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    We have heard a lot about gathering and crafting.. how do you intend on making processing interesting? Will it be more than having an item clicking a button and getting another item? Will there be cooldowns or time gates on making processed goods?
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    im a multiboxer and i would like a clearer definition for keystroke mimic software..

    i am using a Keyboard Mouse USB Shared Display Synchronization Controller KVM Switcher its full on hardware.. is this allowed within the rules for hardware boxing

    This might help:

    i under stand ur linking me to them talking about it but we need more clarification as if KVM is allowed its hardware only no software.. KVM is a HUB that u hook a keyboard and mouse to and lets u connect multiple computers to it and the keyboard and mouse is active on each computer with the power of the hardware HUB.. so i could press 1 and it would press one on all computers.. this is hardware boxing with no software this is why we need more clarification
  • If you missed it, video is now available on YouTube. I also updated the OP.
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    Hiya folks! Thank you all again so much for stopping by to drop us your questions, and we hope you enjoyed today's development update! If we didn't get to your question on the stream this time around, it may have been because we've covered it previously - so please feel free to check out some of these helpful answers from before:

    @Shinaso - Our team is still working to get you more details on which skins can be applied to which freehold buildings, so stay tuned!

    @Enleiv , @Gneff , @StorySurgeon , @Otogun , @Synkil and @mcknightrider - Please only post one question next time as requested, and the more direct/succinct it is, the more likely it is to be selected!

    @Typhon , @Bricktop , and @YouYourself - You can check out where we've talked a bit before on how not all guild progression/augments would be tied straight to combat, and some might be tied to trade/economy - - beyond that, I'd recommend staying tuned for more info on those specifics as we get deeper into testing!

    @Terminat3d , @zinnie , @Damokles , and @l3v3rag3 - We'll keep you posted on the types of augments that religions/social organizations/tattoos/races/weapons might feature as we get closer to having you help us test them, but some of it may remain a mystery for you to discover yourself as well!

    @vmangman - That might depend on what you mean by "content" in that regard - content will always be rotating out as nodes continue to rise and fall, so an area that wasn't "relevant" to your level or needs a while ago may have fresh new content now.

    @boshean , @Confused Sandwich , @Amar , @SoggyBandaid , @Yuquiyu , and @Crosim - Stay tuned for more details on artisan classes as we get closer to having you help us test them!

    @AntVictus - You can check out a bit more on where we've discussed dual wield possibilities before here:

    @Hjerim - When referring more to character movements and the like if I'm understanding correctly, so far those have been shown based on animations vs. simulated physics - whereas cloth and destruction mechanics have been physics-based.

    @Oriano1337 - There are lots of variables here, from your coordination and group composition to your gear, so it might be a bit hard to say outright!

    @Arenir - We shared some of the cleric skills in our recent video, but that was just a small subset of available skills - keep an eye out for future archetype information and more skills to be shared!

    @hawiiftbll - If you're referring to in-game audio, since our plans at the moment are to work with a composer to make custom music for Ashes of Creation, hopefully this wouldn't be an issue!

    @Nimel - It looks like someone else may have already gotten you a helpful answer on where we've covered this topic previously here.

    @Myrkur12 - Steven and the team have chatted before about how "evil" is in the eye of the beholder - for example, you can choose more of what path you want to walk with your religious choice:

    @Cadac - It looks like someone might have pointed you in the right direction here - attacking objectives on either side is only planned to adjust respawn time at the moment, not respawn location. You'll be attacking their siege headquarters and players can choose to respawn at their HQ as long as they're registered to fight:

    @Sathrago - Looks like someone might have shared some thoughts with you on this matter, regarding this design likely being based on encouraging inter-dependency between different players:

    @Quin - It looks like someone else already got you a helpful answer regarding both caravan defense and possible duration:

    @Ravudha - I believe I've answered this question for you in a previous thread, in terms of the regular content updates including things like new features/expansions to artisan classes as well!

