcing the Obsidian Order Initiative

    Embodying Honorable PvP, the Obsidian Order vows to safeguard our community, allies, and roleplay events. Blending role-play with PVP, we champion valorous battles while upholding honor and respect. Comprising nimble squads, our Order unites under a code emphasizing Engage in honorable combat, prioritize the defense of guild members, and uphold integrity through respect and fairness, avoiding all forms of exploitation and harassment. Whether on the frontline or behind the scenes, our actions resonate with purpose.

    Our RP-PVP approach will strive to combine role-playing with player versus player combat to create a more immersive and complex gaming experience. We will use in-game mechanics, stats, and skills as in-character actions. Your chosen class, gear, and level are considered an in-character representation of your powers and abilities. The Obsidian Order members are not bloodthirsty bandits and will have a code of honor when it comes to who and why we engage in PVP.

    We will be using a squad-based structure made up of small groups, embodying a diverse range of roles, planning jointly, and collaborating closely, whether in the heat of battle or during peacetime. Depending on their focus some Squads will work closely with one another, while others may be more for specific needs or situations that may arise.


    🎉 Introducing our newest video: "Unveiling the Epic Lore of Dunzenkell!" 📜 Join us as we delve into the captivating history of the Dunzenkell, a tale woven with resilience, strength, and longevity. 🏰 Immerse yourself in their rich lore, and discover the secrets that have shaped their enduring legacy. 📚 Don't miss this epic journey into the past – watch now and experience the magic of Dunzenkell's history!

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    Good day to all our fellow Ashes of Creation Roleplayers!

    It has been a minute since our last update.

    Our guild has been OBSESSED with playing Baulders Gate III, and with the release of Starfield, our tanks have been filled with an overdose of FUN!

    But don't think we've forgotten about y'all! We were very hyped to see the most recent Node Village Update, with the updated concept and style. We hosted a guild meeting going over the update, and specifically what members are looking for out of the node system.

    For our pvpers in the Obsidian Order, we want to ensure they have the support within a node to help build defensive and offensive boons that can turn the tide should a node or guild be targeted. And that means being strategic in the types of building and where they would be built within the node.

    For our crafters in Phoenix Antiquities, we are looking to make sure they have the resources and tools they need to craft gear, weapons, and potions that are going to be essential to remaining competitive not just in combat, but in managing the economy of the guild and the node. Ex: Building crafting/support buildings that are not redundant, and offer new perks.

    And for our explorers in Gilded Ventures, we are considering location. Where in the world we'd want to settle, alongside our alliance partners. Location which will determine access to resources, trade, dungeons, and roleplay!

    Aside from the above, we currently have 12 active roleplay threads within the last 7 days, and are doing cross-guild roleplay. We look forward to sharing more updates soon!
  • Good Evening, Ashes of Creation Roleplayers!

    Before we get into the recent ALPHA 2 ANNOUCEMENT we wanted to update you on what GH-RP has been up too!

    Over the past month we've hosted our regular roleplay and guild meetings, discussing updates to our Sanctus-based map and storyline. We've issued promotions, establishing IC leaders of our guild branches/businesses, and have begun discussions on a unique progression system for our vassal houses.

    We've participated in some cross-guild roleplay with House Raine, an allied guild in the Arisean Alliance, and welcomed new guests & members to our alliance server.

    Our community played BG3 numerous times, and recently we have picked up FFXIV, a potential new game for our community to make a home in while we await....


    With the announcement of Alpha 2 coming in 2024, we will be entering a new phase for GH-RP. Our community has seen strong growth over the past year, and as we move forward, we want to ensure the integrity of our group remains intact. For us this means, keeping our quality over quantity standard.

    We are working to review many parts of our guild to ensure we keep an engaged community. This will include updating our roleplay threads, website, and recruitment process.

  • SpentaSpenta Member
    🌟 Hey there, fellow adventurers and roleplayers! 🌟

    We're thrilled to announce that Gilded House is thriving and shining brighter than ever! Our vibrant community has just conducted a spirited role call, and we're absolutely buzzing with the fantastic feedback we've received.

