Haunted Halloween: Horror Short Story Night Event!

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Gather around the campfire closely for on this Halloween, you’ll hear your spooky legends recreated by the whole Intrepid Team! Our hand picked winners will be read allowed, as we inform all Verra citizens of the terrors inbound. While many tales are no more than gossip and hearsay, perhaps our spookiest tales will come true one day.

Are you a Tolstoy in disguise, perhaps a Poe? Express your tormented twisted soul through the power of words. We invite you to share a local legend you’ve heard about the monsters lurking in your ancestor's homeworld Verra. While the world is still shrouded in mystery, many tales exist about all manner of creatures that haunt and prey upon unsuspecting victims this time of year.


Horror Short Story Night is a chance to go wild with your creativity, we hope to see all sorts of entries from our community but here are a few guidelines for you to follow:

  1. Please refrain from sexually explicit, or racially charged short stories.

  2. All submissions must be posted here on the Horror Short Story Night Event page to be considered.

  3. All entries submitted must be your original creation. Sorry, plagiarism of any kind will not be allowed. PDF’s, and text documents will be invalid, please upload your story directly to our forums through the comment feature.

  4. Text limit should be under 1,000 words.

  5. Deadline is October 30th, 2017 at 12PM PDT, submissions after this date and time will be invalid.

  6. Each Entry must follow a specific format, please refer to this example:

GMSam said:
Username: GM Sam


It was a quiet night, the Intrepid Team was working late. Rain mixed with the L.A smog, creating a haze of elements to choke on. Knock, knock, knock. Who could it be? Surely not soft Peter, those knocks were far too loud. Knock, knock, knock again. Harder this time, impatient even. Grabbing the sword of Jeffery, Jeff Delierre called out to the intruder. “Who is it?” No reply. Perhaps they had left he thought, reassured of their safety. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. Reaching his trembling hand out to meet the door, the windows crashed, and from the thunderous silhouette of the night, the Sandal King Steven himself appeared. “DADDY’S HOME. NOW WHERE ARE MY ART ASSETS.” Shrieks of terror filled the air, to this day no one knows where the Art Team is. Family and friends, heartbroken can be seen wandering, looking, hoping for some trace of them.

*Note* While GM Sam’s entry is Intrepid related, it says nothing of the Ashes of Creation’s world Verra! Better luck next time GM Sam!

The Team at Intrepid Studios will handpick their two favorites. Alongside receiving a forum shout out, and an Alpha Zero key, your Horror Short Story will be featured on the October 31st Spook-A-Thon Stream. Good luck our Short Story Writers, make us proud!

Don't forget to post and share on Social Media with the hashtag #AshesOfCreation. We will be picking winners from Social Media as well! heartraised_hand_with_part_between_middle_and_ring_fingersskin-tone-1prayskin-tone-1


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    So, is the 1000 word limit just a strong preference? Can it be slightly over?
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    This ... might give me a reason to finally do a Part 2 of my 1st Story :3
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    Username: Sera
    Entry: Unrest in the forest

    Light from the campfire danced across the steel of her blade casting light deep into the shadows of the surrounding forest. The remnants of the fleeing caravan now huddled around, like a small child clings to its mother scared of the dark. Faces shrouded in the dim light, shadows distorted their features into grotesque masks, echoing the horror of the previous night.  

    She thought back to the bard, he had warned the elders not to build so deep in the ancient forest, but they ignored him, fixated on the wealth and power that awaited them. Greedy axes attacked the surrounding trees, lusting, after the rare wood within, feeding the settlement like a sow whose hunger knew no bounds. Few noticed the forests response, the trees, twisting into foreboding caricatures. Fine needle like branches reached, extending, grasping, towards the ever-growing settlement they surrounded. The very ground becoming darker day by day.

    A sudden howl cut deep into her id, dragged her from her thoughts, sending a shiver down her spine. The cleric stood and started to chant. The dark ranger next to her rose, twisting on one knee to face the forest, nocking an arrow all in one fluid movement. The arrow pulsed a deep red, power surging from him into the arrow. He stared pensively into the dark his eyes search methodically. The caravans guards had been the first to die the previous night, in eight horrific, terrifying, hours their screams carved fear deep into the minds of the survivors. She looked at captain Garrecks dried blood still on her hands.

    It began just after the first homes had been completed, the children were the first to disappear. The bard had warned them of the ancient evil beneath, begged them not to build so fast, so wide. The trees in defence sunk their roots deep into Verras soil searching for salvation below, piercing the veil, breathing in the corruption, passing it from root to branch to leaf. The more the men of the village buried their axes into the trees the deeper the roots dug into the evil below, shaking the slumbering leviathans of old.

    A stillness fell upon the surrounding forest, her heart paused in anticipation. The ranger released his arrow nocking a second as the deformed blackened tendrils of wood shot out. Just as she arose, grasping sword in hand, two tendrils reached out from the darkness grabbing the man next to her. Tendrils wrapping around his left leg and right arm. She brought her sword down hard on the woody bonds, but before she could strike again the tendrils grasping the mans limbs pulled in opposite direction ripping limb from body. Blood sprayed across her face, soaking the dry earth. The sour sweet smell of death entered her senses as blood rolled down her face into her mouth, leaving her with the rich bloody taste of iron. The cleric cast wave after wave of healing energy over the gathered party, but to little avail. The onslaught of branch like tendrils ripped through the men of the caravan, tearing limb from limb, rendering flesh from bone, piercing bodies and raising towards the sky in dark salutation, the ground quickly absorbing every drop of spilt blood. Dense undergrowth burst from the earth where blood had fallen, twisting itself around the human invaders. The ranger weaved a hypnotic dance around the glade, as he dodged the ever-increasing number of tendrils flying from the forest. Sensing all was lost he back flipped on to the roof of a caravan to avoid the ever-reaching grasp of the nightmare that engulfed them. The cleric was not so lucky, thick undergrowth wrapped itself around his legs, spiralling around his torso, pulling him down into the ground, thick tendrils of vegetation flew into the mans throat grasping, crushing his heart from the inside out. Desperation spread across his face as the inevitability of his fate dawned upon him.  His eyes wide, confused, a tight drawn expression across his lips.