    @Summer Legacy - You could likely do this with storage you set up on your freehold and permissions you adjust accordingly, though it may be more of a manual process than what you're envisioning:

    @Rageskylar - It looks like someone already got you a helpful Discord link with the latest, and stay tuned for more specifics on what you'll be helping us test as we get closer to then!

    @Magic Man - While we've shared some of the planned social animations and emotes before, it certainly hasn't been an exhaustive list; though in this case specifically it might be more driven by RP rather than game mechanics.

    @Nostra - In terms of more specifics on what elements/resistances to expect beyond what's previously been shared (, I'd suggest staying tuned for more details in archetype videos and class blogs that share further information on skills!

    @Goldfish375 - It looks like someone already shared some details looking at this from an artisan/crafting angle (in terms of low-level materials still being relevant), plus we've previously stated that there would be a wide level range of mobs within a zone:

    @Sorcres - Some of that would certainly have to be up to you to discover yourself, since we can't ruin all the surprises ;) but it also looks like someone shared some more details regarding treasures:

    @daveywavey - You can check out more on where we've talked about possibilities for companion app features here:

    @rohkai - Nodes themselves will feature a wide level range of mobs/content, but even then you may still consider that you've "outgrown" a certain area - this is where the world constantly shifting due to nodes rising and falling comes into play, as what was once a thriving metropolis may become a wilderness again.

    @Barrington - All classes can use all weapons (albeit some with more effectiveness than others -; you can also see a bit more on where we've discussed weapon progression and its potential synergy with your class through procs here:

    @digitalwind - Freehold properties are single ownership, and one per account - so it might not be considered a single freehold, but you could possibly set down two right next to each other and have permissions and designs set up in such a way as to mimic this:

    @Squeezy - It looks like someone got you a helpful link on where we've discussed boss mechanics and raid strategies before here:

    @Ayfo - It might be hard to say for certain, especially since caravans will come in varying sizes and capacities:

    @Sunboy - Behold, bountiful beautiful beasts will be beaten bravely, big OR bantam!

    @Garren - It looks like someone already got you a helpful answer on what kinds of quests/caravans/events mayors may be able to trigger, and further details could likely come down to the power of RP:

    @Alyxavior - Looks like someone already shared a helpful answer on how freeholds would be within the ZOI of one node in particular:

    @Vedia - We've talked a bit previously on how if first person was available through zooming in the camera, it would likely be something along these lines (as we weren't planning for animations related to hands/holding weapons) - you can listen to more on that here.

    @Sexman - I'm not sure if this would be something officially set up in a city per se, but certainly something players could use space in their freeholds for!

    @Kentelyoo - It sounds like someone pointed you in the right direction regarding bulletin boards, and also nodes will have a wide range of level activity based on their development. Some of it will be up to you to go out and discover via events as well! You can expect to see dungeons and bosses spawning as nodes start to develop, and those that become vassaled and stay at lower levels will then have equivalent content.

    @Half Tilt Gamer - While there will be some overarching lore, for the most part it's understood that each individual server will be experiencing and creating its own narrative arc driven by player actions:

    @Saphrosyne - You can see where we've discussed marriages (including same-sex marriages) before here:

    @Hurtmei - I believe I've answered this question for you in a previous month's thread - summoners are planned to have up to 3 summons:

    @Heyoka - It looks like someone else got you a helpful answer on you not directly selecting the "difficulty" of the dungeon/raid as the majority of them will not be instanced; the difficulty would be based on your performance against previous bosses and other factors:

    @Friendlyneighbour - You could "refuse" by simply not participating if you wished, but there's no need necessarily for others to "take your place" since non-citizens or allies will be able to register to defend as well:

    @TheKizzy and @desarko - This might depend on your personal play style and the skills you choose, based on how you balance between action and tab-targeted abilities.

    @Hyoga , @Seisure , and @Lancelot17 - Right now we're focusing on the archetypes, classes, and races we've already announced! It's always possible to see a variety of new content in future expansions:

    @Stundar - We're continuing to work with the MY.GAMES team to get all the details ready for you to transfer over your items and accounts, and we'll be sure to keep you posted as we have more to share on that front!

