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Actively blocking(shield/weapon) and Parry (roll dodge/evasion) mechanics??

I hope were able to mitigate damage while either blocking actively with shields and/or roll dodging like the Elder scrolls online. If not, then blocking and parrying will only be a statistic and will not require for you to press a key on your keyboard. I feel like that will break immersion, imagine standing there with your shield and everything is calculated for you.


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    Its 3-part-Question ... so it'll end at ... 8:20 

    They have mentioned other types of tanking being emphasized .... well ... as your title for this Thread suggests  ... likely " all of the above " . But Combat is still being tested. Such as their 1st iteration of Action-Combat that's expected to be showcased very soon ( within this Month of August )

    The next question ... kinda does go more in-depth of talking about Secondary-Tanks ... so feel free to go past the 8:20 mark if you wish
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    Then good news. Both of those mechanics are confirmed. I would provide you with the relevant quotes, but I am more of the philosophy of letting people find their own information confirmation these days. I recommend as a good place to start.
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    at 7:12 ... the link that Steven was referencing was this ( below )  ( ends at 41:30 )

    same video, different timestamp
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    @UnknownSystemError ohh uhh ... sorry ? xD
  • @Valerian Important thing to note is that Combat is still being tested so anything change and/or be added-on to it

  • @Eragale The comment was directed to the op, not you. I had no idea that you had posted since while I am typing out my response you had most likely hit post. I am glad someone is providing timestamped links to stuff. 
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    @UnknownSystemError it took awhile getting the TimeStamps for all of the LiveStreams  :'(:'(:'(:'(

    But it was worth it, because it's easier to retrieve the answer & have more productive discussions about it.  o:) Even though its still needs further testing.  
  • Evasion stat would be bad for an mmorpg in 2018.

    Evasion stats belong in mobas. Not action combat mmorpg.
    I hope we never see them in AoC. 
    Active blocking cool.
    Active dodging cool.
    Passive? Nope.
  • Active dodging is like evading lol 
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    Valerian said:
    Active dodging is like evading lol 
    If I swing a sword at you while you stand still afk and you dont lose HP because of passive evasion that is bad for modern mmorpgs.

    The only scenario Id be ok with this it would be if a roque or illusionist class used a high cooldown ability that would give them an additional effect such as chance to evade % of incoming direct hits for 2-3 or 5-10 seconds, depending on how fast the combat system is. Examples:

    Roque. Bkink behind an enemy target dealing X damage and avoid 70% of direct hits (dot still apply dmg. AoE still apply dmg) for 2-3s
    Illusionist. Channeling effect. Transform in a shadow/apparation. Evade all dmg for 6s. Recover xHP xMP at the end of the effect.

    Active dodging is a roll dodge. A backwards leap. Jump above the target dealing damage.
    Step back and counter strike(stun). These are examples from Tera Online active dodging attacks.

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