    The horses, still attached to the wagons reared in fear and started to bolt, the ranger called out to her to join him on his wagon. She vaulted across the remains of a fallen trader, crashing onto the front seat of the wagon, blood and sweat rolled down her forehead blurring her vison. The road ahead vanished, swallowed by the encroaching forest. The horses turned to flee back along the road toward the village as the wagon began to turn, falling onto its side, the ranger leapt past her, grasping her, dragging her with him on to one of the horses. Behind them the wagon fell on to its side, still being dragged along the forest road. She realised even if they did make it back to the village their fate was sealed. The forest that they had so shameful plundered would offer them no escape as it exacted its toll upon them in revenge.

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    Username: Muriele


    Welcome to Verra

    Muriele Raina steps towards the blue archway doubt rushing through her mind. She knew little of Verra the world she was heading towards. Except it had been corrupted long before she was born. Now it was a virgin landscape with nothing more than a large rucksack and her staff.  This excited her! Anyway, it was too late to change her mind now. Lord Aaron her commanding officer, said: “you’ll be fine, soldier”. Muriele touched the floating blue crystal at the centre of the portal she felt like she had been shot forward. Everything around her went white. She wanted to gasp for air but she couldn’t breathe then the white went away then she stumbled forward and fell to her knees. She began to move away from the giant blue rings and crystal that made up the exit.

    All around her was the beauty of an untouched forest. It did not take long before the sun began to set with many shades of pink and purple as it fell below the canopy. Before Muriele lost all light she climbed to the top of a tree and with a little magic she wove branches and leafs together to form a bed. While most Py’rai did not take their love of nature so far, Muriele found her body and mana recovered better amongst the trees.    

    As she tried to go to sleep wondering what tomorrow would bring again ambiguity over her choice to come here set in. She was just near sleep when the sound of a bird calling made her come out of her daze. Usually, the sounds of birds would relax her but this sound was harsh and guttural. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. New world, new creatures she told herself. Then she heard the sound of coughing coming up from the encampment below but not just one person clearing their throat it was several elves having a coughing fit. Something wasn’t right! She grabbed her staff and as she jumped from branch to branch Muriele heard the sound of the bird again but this time it was longer, like a cackle and a lot closer.

    As she got closer to the ground there was red mist swirling across the floor. It was making it hard to breathe. Muriele jumped to the centre of the camp sending magic through her staff. When the earth and the staff connected a flash of light broke through the ground. An emblem of a bird grow from the mud like a tree sprouting and pulses of magic pushed the misted back. The magic would heal those choking on the mist but more serious wounds would need more direct magic to heal thankfully as soldiers scrambled to the ring of magic none seemed seriously hurt.

    The mist was making it hard to see past the ring of magic and the shrubbery around them was beginning to rustle. Then the cackling started all around them. “Circle formation!” Screamed Lord Aaron. The time from the order till the formation was just several seconds but it wasn’t fast enough as a pack of birdmen charged the soldiers. These creatures had no feathers there wings a twisted mess of bone and flesh. Their beaks full of teeth designed to tear flesh from bone. 

    One birdman bit down hard on one of the rangers before he could get behind the soldier's line. The sharp teeth boring down through his leather armour and into his shoulder the ranger screamed out in pain. Lord Aaron rushes forward and slams his shield into the clearly visible rib cage of the birdman sending him flying back from the ranger. Two more birdmen jump on top of Lord Aaron one landing on his shield and is thrown off but the other spears him through his gut using bones protruding from its wing. Lord Aaron puts one foot on the chest of the birdman and push kicks him off, summoning all the magic he can he places a magical barrier between the birdmen and them.  

    Meanwhile behind them one birdman is rushing towards Muriele she parries his wing with her staff and focuses magic through her hand teleporting the birdman back behind the magical wall seeing Lord Aaron and the ranger struggling to make it back to the formation she took life force from each of the elves around her and sent it out across the battlefield to Lord Aaron and the ranger. There hobble became a run as their wounds began to meld closed soon there were back in the formation.

    The ranger sent up an arrow infused with magic into the night sky to light up the battlefield and as he did a new wave of birdmen came at them. The mist was beginning to fade. Lord Aaron could now see what he was looking for a birdman hanging at the back giving hand gestures to the others. He focused as much magic as he could into his sword he sent it spinning through the air biting into the flesh of their leader. With the chains of magic connected to the sword, he pulled the leader to him with the rest of the wave but between the life force Muriele had taken and the ongoing combat some of the newer soldiers were beginning to flag. Muriele saw no other option summoning all her magic began to float in the air body streaming white light everywhere as a massive amount of magic pulsed from her body rejuvenating everyone around her.

    The fight didn’t last much longer. The ranger shot two birdmen down before they reached the formation and Lord Aaron cut down the leader. They soon retreated for the night. Lord Aaron surveilled his men and women they were alright this time. Lord Aaron breathed a sigh of relief. Muriele collapsed to the ground exhausted but happy this is what she trained for. “Welcome to Verra!”  said Lord Aaron.

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    Username: blankwords

    Entry:  Death Can Have Hobbies Too   

    Have you ever heard of ‘The Monster’? That’s what they call him, of course. The Monster is quite literally the deadliest being to have ever existed. They say he can’t be found, only whispered. They say he doesn’t have to hide, waiting for the right moment to strike, because all moments are the right one, for The Monster, of course. A few individuals in Duiz, the southern most village on the world of Verra, took it upon themselves to throw the name Death itself upon him.

    There are no happy endings in Verra, sadly. You’ll have to travel worlds for that. But let us talk about me. This will be one of my final pieces, but it won’t be about an individual. It will be about them all. All of the screams, the tears, the sobs, those fear-filled eyes…

    What a wonderful sight to behold. Mothers holding their children, telling them it’s going to be okay, fathers trying to fight me off. It’s all in vain. The pain I’ve experienced is greater than all the mountains and the oceans surrounding this continent. I didn’t cause that though. Being who I was, a weak-willed person in a strong world...It just doesn’t work out. I wanted to be a great mage for the capitol. My parents crushed my dreams, so I became a rogue, trained with an assassin named Grel for many, many years, and I went back and tortured them. Brutally, I might add.

