Everyone Gets a Combat Pet?!

Hey friends,

So I discussed this topic with a few people in the Discord chat, and it seems like everybody being able to use a combat pet is going to be a game mechanic (please correct me if this is not the case).

I personally feel like this a bad design choice, and ruins the class fantasy for classes that typically wouldn't fight with a pet in most other MMOs. I believe it would also ruin the uniqueness of the summoner class, which is inherently a minion controlling specialist. Not only that, but if everybody and their mother is running around with a pet it will likely add to the lag & clutter of busy places (1000+ player castle seiges with 1000+ pets, yikes). Also, imagine the combat with everybody using a pet, good luck tabbing to your desired target/seeing past the zoo in your face.

If they were to just be small companion pets that didn't enter any combat (or just Companion battles) there wouldn't be much issue with them, and this would still give pets a place in everyone's hearts. WoW is a good example of this being done well, they might have copied Pokemon but it turned out to be pretty popular.

Anyway let me know your thoughts on this mechanic, perhaps most people want it this way and I'm just an outlier. Regardless, thanks for reading :)


  • We don't know the details on any implementation so having a fully formed opinion is pretty difficult at this point. 

    My suspicion is that we'll all have access to combat trained animals, but that they'll be like livestock, and could easily be slain (permanently) in combat. They'd be bred and raised, then trained, and likely sold as trade goods essentially. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with, that's for sure.
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    If we get combat pets, it looks like they would be tamed creatures.  Just target them first, and then the other player wasted their time/money.

    I can see having some for exploring.  Use one for holding a creature that you can't beat and run like heck.

    And here I posted in the other same thread...  Can we kill one of these?
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