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Official Livestream - May 4th @ 3 PM PST - Q&A thread



  • Gigabear said:
    GMSteven said:
    Hey guys. I just found out we didn’t get to these questions. I will set aside some time to answer a few of these tomorrow ❤️🖖🏻
    Thanks. As for my question, you misunderstood I think. I was just interested in a server with the NAME of Stuffertons as a gathering place for the sillier-minded players among us.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm totally down for the other idea too!
    Ah I see, Servers will be named after the champions of the great battles that led up to the fall of Verra. 
  • Azurl said:
    The character movement in the current Alpha 0 builds, how much of that will be changed towards upcoming Alpha/Beta builds? right now it seems like the characters slide around on the ground and not moving according to the speed their legs are moving.
    Many animations at the moment are first pass, and will be further fleshed out as development continues.
  • Any internal discussions regarding planned fishing mechanics?
    Many discussions yes. <3
  • Crymoar said:
    So, instead of traditional factions we will have an allegiance to a particular Node.  Specifically, other than getting to be a metropolis, why will I want to fight with and kill citizens of other nodes?

    Alternatively, other than a temporary alliance to topple / crush another Node, why will I want to ally with citizens of other nodes?
    Many incentives exist that can benefit your node and yourself personally by participating in the attack or defense of cities.  These range from titles, to items, to materials, to money.  Additionally, aiding others may help you strengthen bonds when your assets are threatened.
  • wired172 said:
    How many dormant nodes will there be at launch?
    1. (many) If my guild wants a fishing village, will we be able to start fishing anywhere and likely have an encampment form near us, which would disable other nearby dormant nodes.
    2. (fewer)  Will we need some idea of which area has a dormant node near water.

    If the answer is 1, it would add another level of strategy. Guilds could grind a certain area in order to create a town that has control over a mountain pass, waterway, valuable materials, etc.
    Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to playing.
  • dracdoc said:
    When do you plan on closing the ability to upgrade your kick starter package? 
    At some time in the future.  I will give notice before closing it.
  • Got a question for the tanks, Intrepid team. Will threat generation, but more importantly holding that threat, rely solely on your gear? Or will there be ways via stats, enchantments, etc. that we can utilize to help keep aggro off our group?

    I realize this is very early to ask such a question, but Alpha 1's closing in and these questions will get increasingly important so may as well try now.

    Thanks guys and keep it up!
    The game hosts a wide array of progression paths, and some of those paths will grant additional paths to augmenting your threat generation.  This can be in the form of enchantments and stats as you have mentioned, and even in the form of augments granted from societies and religions.  Gear and skills choice are also a big component.
  • Shunex said:
    In one of the interview's during pax east Jeff mentions that we entered the portal to verra from another world called sanctus, is this the confirmed name of the world we fled to after the incident on verra?
    Sanctus is indeed the world that the people of Verra found their sanctuary.
  • Ashone said:
    Can we see some more female costuming? I can only hope that the female toons will NOT be all scantily clad. If they are can we also get some scantily clad male costuming?????
    Yes <3  You will find this month both male and female costumes, we will endeavor to continue that going forward :)
  • IMP said:
    Hi I was wondering about the chat system will i be able to talk to my friends across the map or will it be localized?
    Both, there will be chat systems that are local/regional as well as affiliations nodes/societies/guild/alliance/family, so you will be able to chat with anyone :)
  • Deimos21 said:
    Could you tell us more about item enchanting? Which items will we be able to enchant? Will highly enchanted items have visual effects, like glow for example?
    Enchantments will have visual fx associated with them in order to give threat assessment to other players, and to give recognition for difficult achievements :)
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