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[NA] Stoic | PvX | Experienced Leadership | Mature Player Base | 40+ A2 | EST

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About Us
Our guild was created in 2020. In the time span of AoC's development we have built guild chemistry in a number of MMO titles. These include: New World, WoW (Retail, Hardcore, SoD, Albion). We have very seasoned and experienced leadership who come from very competitive mmo backgrounds that span over several decades. Our main goal is to bring a true sense of guild camaraderie and community to Ashes of Creation. Our intentions are to have a sense of overall guild progression and to work towards short term and long term goals as a group. We aim to bring back the mentality of what a guild represents. People enjoying the game together with a sense of purpose.
What We're Looking For

We are looking for players who can commit time and effort to achieving guild goals. Guild activity and contribution to that process is highly regarded. Life outside the game takes priority in all things, however we do expect our members to be a part of guild related content in game. This guild will not be a good fit for you if you are a solo player, are not active on Discord (Voice or Text), or struggle with playing within a group setting.

Our Goals
Medium sized guild with 100+ active players
Patron guild within a pre determined node
Established in guild economy
Consistent PvE content (Dungeons, Raids, World Bosses)
Involvement with PvP content ( Node Sieges/Defense, Caravans, GvG)
Freehold Ownership to boost guild crafting/processing

What We Offer
Tight knit community
Crafting Royalty System to keep rare crafting patterns within the guild
Monthly node current events news report posted regarding all citizens/guilds achievements to boost node community
Casual friendly atmosphere that can cater to a try hard mindset
All potential guild members will have to fill out a short application

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