The poor-guy-problem


I've followed this game for about a year now, and still haven't had a chance to contribute and buy cosmetics etc even though I've really wanted some of them throughout the last year.

Why don't you drop the idea that only paying a really heavy amount of money will you be able to THEN buy certain cosmetics. Release the cosmetics as solo purchases along-side the packs. Goddamn, not everyone can afford to piss away $375 (+ 25% VAT) :'(

Make the cosmetics available for the people that have regular incomes and I promise you'll sell more. Fuck me, this is like recieving a punch in the throat for studying.

Love you :3


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    Mainly because the cosmetics were meant to be a reward for those that backed, backed early, and backed hard. The whole exercise to this point has been a leap of faith by those willing to shell out those amounts. The statement that you are "pissing away" the money shows that perhaps helping back the project would not fit. This argument was used a few times in the last couple years by people wanting them to bring back the lifetime sub and other Kickstarter exclusives, "because I missed out." If many people had known that instead of taking a chance off of some basic UE4 concept gameplay trailers that they could have held onto their money until they had seen actual mmo footage and other development milestones the backing that Intrepid received would not have happened. The monthly packages are not required to play the game once launched and they have promised parity with available in-game cosmetics for stuff offered on the cosmetic store. <speculation>Once launched the monthly theme will go away and cosmetics will be available longer than one month. Though if they find that reduces "perceived value" it might continue to be a "one and done" sort of thing.
  • Hiya - thanks for reaching out to share your feedback on our available packages! These packages are unique as they provide early access to testing and other perks in addition to cosmetic items (non-P2W).

    As was mentioned above, you can likely expect to see individual items (again, definitely non-P2W) available in an in-game Shop in the future if you were more interested in picking and choosing what you'd like :)

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please feel free to message me directly if you have any further questions on this topic!
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