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Revelations - Story

“Mom, are we going to die?”‌ Asked Jeffery.
“We’ll be fine.”‌ She said, and hugged him and his sister tighter.
“Agápi will protect us. Don’t you know love is the strongest god there is?‌‌ We’ll be fine. Don’t worry. We’ll be okay.”

Jeffery looked over at his little sister’s flaxen ponytails and remembered how his mother had braided them just days before. “But we didn’t make it into the castle.”‌ He said worried.

“We don’t need a castle to be strong.”‌ Said his mom. “The underground is also a safe haven. The gods rendered it so. And ‌Agápi is here with us herself. Look over there.” She pointed with a nod of her head.

Jeffery looked but could only see the crowd of people surrounding the god. They were crying and scared too. His mother did not tell him the other six gods had already fled Verra for the safety of Sanctus. His father had been a guard at the White Castle and had promised to get them both in before he was killed. Neither of them expected the huge battle that erupted as the drawbridge was raised and the people who didn’t make it in began to riot. The secret passage into the castle where they would meet was destroyed by a meteor before they could enter. She had no choice but to turn back and head for the underground. The family could reunite later, she thought. She did not know her husband was dead. Killed by an arrow to the head.

Jeffery looked down at his feet and began playing with a small lizard that glowed in the dark. It was friendly and seemed to enjoy crawling on his hand. That’s when the screaming started. He looked up startled. A red wall of corruption broke through the side of the cavern and grew closer and closer. He stood up at the same time as his mother and sister. They all began to run towards the exit but there were so many people. Before they could make it to the opening another red wall of corruption sealed it off trapping them inside.‌ It was surrounding them, a circle getting smaller and smaller, until everything turned red.

Jeffery heard a loud cry of anger and defiance above all the screaming and knew it was Agápi preforming an enchantment. A brilliant burst of light erupted from her body and changed the light from red to pink and then to white. He could see nothing until the light began to fade and he was alone in total darkness.

“Mom! Mom!”‌ He called, but could not hear his own voice. He knew he was screaming and crying but could not hear it. Not at first, but he felt his mother shaking him, saying something, but he knew not what. His vision slowly returned like his hearing but he wished that it hadn’t. His mother had been transformed… she.. she… looked… like.. a lizard now, but still his mom. His little sister’s braids had been transformed into two tails, and when he looked down at himself his hands looked more like claws than hands.

The White Castle had the full protection of the seven gods, who had prepared it for weeks, but the underground had only had partial protection from Agápi the goddess of love who took pity on the people who couldn’t make it in. But she was not enough. It was Agápi who gave the forgotten their name. In her language, Tulnar.


  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    That was dark and I loved it ^^

    The dead do not squabble as this land’s rulers do. The dead have no desires, petty jealousies or ambitions. A world of the dead is a world at peace
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