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Suggestion in who we allow use our facilities.

Hello, i am not fully fully aware of the freeholds, or even homes in the nodes of the game. but can i throw this suggestion in. i will not be using names of other games just incase we are not allowed to do so but in a game i am playing on, when i build a property wether it be a home, farm, or home with operable equipment i get the option to either allow a group of people to use it, or nobody, wether it will be just me, family use, guild use, or public use. now my question and reference with this is, we the owners of the home or freehold decide who can use our facility or will it be set to always private, or always public. I have been seeing guilds who are up to no good and the game has yet to start, so i would love to know if such system will even exist to not allow the bad people, or enemies use facilities that will ultimately be used against us if they have special workstations or blueprints i believe. im not 100% sure.


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    I'm pretty sure it was mentioned that you will have permissions on your homes that you can set.
  • thank you very much, i love homes and owning property to help others, but it would be great if we can disallow a certain group of people. just like AA say the game has a infamy point thing of killing friendlies they will eventually become outlaws. and outlaws are a group of people who cant use my properties. just a thought
  • As @T-Elf said they have indeed said that there will be varying levels of "permissions" that you can set for your housing. Pretty standard mmo fare these days. If you are running an inn,you most likely will set your stuff to public. Meaning anyone can enter the property. Other games have a way to set entry fees, so people have to pay a "cover" charge to use your property. Great for those people that have the best smelters or other crafting required stations to recoup some money for the time they have put in getting the best stuff set up. And of course you will be able to set it to private and exclude the unwashed masses.
  • that would be badass. a entrance fee. especially if taxes are high or whatever. 
  • An entry fee is new to me, but sounds pretty good.
  • Cant remember which one it was. They had non-instanced housing, was high fantasy, western made if memory serves. You got a prompt when you tried to enter their lot with a message of what the fee was and yes/no to pay it, then you gained access for a time period they had set in think it was 10 minute increments. So you could say set it for 100g for an hour access or such. There of course were always some trying to make a quick shakedown for those that didnt pay attention with stupid stuff like 10k gold for 10 minutes, but in general it kept people out of your area that weren't there for a reason and willing to pay.
  • lol i love it!
  • Well milking money out of people to use the facilities is a great idea :3
  • You should charge people to get out invite them in for free then they need to pay to get out ^^
  • nagash said:
    You should charge people to get out invite them in for free then they need to pay to get out ^^
    Ooooh I like ;) like a trap 
  • *deletes character*------ *makesnewcharacter* lol
  • yes it would be a great idea to have a small entracne fee. maybe not like 10 gold per entrance, but something like 10 silver or somthing ( im using archeage currency btw.) and the more you use it, the less you have to pay. resets every week. or month whatever. or pay a 50g to use it the whole month 

  • I want to say you could set entry fees in Star Wars Galaxies also.

    A couple people with massive collections of rare cosmetic items made “museums” and charged a small fee to enter and look at things.

    One aspect of the game was that players in the Dancer and Musician professions could perform for players and just being in the proximity of their performances would give powerful, long-lasting buffs.  (I will defeat you because I was inspired by a pop-locking Wookiee and now I can do anything!)  Some players set their characters on a macro to perform endlessly then go AFK.  If you want a buff you go in their house, pay your fee, then sit there until you get the bonus then leave.
  • yes! that would be great
  • i mean i would not hope it comes down to it as many will complain against it, but me being someone who really likes making buildings and craftatables it would be a nice perk to have. i work ma A off and make something for people, would be nice to get something back in exchange.
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