    Brutality is one of my specialties. Especially when killing my parents. I used every method in the book. I had them tied up, each to a chair so they couldn’t escape. They thought it was a joke, but they didn’t understand. No one ever does, except Grel.

    I had my main cutting knife out in my hand now, spinning it around on my thumb. Spin….Spin….Spin…

    I could see the reflection of an abomination in their eyes. It didn’t disgust me, however, it fueled me. My limbs moved on their own, taking me to my mother.

    Reality froze.

    Pitch black.

    Guttural scream.

    Tears hit ground.

    Metallic blood.

    I smell a pungent odor, one of death. When you kill your first, you will know. The blood across my face, on my lips. The two pairs of slimy, spherical eyes resting on the floor. The filthy pink tongues laying on their laps. The ears lie on the ground on each side of the chair. Ground tainted with blood. The chair burdened with two heavy slabs of meat. And finally me, free from the weight of my first kill, and I finally understood what it meant to be a killer. I fully understand death, and the weight of my actions, which is feather-like. My lack of emotions carry no weight, and neither do my actions. I sincerely hope you don’t make this mistake, like my parents did so many centuries ago.

    This is how I killed most of my victims. It was my preferred way of killing. I enjoyed building my collection, and seeing all of the human's life splattered on the ground. I didn't just enjoy it, I lived it.

    Everyone who deserves death will receive it, but only after losing their senses. They need to learn what it means to ‘deserve’ to die. I leave the nose, so that they can smell death approaching, but the fingers…the fingers I keep. I am Death, but that does not mean I can’t have hobbies.

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    Love this!!! Story inbound!
    Memes! Memes everywhere!
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    Username: Wolfwall
    Entry:    Entomophobia

    Her hands felt heavy at the end of her arms. Her skin crawling under the dried blood that smothered her limbs. Elytra noticed the darkness dancing upon her weighed fingers. A tingling feeling upon them forced her to swipe at her hands and wrists, trying to calm the sensitisation. It passed. She scanned her room, a fiery pink light was spilling in from the one barred window, head height, to her right. She followed what light was coming in, it seemed to fall into the room, heavy with the pink mist that engulfed the city. The room she knew well, as she continued to follow the light, it was her fathers basement. As she noticed the random junk he had stored down there, her mind suddenly remembered where he was. Her eyes darted back down to her side, where her fathers lifeless body laid. The pink light landing on him, almost playing with his hair on the back of his head. Elytra reached out to touch him, to see if he might still be alive, she must've checked fifteen times but her young, ignorant thinking keep her hopes high. She stopped herself from pulling him up onto his side. splaying her hand across his cold shoulder. Though he did not move, something on her hand did. Petrified, she looked at her hand, the darkness shimmering upon her again in the shape of insects. She clawed at her hand, scared, desperate to remove the feeling and did not care if her skin left with it. The crawling stopped and she immediately poised herself back against the wall, sitting upon the freezing floor. The noise of screaming had all but subsided but instead was replaced with the moaning of the undead that overran the city and the crackling of the fire that now ravaged it.

    Time passed, hours spent shivering by the wall, unable to think or sleep. She forced herself up, hugging the wall with her back and the palms of her hands. Heading for the only stairs in the basement, which was now blocked by burnt wood, ash and the bodies of her family and friends that she had cowered with for hours. They didn't believe that the blue portal was any good, why would they? The dead attack on the only day the portal stone showed any life. Her father said both were an evil and where the portal led must be worse than here. Elytra looked for a way out but it was hopeless. The one tiny hole she saw had a blazing fire on the other side. She made her way to the barred window, her eyes fixed on her dead father, ravaged by a group of undead. He took her down here and died facing down so she didn't have to see his torn face, one last act to protect his little girl. As she neared the window, she could smell the burning city outside, it wasn't till then that she realised her hunger. She hasn't a clue how long she'd been trapped down there but the smell of her burning neighbours corpses caused her to salivate and desire meat. She peered outside, the basements window looking out to the paved streets but only at ankle height. She saw nothing but shambling feet and burning homes. It sent a shiver down her spine knowing that most of those men, women and children she might of known or even just seen in passing. What made her jump however was the crawling upon her right shoulder.

    Her eyes widened as she forced her eyes to look. Staring at her was several beetles, pungent and larger than any she'd seen. She screamed in fear and swiped her shoulder with her nails, cutting her shoulder. Elytra managed to clear herself of the bugs, though her hand now stung from what she assumed was a bite. She eyed her hand but saw only darkness and blood. That's when she heard the blood gurgling sound and the creepy, clawing, of insects upon the floor. She eyed where the noise on the floor came from. The trail led her to her fathers still lifeless body, though his body now crawled with insects. The pink light attracting more and more upon his corpse. She couldn't see how many were on his body but she knew he was almost covered. With a snap of bone, the corpse moved. Fear and pain gripped her still, frozen solid. His head began to turn towards her, still face down, it scrapped the floor hard as he made no attempt to lift his face. The air was filled with the scratching sounds of bone upon the ground, flesh trailed behind where it had moved. The darkness shrouded his face, though he was now facing towards Elytra. She cried out to him.
    "P-Pa?" she managed to whisper out. The body remained lifeless. She cried out again no louder. He reacted in kind with a snap of his arm, jolting upright. He managed to lift himself up. The joints were stiff and snapped with the strain of the lifeless force of his body. The light now resting on his face-less face. Elytra recognised nothing. Where his face was, the bone from behind her dead fathers face remained. As he shambled up to her, she couldn't think. Elytra reached for what she could find in the darkness, grabbing it and bringing it down onto her dead fathers skull. He laid lifeless again on the floor. His bones hollowed with beetles crawling within it. Fear left her. Pain left her. Only an over-whelming urge of hunger remained. She felt the beetles return up her limbs and onto her shoulder. They spoke to her. They would help her survive.  

