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Hi there

Hi there amazing people, I'm looking forward to the game (as anyone else here) and it's pretty much the last spark of hope i have left for a new refreshing good, no p2w mmorpg, and I need it pretty bad. I hope I'll have the occasion to help as much as I can!


  • Welcome to the forums Jackrubino! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Pretty slow on info around here but there is a ton of info on the wiki to scour over.

    First and foremost, welcome to the Ashes of Creation forum! We are happy to have you. Below I have compiled a few links that should help you on your journey. If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

    Getting Started:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Welcome! Grab a chair and get comfy. There is a bit of a wait before we can start playing. ;)
  • Welcome to the community @Jackrubino! May your hope never lose its spark.
  • Welcome to the community! =D
  • Welcome to ashes ^^
  • Welcome to Ashes!!!
  • Nice to meet you!
  • Welcome to the community 3
  • @jackrubino After following the progress of game development from early on, I am confident that the dev team will deliver on NO p2w. They have also built specific software into the game right from the beginning to track and ban-hammer gold farmers, unlike many other mmo's that treat it all like they do not care so long as they get their cash grab.  Steven Sharif is more interested in making a world where when you succeed, you really earned it, and can be proud of it.  Counting down to Alpha 1 (today is the last day to purchase into an Intrepid package to get into the Alpha 1 testing phase.  It will be for testing combat, sieges and raids (phase 1) and crafting etc (phase 2).  Well worth the $$ to support development and have a voice in testing/development of this awesome upcoming MMO!  Get in early - Make a difference!  Welcome! 
  • Ohhai
  • Welcome
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