[NA] Arctic Empire| Semi-hardcore| PvX| Mature & Friendly

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•Arctic Empire is a Semi-Hardcore, North American based guild with the intent of making the most of all the content that Ashes of Creation has to offer.

Our mission in Arctic Empire is to provide a mature, fun, somewhat competitive atmosphere to all of our members. We are running the guild with a strong mindset which shows in our form of leadership and play style.

•Why choose us?

Game Experience
Our guild leadership is full of veteran MMORPG gamers with extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn't. We pick up games quickly and in the most fun way possible together.

**Arctic Empire is a PvX, RP, Semi-Hardcore guild! We will be putting a lot of our focus into PvE raids, GvG and events!**
Guild events such as hide and seek, movie and game nights and raffles to win prizes, every saturday! Times may vary~

•Guild Rankings and their meanings to the guild.

-Frozen Empress; Guild Leader
-Chilled Adviser; Second in Command
-Arctic Council; The governing council of the guild, contact us or above if you have any questions or concerns.
Great Merchant; Headman for the merchants of our guild
Lord Commander; Leader for the military
Captain of the Hoarfrost; Leader of the Knights of Hoarfrost
-Military Officer
Will help Lord Commander with wars and so on
Knights of Hoarfrost
Caravan guards ensuring our caravans will be protected.
People who have earned our trust and manage the land nodes around our city node
PvP, PvE, ect.
Raising crafting skills to meet a certain quota for each week (once we have more information we will set said quota, it will not be overtaxing as to take away from your gameplay experiences)
New members of the guild
Newly recruited members, become commoners after a short probationary period




  • Welcome! Don't think I've seen an "arctic" based guild, sounds interesting!
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