    She reached out for her salvation, so eager to taste freedom and it tasted great. Though cold, her fathers last gift tasted as good as the beetles said he tasted.
    Memes! Memes everywhere!
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    Username: drdebica

    Entry: Never loot at Hallow night

    A party of seven people entering the metropolis. ''Just loot up and get the info that we need'' Everyone in the party just nodded at him. He went to a market and started looking at an apple.
    ''You know what they say,  an apple a day keeps a doctor away'' said a woman behind him. ''Well, by the way, I found an info that you wanted so lets all meeting up''. she asked as they went to a temple.
    ''Praise the Verra'' she shouted looking at the group. ''Steven sandals will give justice to us all'' someone shouted and everyone just looked at him. ''So tell us where is it?'' one of them asked, ''well I found a household that should be full of loot and with a person who has bounty on its head and, but we need to be careful there are people who are corrupted and have bounty all around it the forest and also it's still event' of the Hallow in Vera so monster are in bigger pack what would make that a good hunting ground'' she told them.

    Not even the ten minute after entering the forest the someone player killer attack them, slicing with a knife to one of the party members and running away from them so he could make second swift attack, 10 feet from the group he was running but not more he could move because he activates a trap cutting his legs and making him unable to move from a fear, the party member shoot arow true his head in the name of mercy and the party continue onward with more careful approach. The more they enter the darker would it become until one point darkness start whispering into there ears to seek out for light and as they did, as one player light up the torch from a fear in his head so did the party stop to move, as the saw the herd of wild wolf's in all around them, they don't know how long did they follow or why they didn't attack from a dark but they are here now and there is to many of them to take them all without losing a people so they started running and wolf just follow them not trying to outrun them and then the first of the group fail int a hole and spike cover his body, not even resurrection could help him now because the spike is in every inch of his body and so they run seven of them now, the last one in group slow down in a hope that he will give his group advantage in running from a wolfs  but he couldn't even strike with his axe as the would bite down on his throat, six of them continue to run and run as the wolf continue to swirl in dark, as they count five of them was the, one disappear without a voice without a sound giving himself to a dark. The householding and the dark in it they look upon as they manage to go inside the wolfs they stood there not moving in the property of the house. The five of them covered by the darkness and blood of hitting the branches of the trees not able to go back in town until the daylight comes, they sit there catching there breath. ''So this is the house'' one of them say, ''we have the hell out time before the dawn to loot this house up'' the other them said as they enter the house. They started to relax and have fun as finally, they were safe.

    After a few minute of looting and setting traps in the house someone was knocking on the door and shooting trick or treat, they were confused as they were going to there door with weapons ready, they open a door and saw a man. A young person wearing black closes and with a wooden staff. ''Get lost kid'' they said, he looks upon them and said ''I don't think this is your house''. ''What do you know you little brat'' they said laughing at him, the fog was swirling around the house at that moment ''you know you just entered someone else house and then you treat that person like a full'' he said that as he was entering the house and in that moment they realise that he was the person who was having a bounty on his head and one of them rush at him, and as he was starting to move towards him was rapidly aging until he becomes nothing more than bones and dust in front of him. He didn't even look at bones and say start talking with them ''Ther's only one path to peace'' as he flicks his finger and made bones in another person scramble ''your extinction'' and came close to another removing a soul from that person through his wounds on the body, another person swings his sword at him curing at him not able to hit him, the man stated whisper and from a whisper he raises one of party member and he commanded him to kill his friend and he did it with ease. The last person started running from a fear and in the process of running he fail over the tree in forest, he see wolfs around him and they jump on him not eating him just holding his body so he is not able to move he see the face of the wolfs and realise that they are undead wolfs, in that moment that same man who kills his friend show in front of him and put his hand on his belly ''how much are you ready to sacrifice for the loot?'' The Necromancer ask him

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    Username: Rabbit_Games


    Kelvin could hear his parents whispering in the other room. Normally, he paid no mind to their conversations, but the fact that they were trying very hard not to be overheard, and the desperation in their voices, only heightened his curiosity.

    "The hunt was a disaster," his father was saying. "And I hear the gatherers faired no better."

    "We can't keep the village fed as it is, and we still need to stock up for Winter," his mother whined. She was on the verge of tears.

    "I'll take the hunting party deeper into the uncharted areas tomorrow. I'm sure we'll find something."

    "We're still new to Verra," his mother pleaded. "At least give the Druids time to decide if those red berries are edible. Just one could feed a family for two days, and there's a forest of them to the West."

    "They keep whining that it's probably not worth the risk. And like you said... people are already going hungry", he whispered. "I'll keep the hunting party out however long it takes. If there's anything to kill out there, I'm bringing back some meat."

    Apparently, his father had made up his mind and the conversation was done; he started snoring almost immediately. Kelvin continued to listen as his mother sobbed herself to sleep.

    Why wouldn't the Druids do their part? Everyone had to pull their weight, that was the Law. And if kids have to help with the hard chores, surely people who could do magic would be able to gather some berries!

    Kids weren't allowed to travel too far into the forest unless it was absolutely necessary. But he was really hungry, even with his little stomach. That meant the grow-ups had to be starving. And from what he had heard, everything is harder to do on an empty stomach, so his dad probably wouldn't be a very effective hunter the next day.

    That sounded like "absolutely necessary" to him!

    He listened a bit longer to make sure his parents had found Dream Land, then he got up from his mat and began sneaking to the kitchen. He would probably need a knife, he thought. His grandfather always said a man should never be without his knife!

    He snuck out the make-shift door without making a sound, tip-toeing away from the house until his toes actually started to hurt. It was a lot harder to be quiet than he thought it would be. He paused a moment to get his bearings, and was glad he could see The Peak--the landmark for going West--thanks to the Moon being Full. 

    At least it got to eat tonight, he thought to himself.

    Once he was away from the village he began jogging, always keeping The Peak in sight. He wasn't like the other little kids, he told himself. The forest didn't scare him at all, even at night.

    Minutes sped by, and Kelvin started to think maybe his mother was wrong. He had wondered why girls couldn't go hunting, and now he thought maybe they just didn't understand directions.

    But he sure did... and he wasn't seeing any giant berries. 

    He decided he needed to conserve his strength in case they were just further out. He found a suitable rock to sit on after only a few tries, and began counting the stars.

    Then he saw one of the red berries his mother must have been talking about. It was hanging high up in the air, surrounded by some of the biggest vines he had ever seen. The berry was so large, Kelvin imagined he could cut a door into it and live there. He wouldn't even need to come out for supper! 

