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Well I have not been following all the videos as of late. But Steve has said will not be any cross server interaction.
Think that this game mechanic will divide the PvP community because the amount of PvPers on one server will be different on another server. For example there might be a very small pool of people that do arenas on your server that play at the same time as you that want to play with you and that just happen to need your class. What if you play a mage but they do not need a mage.

So this would mean server hopping is neccessry and if server transfers cost money well not to great for pvp community.

My solution is to have boards that are cross server maybe not with every server but with enought to make a healthy pvp community. So Ashes of _Creation would have to keep track of how big the pvp community is and each is server and within a certain group of servers.

Think people that do arenas need this the most.


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    This is basically a twist on the "Sharding" feature that WoW has currently. And that feature has done nothing for the community but further divide it.

    I don't see this benefiting the community because it doesn't allow the server to have a community if it's own. You mishmash all the server populations together, then there's just people, there's not really a community.

    This also flies in the face of the vision for AoC.

    Ashes is about meaningful interaction and gameplay, with real impact by the players on the features of the server. You can't do that by pulling people out of the game world.
  • But that is part of a MMO and any community. There will be different supplies and demands and this will vary by the population. To simply combine the entire pool of supply and demand just waters down the community. Also, based on the patch and meta, supply and demand changes anyways. Each primary class also should be flexible enough through augments to adapt to different metas without being obsolete, and who knows, maybe you'll be forced to play something you would never have otherwise and find something new you like.

    Also, as mentioned above, this doesn't fit AoC's design from what I understand. The game doesn't have pre-set factions because PvP and conflict is meant to be meaningful. You should have a reason to engage in PvP. In arenas I get that you probably just want to compete for the sake of competing and being the best in small groups & controlled environments but you should still form rivalries and know the people you compete against and maybe run into them in the open world, interact with their guild, try to obstruct their resource gathering etc or at least have the opportunity to do so.
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    They have mentioned arenas may have cross server matchmaking.

    Unless there was a directly stated more recently.
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    Arenas are going to be cross server.

    The rest of the PvP won't be, since the PvP shapes the world and there is no way to do cross server PvP with meaningful outcomes if people can server hop.

    Plus, server transfers probably won't be a thing so it doesn't matter.
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    Would be fun i think if in the future they created cross server guild versus guild arenas.
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    neomir wrote: »
    Would be fun i think if in the future they created cross server guild versus guild arenas.

    I think it would be better to keep cross server interactions as limited as possible, make server communities matter.
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    I would rather have server specific (both guilds on the same server) guild vs guild instanced arenas. I loved the old Guild Wars 1... well... Guild Wars xD
    *drowns in nostalgia*
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    @azathoth I actually think the opposite, when fighting against other servers it pulls your server together gives your community purpose beyond its isolated existence.
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    Although I am not @arzosah, I do agree with them.

    I don't see what adding a Server vs. Server option brings to Ashes.
    I have stated long ago that I would be okay with cross server Arenas or instant battlegrounds for cross server competitions. I do not think Servers should be able to manipulate the nodes (from adding xp by gathering to a siege) of other servers though. That would also, imo, apply to leadership boards. As in, if there are leadership boards for cross-server interactions, those ranks don't need to show up in/on a server.

    If the PvP and PvE populations drop enough to force a server migration, these communities could have some background with each other through forums/discord/cross-server arenas/battlegrounds to help each other make a community whole again. For those that wouldn't participate in the events, it would not matter one way or the other.

    I am interested in how server migration would, theoretically, work if it needed to happen. It would be unlikely your server (if being closed) would have the same node set-up, history of events, and all current quests that the server you would be transferred to would have.
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    It would be a cool idea to have the top 5 of each servers leaderboard fight each other in a yearly competition :D
    Like a server tournament (server vs server vs server), it could be on christmas or some other ingame holliday, where a rip in the dimension shows "alternative realities".
    No changes in the server leaderboard, no prices and no exp, just a competition to proove that you are the best xD
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