    📜 Dive into riveting RP threads that are forging ahead, creating captivating stories with each post.

    🏗️ But that's not all! Our collective of creative minds is hard at work on some truly remarkable community projects. We firmly believe that the essence of our narrative is shaped by the voices of our members. In Gilded House, your imagination is the compass, and your creativity is the driving force.

    🏠 Are you in search of a home where you can shape your own destiny, where your ideas are welcomed with open arms? Look no further! Gilded House is the place where your story begins, and together, we'll craft tales that leave a lasting mark.

    🌌 Join us today and become a part of our ever-growing family. Discover a world of endless possibilities, where your story knows no bounds.

    👑 Your adventure awaits at Gilded House! Don't miss out on this epic journey. Join us now and be a part of something extraordinary. 🚀🌠

    [Link to Gilded House Forum] 🌐 #GildedHouseRP #RoleplayCommunity #AdventureAwaits
    Following Our Lore Series which is based on Ashes of Creation You can find it here:
  • Come to Gilded House and Check out Gilded Ventures!

    Are you in search of an adventurous and exploratory experience? Perhaps you have a passion for immersing yourself in the roles of researchers and adventurers. Look no further than Gilded House, where we offer a unique branch that seamlessly combines these elements, catering to those who relish the world as their canvas. Here, you'll have the opportunity to venture into uncharted territories, traverse the depths of caverns, unearth the secrets hidden within ancient ruins, and leave your indelible mark by boldly venturing into the unknown.

    If you find joy in role-playing and are not particularly drawn to traditional tavern-based role-play scenarios, our platform is ideally suited to your preferences. Gilded Ventures offers a captivating blend of classic Dungeons & Dragons-style role-play with a rich infusion of open role-play elements and boundless creativity. Our community is well-organized and steeped in a meticulously crafted lore that seamlessly integrates into the immersive realms of Ashes of Creation's Verra and Sanctus.

    For those seeking a distinctive and deeply engaging role-playing experience, Gilded Ventures may be just the place you've been looking for. Join us and embark on a journey of boundless exploration, discovery, and storytelling.
    Following Our Lore Series which is based on Ashes of Creation You can find it here:

    GH-RP has been very busy over the past *checks calendar* 41 DAYS!!

    Time flies when you're having fun, that is for sure. Our community has seen a lot of growth as we have been playing multiples games with members. From FFXIV, and ARK, to the Pax Dei Alpha. We are so hyped for Ashes of Creation Alpha 2!!


    We have also rolled out some live RP events set in Sanctus, one of which we just hosted a little over a week ago, which was set as a bardic festival and lasted over 2 hours. We used this event to mimic what an in game roleplay experience would be like for some of our newer role-players, and to get feedback on what types of events they would like to participate in going forward.

    In addition to the above, we have introduced our Household system which explores house progression within GH-RP. Allowing the creation of member sponsored noble and non-nobles houses, and companies! This system is a unique addition which we hope to dive deeper into in the coming months.


    We look forward to sharing another update very soon, as we will offer a look into our community experience in the Pax Dei alpha test.

    Until next time!
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    As we await our next exciting update on Ashes of Creation, here is a snippet of what our community enjoyed in the recent Pax Dei Alpha!
  • Gilded House continues to thrive remarkably! As we approach our two-year anniversary in the new year, anticipation is building, especially with Alpha 2 just around the corner. Many of our members are eager to immerse themselves in the game. If you're seeking genuine friendships, collaboration, and fellow adventurers for Alpha 2, we invite you to give us a closer look!

    Our Three-Pillar Approach ensures that roleplay flourishes within Ashes without overshadowing the Player Vs. Player elements, which also encompasses Player Vs. Environment (let's face it, there'll be a lot of PvP involved in that too!). Following our recent Artisan Stream, excitement has only escalated, fueling our enthusiasm to delve into Alpha 2 and explore these diverse systems.
    Following Our Lore Series which is based on Ashes of Creation You can find it here:
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