    He was rejuvenated. He sprang from his rock and moved over to the vines, trying to figure out the best path to climb up. It shouldn't be much harder than climbing trees, he figured. And he could smell the berry, even from the ground, promising to be even sweeter than chocolate--his favorite treat. It was time to see just how fast he could climb!

    He double-checked that his knife was tucked firmly in his belt and hauled himself up. It was difficult to keep his balance, and a firm handhold, because the vines were pulsating. He managed to climb two more vines before looking up to check his progress.

    The berry loomed just out of reach, even though he didn't feel like he had been climbing long. The nearness of it reinvigorated him, called to him. His stomach rumbled and his mouth watered. Maybe if he got up on his toes...

    Suddenly, the vine beneath his feet began to flatten out, and he had to drop to all-fours to keep from tumbling off. He saw other vines flattening out, too, like they were turning into giant leaves. It was neat to watch, but he really should keep trying for that berry. It just smelled so good!

    Then his leaf started getting slippery, and began lifting up into the air. He was starting to slide down very quickly, and all he could think of was how much it was going to hurt when he hit the ground from this high up. 


    He dropped into a sticky, sweet-smelling pool and started to laugh. That wasn't so bad after all, he thought! But then he noticed he couldn't see a way out, and the leaves were closing over his head, blocking out the moonlight. 

    His skin started to itch, then sting, like ants biting him all over his body. He started swiping wildly at his arms, but couldn't make it stop hurting. Panic set in as the leaves finished closing overhead, wrapping him in darkness and muffling his screams as the liquid began eating away his flesh.

    The Moon did not dine alone that night.
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    Username: Makinoji
    Entry: Dance by Moonlight

      I open my eyes, the light of my surroundings flood my lenses but all is a blur.  Then, clarity, the village torches keep fading and are becoming distant. 

    The ground beneath me is soft as if a storm has passed through recently. It was a bit cold out.  Grass along the side of the road is fairly high and sways in the night breeze. The moon must be high,  the light shines down as if spotlighting the beauty of the nocturnal. 

    Crickets, along with other strange creatures hold conversations in the distance. I ponder to myself, is this a dream? 
    I scan the area but what is this in front of me? Two pairs of boots? My boots, these are my feet. The ground is moving under me, I am sure of it. Trees and brush get smaller with every second. 

    Its finally hitting me, I'm being dragged. 
    My mind is processing this but my body isn't responding. Have I been drugged? Why me? Who is my captor and where am I being taken to? 
    Terror now spews over my thoughts.  
    I try screaming but only taste cloth. A gag. 

    My cries are muffled and I no longer see the lights of the village. Only pale moonlight. I'm being taken from the roadside now, we enter a field with tall grass. This is it, I know it. 
    My captor tosses my body. I am now staring up at the moon,  it's mesmerizing. The shadowy figure stands above me, the starlight outlining them. Towering they are. A few minutes must have passed, I'm trembling, swimming in perspiration and I soiled my trousers. 

    What are they doing? I think to myself. 
    The moonlight latches onto a blade now being held in their hand. Light dances up and down the metal as if mocking me. 
    They lunge forward, in murderous intent. My eyes widen and I see my last happy memory. 

    The town folks are all gathered to celebrate the expedition back to the homeworld.  The elders call it Verra. I'm among one of the lucky few to volunteer. 
    My parents wave me off. It's for them I am doing this. To make a better name for us. I miss them. I hope they know I love them. 

    I feel a burning sensation, taste copper, and my eyes are watering. My mouth is filling up with a liquid, blood. I close my eyes and accept my fate. This is where I end.  
    I'm getting weak, I can't open my eyes anymore and I know I'm drowning in my own blood. I hear a loud crash, flames and then a scream. Then Silence. 

    "Wake up"  an unfamiliar voice calls to me. 
    My eyelids no longer heavy, open and I'm by a campfire. My eyes adjust and a gigantic scaly eye is gazing at me. I jump up and yell. I grab for my chest, there are bandages and a tourniquet. How is this possible? 

    Then I remember the eye, I look up to see a dragon. Its massive in size, crimson and surrounded by a magical aura. 

    "What happened to me?" I mutter. 

    It looks down at me but does not speak. I sit in confusion a bit and ask again. "How did I get here?"Still nothing. Before I can ask again, a voice outside of my view responds. 

    "Did you really think a dragon would talk? This isn't a Tolkien story silly " the woman giggles. 

    Still dazed, I just chuckle nervously until I speak again. "What happened to me?"
    The woman moves from behind the dragon, walks up to me and crosses her arms. 

    "Thieves or as we call them PKers"  
    I ask in confusion "pkers?"

    "People killers," She says in a very cavalier tone. "You were set upon by a tulnar, the forgotten, depending on your beliefs" she explains. 

    I can't fathom any of this, I don't even know what a tulnar is or how a dragon exists. All the stories about them, I thought were make believe. Yet, here is proof and I'm dumbfounded. 

    "You were stabbed pretty good, had Prince here not spotted you, you would be a goner," she said. 

    "Thank you. You are?" I asked

    "Your hero," she said jokingly 

    Before I could get another word in, she hopped onto the dragon. Extended a hand out to me. 

    "Well, let's get out of here. I'm driving"  she chuckled. 

    What was I doing?  Should I really go along with this stranger? Have I just made my first friend in this new world? 

    I grab her hand and pull myself onto the dragon. The beast lifts off the ground, quite smoothly and we soar into the night sky. The moonlight dancing across the scales. This has to be a dream or I'm dead, I just know it. 

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                                                      USERNAME: Granthor


                                                     When Death comes a calling

    It was a cold rainy night in the land of Verra, as a bad storm was moving into the area, while a lone wounded adventurer was looking for a dry place to stay. Walking along a road by the woods, he is holding his right side, where he took a deep cut to his ribs. He holds a piece of cloth over the wound, trying to stop the bleeding from getting any worst, but it's too deep as blood still pours from the blood soaked cloth. The pain of it makes it very hard to walk, but he fights to keep moving all the same.

    He lost track of his friends awhile ago, as they were attacked on the road not long ago by Trolls, and they became separated in the night. All he can do now is keep moving on, and hope the others got away ok. The rain muffles any sounds along a muddy road, as this adventurer struggles to walk in the deep mud, with this now heavy down pour of water.

