Haunted Halloween: Winners announcement!

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Haunted Halloween: Pumpkin Carving Event!

1st Place Winner


2nd Place Winner


Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention


Haunted Halloween: Halloween Fan Art Event!

1st Place Winner


2nd Place Winner


Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention


Haunted Halloween: Intrepid's Costume Ball Event!

Grand Prize Winner


1st Place for Clever category


2nd Place for Clever category


3rd Place for Clever category


1st Place for Pets category


2nd Place for Pets category


3rd Place for Pets category


Honorable Mention


1st Place for Spooky category


2nd Place for Spooky category


3rd Place for Spooky category


Haunted Halloween: Horror Short Story Night Event!

An enormous congratulations to our winners!

And as a special thanks to those who participated in our All Hallows Eve Event, all participants will receive a key to our December 15th Alpha Zero! Well done everyone, we hope you had fun this Halloween with us!



  • Ruby437Ruby437 Member alpha-stress-tester
    Congratz to all the winners!
  • EmoEmo Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Yay!!  Thank you so much!  I am looking so forward to Beta, Wooooo!
  • SarumoninSarumonin Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Congrats guys :) 

  • ElderElder Member alpha-stress-tester
    I'm having a hard time believing it. Everyone got a key? When and how do we claim it? 

    "Which is the greater folly, summoning the Demon or expecting gratitude from it?"

  • lexmaxlexmax Moderator mod
    Congrats \o/

  • PoisonzPoisonz Member alpha-stress-tester
    aww yiss

  • QirinSorealQirinSoreal Member ✭✭✭
    Congratulations!!! Amazing job!
  • TheYamTheYam Member alpha-0-rank
    Awesome! Cant express how psyched I am. Congrats to everyone involved. 
  • TeyTey Member alpha-stress-tester
    wonderful, that was really fun.
    "Fun limmericks and gags this fool sings for the King, but it's with dagger in hand the jester kisses the ring."

  • dabudodabudo Member alpha-0-rank
    Congrats to you winners! Awesome entries!
    I had a lot fun writing my short story and a lot of fun reading the other stories. And surprised and grateful beyond words that Intrepid is giving all participants a key. Thank you.
  • MurieleMuriele Member alpha-0-rank
    Gratz to all the winners! And thanks intrepid for the alpha 0 key! 
  • KarthosKarthos Member alpha-stress-tester
    Elder said:
    I'm having a hard time believing it. Everyone got a key? When and how do we claim it? 
    They send you an email. 
  • ArtheeriaArtheeria Member alpha-0-rank
    This was an awesome event and a lovely surprise from Intrepid to all who participated. So many awesome submissions!

  • T-ElfT-Elf Member alpha-stress-tester
    I enjoyed the event and want to send out my hearty congrats to the winners and a big THANK YOU for the Alpha 0 keys for participants!  

  • EragaleEragale Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Creativity expressed in these Events. Well done (^・^)
  • EragaleEragale Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Btw ... The ❝ Hallows Eve ❞ is the Stream ? Or any of the 4 Events ? 
  • TiberiousTiberious Member alpha-0-rank
    I can't express how amazing this is! You guy's rock thank you for making such an amazing event and for the generosity. I enjoyed going and reading other stories, looking at costumes and creativity of all the contestants. 
  • AweAwe Member alpha-0-rank
    That was awesome stream, starting with IS costumes video (special thanx to the "bear rider", who blew up(in a good way) Russian comminity) and ending with a surprise for all the event participants!
  • RespResp Member alpha-0-rank
    Thanks for the great event! Congratulations to all winners!
  • WolfwallWolfwall Member alpha-0-rank
    Congratz to all the deserved winners!
    Memes! Memes everywhere!
  • HeilerHeiler Member alpha-0-rank
    Congrat to all winner :) 
    And reaaaaaaalllllyyyyyy thx for the alpha key, im so happy and i dont expect that i become one 
  • TheKeressTheKeress Member ✭✭
    GRATZ TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS AND ESPECIALLY THE WINNERS! Hope you all have a wonderful time in alpha!
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