    The lighting flashes and the thunder claps, with each step taken, and he can feel his strength fading fast. He presses on his wound harder, as more blood pours from the deep cut in his side. His eyes grow heavy, and he finds himself on his knees now, then face down in the muck of the ground.

    He fights to roll over in the mud and water, gasping for air now, and he rolls on his side to try to get a better footing to stand. He looks up to see a shadowy figure in the tree line, it's form is more defined by the lighting flashes. Who is this watching him, or is he just seeing things in the night. But it's a question answered very quickly, as this form now moves his way slowly. Is it friend of foe, as he draws upon what strength he has left, and he takes out a blade to defend himself.

    The shadow figure walks closer to him, dark mist pouring from behind it, then disappears with a flash of lighting. Another flash it stands before him ever closer, with the sound of rolling thunder in the air, he hears it cry out in a shrilling voice. The adventurer fights to crawl back away from this thing, heart pounding hard in his chest, as fear grips his body while sliding in the mud. With another flash of lighting, it looks to be a long thinly dressed person in a dark robe, with a hood covering its face. The opening of the hood is a black void, where a face should be, and a cold chill blows with mist from its opening.

    The adventure watches as a slimy bone hand extends from under the robe, and it moves to grab hold of him dripping with ooze. He fights the pain backing away from it in a panic, swinging wildly with his blade, but his hand only passes through this ghostly form. Then the boney hand takes hold of his chest armor, and in his horror a skull takes shape from the void in the hood, its eye sockets glowing red, and it looks deeply at the adventure.

    Gasping in deep fear, an ear piercing scream comes from its mouth, and the adventurer can't move now. He feels his very soul being pulled out of his body, as his eyes slowly begin to close, his breath shortens, and his body grows cold. Darkness covers him, as his eyes finally close, and in that last moment a bright light flashes.

    He slowly reopens his eyes to see his friends now standing over him, as he rests on a dry ground, and one of them tends his wounds. They tell him that was a close one, they almost lost him this night. He was badly hurt during the Troll attack, and they tried to get to him. When they did, he was on the edge of death, good thing one of them has skills in the healing arts.

    The adventure asks what happened to the dark figure in black robes? They can only look at him saying he has been here all this time, and there wasn't anyone here in dark robes.

    He looks up at the night sky, not a cloud to be seen, and the ground is bone dry. What happened to him? Who was that figure in black, or was it just in his mind? They help him to his feet, not another word spoken of the events of the night. But he can't help but wonder if it was real. One of his friends taps him on the shoulder, pushes a flask of ale into his hands, and gives him a smile. Then they all head to the closest town to rest and regroup.

    In the distance is a dark figure is watching them from the edge of the woods. Then it slowly turns to drift away, looking for new prey to feed on, it disappears as black mist into the dark woods this night.

    The End?

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    Username: Daedelus
    Entry: A Story at The Raven's Head Inn

        The young Kaelar woman walked into the “Raven’s Head Inn” hardly making a sound – not that the intoxicated patrons would have noticed with their boisterous laughter and carrying on.  The smell of roasting meat and harvest cider perfumed the air with a thick and rich aroma.  It was quite the display of revelry.  Being end of Harvest Time after all, the people of this small town in Verra had a reason to celebrate this night.  Townsfolk from all over Barrow’s Den came together to enjoy the festivities.

        She was stunningly beautiful with piercing green eyes, rosy-alabaster skin and fiery-red curly locks that fell around her shoulders in sharp contrast to the dark brown cloak she wore.  Moving with purpose and grace, she found an empty table somewhat close to the musician’s stage where a particularly animated individual was regaling his drinking mates and a few other tavern-goers with a tale of his latest adventure. 

        “It had to have been the size of…” he blustered. “…of…uhh…”  The man caught site of the young woman that approached.

        “Two dwarves stacked ontop of one another?”  his mate interrupted, then burst into roaring laughter along with those surrounding him.

        “Alright alright, you’ve had your fun, ye witless ogre,” the man said, coming back to his senses.  “Why don’t you make yerself useful and get me another drink?”   

        His friend and heckler chuckled, standing up.  “I suppose with enough ale ye might finally pass out and give me some peace!”

        The young woman paid no attention to the banter at first, scanning the room, studying the faces of the patrons.   After a moment, she fixed her gaze upon the storyteller.  “Have ye told many tales tonight, milord?”

        The man stopped mid drink, almost surprised this magnificent creature was speaking to him.  “Aye, lass, shall I tell another?”

        “NO!” his mate hollered from across the tavern and laughter erupted once again.

       “Fine!” he bellowed back.  “Maybe this vision of a woman has a tale for us then!”   He turned back to her.  “What say ye?  It is the last night of the Harvest and tradition demands we celebrate this hallowed night with plenty of drink and stories to tell! ”

        “Indeed, milord,” she said, getting up and removing her cloak, folding it very purposefully before making her way to the stage.   When she was settled, she began singing with such a mesmerizing melody that a hush came over the entire tavern.

      Rauko peers from the mountain below,

    Keeps his watchful eye on the Verran souls.

    And if ye see the sky with fire and smoke,

    Ye shall know what it means to woe.

        “What kind of angel are ye?” the storyteller said, almost dumbfounded at the vocals he’d just heard.  The rest of the tavern was stunned to silence – the haunting sound of her voice reminding them of a dark Verran legend they had heard of before.

        “I’m no angel, milord,” she replied softly, half-smiling at the man.  “I’m just here to share my tale tonight.”

        She looked up from the storyteller and scanned her captive audience once more.  “Many of ye know the story of Rauko, the demon of the mountain.  I’m sure you have all heard the tale as a child – Rauko was the one that came in the night to punish the wicked.  Ye may think it’s a fable, a fairytale … something your mum and papa told to keep ye from misbehaving … but I am here to tell ye that it is far from untrue.  Rauko is as real as I stand before ye tonight.”

        The woman paused.  “Ye might be asking yourself how I know of such things.  I know because I have seen Rauko’s face staring back at me as I knelt down to quench my thirst in the river this very night!”  The tavern-goers gasped.

        “His teeth were long, glistening white, so white that I could see them clearly as if it were midday … and they grew as if they anticipated feasting on innocent flesh….And eyes, unnatural in appearance… blazing green with a sliver of black in the center.”

        “How is it no one else has seen this beast, but you have?”  the storyteller asked, almost in disbelief. 

        “Don’t ye remember the stories?” the woman said, gazing into the storyteller’s eyes.  “When Rauko finds his victims, nothing stops him from his prey.  No locks or barricades can hold him back.  He devours his quarry and leaves not a trace behind.”

        “Ha!” the storyteller exclaims, slapping the edge of the table and then turning to rest of the audience as if to boast.  “If all that be true, lass, how have ye escaped his clutches and lived to tell the tale?”

        The woman was quiet for a moment as if collecting her thoughts.  Then her voice, haunting and melodious, began to sing again …

    Rauko peers from the mountain below,

    Keeps his watchful eye on the many souls.

    And if ye see the sky with fire and smoke,

    Ye shall know what it means to woe.

        The storyteller began to see the faces of his fellow patrons, who at first had the same looks of amused disbelief as he, but now transformed into expressions of silent terror.

        The storyteller slowly turned and out of the corner of his eye he saw long glistening white teeth, so white he could see them as clearly as if it were midday and eyes blazing green with a sliver of black in the center.

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    Username: Sunfrog
    Entry: The Night That Changed Everything

    Carley picked up her expensive leather duffle bag and threw it on the bed. She had stolen it the night before from a snooty sales lady who looked down her nose at her when she asked the price. Not because she couldn't afford it, she could. She could have purchased anything in the store including the store if she wanted it. Her parents were very well off. She stole it just to get back at the snooty saleslady. 

    Snacks, check.
    Socks, check.
    Giant Rambo combat knife, check.

    "Carley! Carley! What are you doing? We're going to be late!" Called her friend.
    Carley zipped up the duffle without checking the rest of the contents ran to the window. Her best friend Rosanne was standing out on the lawn dressed like a skanky witch. Halloween or..? She couldn't tell. Rosanne always dressed like a slutty witch. Oh, the hat. Pointy hat. It's a costume she thought and smiled. "Be right there!" She called, and grabbed the duffle bag and took one last look in the mirror before running down the hall and out the front door, her blonde hair bouncing behind her.

    "Mom, I'm going out for Halloween now and I won't be back!" She called. There was no answer from her mom. She probably didn't care anyway. 

    "Hey," said Carley.
    "Hey," said Rosanne. "Is that your costume? You look like a homeless Jedi."

    "Ha! I'm not going to Halloween." Said Carley, as she turned and ran up the street. "I'm going to Verra!"
    Carley had an inside connection, a code, and a plan.

    When she arrived at the off-world portal she was excited and out of breath. An athletic looking elf boy greeted her there. Elven Smoothface was tall for an elf and last year had been captain of the football team as well as Prom King. Carley had been his Prom Queen, but only long enough to finish the first dance. Once the spotlight was off them she ditched him as fast as she could. Elven was kind of a douche. Now he was working as a security guard at the portal. 

    "Hey sexy," He said and walked up to her and place his hands on her hips.
    "I've got the code!" Said Carley excitedly. "Where's the access thing?"
    "Is that your Halloween costume?" Asked Elven. "What are you supposed to be? A hobo hockey player? Why are you wearing so many clothes?"

    Carley went over to the security kiosk and typed in the access code.
    ACCESS DENIED read the kiosk.
    "Why isn't it working? It's not taking my alpha code!" Cried Carley in a panic.

    "Not your access code. My access code." Said Elven. "You need authorization first." He walked up behind Carley and put his arms around her. "Why are you wearing so many clothes?" He asked again. Carley pulled his hands off and placed them on the kiosk. 
    "Type your code in first." She said and Elven typed it in without thinking then went back to trying to grope her. When Carley typed in her alpha code the portal lit up and began to spin. A doorway opened in the middle.

    "Oh crap!" Said Elven as he suddenly realized the portal was open. Carley turned and pushed him hard. The shove was so unexpected that he fell back into a seated position on the floor. "What are you doing!?" He asked surprised. His mind had been on other things, but before he could get to his feet Carley had jumped into the portal and it snapped shut behind her. "Oh crap!" He said.

    Carley landed on both feet with a small fup sound. It was dark on the other side of the portal and once the light from her side of the portal had died down she could barely see anything. "I did it," she said and started to look around. 

    The architecture was beautiful in an old-timey way. Graceful arches and elegant lines. Such beautiful stonework. She would love it here. She couldn't wait to get her own freehold. It was her dream to run away from her parents and live on a freehold in a beautiful meadow where she would raise sheep and rabbits. She would plant a big tree and pink flowers on her freehold and live happily ever after with no one to yell at her or tell her what to do. 

    The sudden sound of footsteps snapped her out of her reverie. Oh no! They probably had a security guard on this side of the portal too. She hadn't thought of that. Snapping up her duffel bag she ran into the night. She ran long and hard in case anyone followed her. In the dim moonlight, it was a wonder she didn't run into anything. She stopped in a small clearing when she thought she was safe and climbed a tree to make her bed. 

    In the tree, Carley found a large branch and laid face down on it jaguar style. Her duffle bag served as a pillow. Luckily, the five layers of clothing she wore made it comfy but she still worried about falling off. She could not see the ground in the darkness. 

    After a little while, she was still awake. Too excited to sleep. Beneath her, something glowed. She opened her eyes fully to see. It was a herd of deer with glowing antlers. She let out a soft "Ohh, how pretty." A few of the deer looked up but were not startled. They continued to eat. Carley fell asleep watching them and dreaming of all the animals she would keep on her freehold. A smile on her face.

    It was a snort that woke her. Something had touched her ear and snorted. She could feel something breathing on her. Something close. Something wild. The tree branch shuddered and rattled when it moved. It was big. Bigger than her. When she turned to look two glowing eyes looked back and she thought she saw teeth. Carley screamed and turned, striking the creature with her arm as she spun. In her fright, she forgot she was in a tree and fell to the ground. A searing pain shot through her as she fell on something sharp. She heard her arm snap when it hit some rocks. She tried to get up to run but couldn't. Too much pain. The creature dropped to the ground next to her. She tried to fight it the best she could but it was too strong and she was no match for it as it pulled her underground kicking and screaming.

    In the cave, more eyes gathered around her. Hundreds of eyes, and in the dim glow of the cave she saw what kind of creatures they were. Each one was different in it's own horrible way. One looked like a cross between a bat and wolf. Another looked like a gorilla with scales. Some were reptilian. All of them were chanting excitedly.

    "Blood! Blood! Blood!" Carley didn't know which was worse. Their horrible faces or their animalistic voices. Some were growls, some were hisses. She screamed and screamed and that made it even worse because the cave echoed her screams back to her and she knew no help would come. Strong arms grabbed her and held her while talons and claws tore through her clothing like butter.

    It was a month and a half since Carley had disappeared. Her mother and father had mounted a frantic search for her. They took out ads on tv, and the radio, even on social media. The father had even offered a million dollar reward. But Carley was nowhere to be found. Until one day when her friend Rosanne had been moved to tears after watching Carley's mom on tv pleading with the public for information. Rosanne called the police and left an anonymous tip suggesting they talk to Elven Smoothface who was working security at the portal the night Carley disappeared. It was such a specific tip that the police looked into it right away. Elven told them what happened and said he had not come forward because he was afraid of what might happen to him and he didn't want to lose his job. 

    Being considerably wealthy, Carley's parents purchased two tickets to the December 15th opening of the off-world portal on the black market and set off in search of their daughter. They found her right away. She was waiting for them when they came through the portal, but the Carley they found was not what they expected.

    After her fall from the tree, the Tulnar had taken her to their cave where their medicine man could heal her. Their chant of "blood" had been all they could manage with their limited vocabulary. It was enough to let the medicine man know she was injured. They had removed her clothing and repaired her body and gave her a blood transfusion to replenish the blood she had lost, but the fluid and adaptable DNA of the Tulnar blood had combined with her own DNA and changed her. Her blonde hair was now coarse and fur-like. Her eyes were wild and feral. Carley looked like a cross between a cheetah and a human girl. She had Cheetah-like black face stripes from her green eyes to her chin and her teeth were now sabered tooth like fangs.  

    When Carley saw her parents she screamed to them, "Help me!" but with her new throat and the strange shape of her vocal chords she sounded like a girl trapped in a cat's body shrieking in terror. Because of their anatomy, very few Tulnar could speak and she was not one of them. 
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    Username:    Gothix
    Entry:    sirens howl

    Day was at it's end as they approached their destination, a small cottage at the edge of Crows forest, resting on cliffs overlooking Sirens bay. Sun just started to drown in a horizon while shimmering waves turned the bay into shades of blue saphire.

    Small family, Nancy a nurse in the city hospital, her husband Joe, an architect, and two kids Mia and Peter, 6 and 8. They couldn't have chosen a more beautiful location for their week long vacation. A deserved rest from the city noise and stress.

    As Nancy opened a cottage door, a fresh scent of hummingbird mints breezed in unsettling the dust that accumulated on table near the entrance. Time to prepare a quick meal and relax after a lengthy drive from the city.

    You can go short outside, she said to the kids, but come back in half hour, dinner will be ready. Damn those mosquitoes, one already got her, she scratched her neck as she laid grocery bag on the table. Joe sat down on an old couch to rest, with just a beer, and a sound of breeze coming in through an open door.

    Half hour has passed and dinner was ready. Time to call the kids Nancy thought to herself as she scratched her neck more. To bad she didn't remember to bring anything to help with an itch. Peter, Mia! Time to eat! Nancy yelled but there was no sight of the kids.

    As she walked forward continuing to call children names, a sharp screeching noise came from the forest. Her skin instantly shimmered, and her mind begun to worry where kids have gone. Her step now quickened, approaching the cliffs, calling, looking everywhere, her face was already pale, her heart beat strong. Joe! Joe! she ran back to the cottage, help, we need to find the kids! I feel something horrible has happened. But Joe just rested having finished the beer, leaned in the couch eyes closed.

    Wake up! We need to find the kids, Nancy yelled and grabbed Joe by the shoulders to shake him. As she shook him, his head just fell to side... Nancys legs froze, her breathe stopped as she sunk in silent agony. Joe was dead.

    Terrified, she somehow ran out, overwhelmed with fear and panic. She needed to pull whatever strength she had left and try to find the kids. Something was very wrong with this place. She felt that now as there was no more daylight, everything looked pale and cold, and silent. Horribly silent, no bug noise, no crickets, no waves in the bay... just terrifying silence.

    She ran to the forest edge, not concerned about her own safety, calling for Peter and Mia. The forest was deep and grass was tall. Nancy pushed her way through but kids were nowhere to be found.

    Nancy looked around herself and realized she couldn't find a way back anymore. Deep dark forest everywhere around. Deep, dark and silent. *crack* someone or something was nearby. Who's there? Nancy yelled, as she gripped to the knife she took with her. No one responded but sound of something moving become louder, it was coming towards her.

    Nancy stepped back, looking towards the sound in fear. As she moved she hit the tree with her back. That tree was the only thing keeping her standing now as she didn't feel her legs anymore. *crack* couple of shadows appeared in front, and as they came close to Nancy now there was only short moment to observe them. Hairy body, bloody eyes, sharp teeth... Nancy's vision became blurry, her hand was hurt from gripping that knife and with last strength she had she started swinging, attacking creatures that were in front of her.

    Screams, sharp screams in otherwise silent forest... creatures fell to the ground, as Nancy held to that tree with her other hand to not go down as well. She brought hand that held the knife to her face and wiped the tears from her eyes with the sleeve.

    She looked down, her heart was pounding so hard that she didn't hear anything anymore, just the hollow noise in her head. In front of her lied bloody, motionless bodies of her children..

    Even today, many years after, stories about that place are told only with whispers. Stories about three skeletons found in the area, skeletons covered in spider web and dust. One at cottage, and two in the woods, holding their hands together.

    Nights still are silent there, silent and cold, with just an occasional screeching noise. Noise that appears almost like a cry of a lost woman. Woman bound to roam the shadows forever, lost in pain and agony.

    At least, that's how the story goes...
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