    @Xotix - It would likely depend on if it was a tavern on your own freehold where you could set permissions, or one that was in-town, from what we've stated previously - we've shared how we plan to give you the option to take action using things like PvP, but if it was a reportable offense you'd likely be utilizing our support tools for that.

    @niya, @ShadowVen , and @theonegargoyle - Stay tuned for more details on class and skill specifics as we get closer to having you help us test them!

    @ariatras - As you mentioned, our main focus at the moment is developing and supporting Ashes of Creation for Windows PC specifically:

    @theneras - Each race definitely has its own bit of animation flair already - for example, you may have seen the dwarf somersault jump in recent videos!

    @sythax - Music is definitely important to us as well, hence why we tapped Bear McCreary to help out with it - - that being said, the music you may have hard in videos and live streams so far is not his work quite yet!

    @DougBug27 - They're not randomly generated per se but they are planned to be dynamically generated, and also each node will have its architecture based on dominant racial contribution for an overarching theme:

    @sunfrog - Looks like someone else already got you a helpful answer about the Ancients being the original creations of the Ten:

    @unknownwon - I don't believe we've stated previously that caravans would transition to boats for in-land rivers; only when they reached the ocean:

    @ClapNCarlito - It could likely be considered max-level content but not necessarily end-game content, as events will continue to happen and nodes will continue to rise and fall based on player agency or random world occurrences!

    @Jw2476 - It looks like someone else already got you a helpful answer about there being overarching lore, but the narratives being driven based on player action on a server-wide basis:

    @Snowfeather - Looks like someone got you a helpful answer about how while we haven't mentioned anything specifically about an archaeology system, it sounds like treasures may have some similar elements:

    @ArkthurHellsing - The battlefield and structures themselves are certainly part of the game (especially with the destruction mechanics we've highlighted previously), and you may find how you can use them to your advantage in future siege testing!

    @WalterWoodiaz - Keep an eye out as we'll be emailing and sending out messaging to players who have that Kickstarter perk with all the details on how to reserve a guild name!

    @BobzUrUncle - I definitely love Easter eggs, so I wouldn't be opposed to this ;)

    @Exiled Byrd - There are a wide variety of literary tastes and interests on our team, from fantasy to sci-fi to the ones you've listed! In terms of favorites, that's probably a long discussion for another thread <3

    @Vinxer - You can see where we've showed off a mini-cutscene before in-game here.

    @ALifeInSymmetry - Sounds like someone else already got you a helpful answer in terms of the only true safe/indestructible storage perhaps being directly on a character that was logged out.

    @Heraklesn - For the archetypes we've featured before in videos, they've all utilized mana as their resource pool - but stay tuned for more details on specific classes!

    @Abandundia - Some of those things (such as trading in-game goods for IRL currency and botting) are already called out as violations of our Terms of Service, so we'll be keeping an eye out for those and giving you avenues to report them to us as well.

    @BoncleEPC - This will be something we have you test with us in the lead-up to launch, and anti-cheat software is constantly going through new upgrades as new things get detected!

    @George Black - It will be up to you what weapons you choose to use, as you'll just have a ranged slot that some skills will perhaps require that weapon for. You'll also set the priority for what you want to display on your back:

    @azurl - That's something our QA team would have as part of their compatibility testing plans!

    @Dante Machiavelli - We've been keeping this page updated with the latest news on the regions we plan to support:

    @XuaHung - I believe the statements made regarding no headshot mechanics in this case would refer to both PvE and PvP content, as Ashes is a PvX game:

    @Vhaeyne - It would likely depend largely on how much you wandered around looking for new activities (both quests and events), and the stage of node growth around you!

    @Dodo7 - It looks like someone else already got you some helpful answers for where we've shared more on player death mechanics before here:

    @Odyssey - Some of these mysterious NPCs out in the world may be up to you to find and discover in-game! ;)

    @Sent - This would likely be based on the number of members in your guild and whether you focused on size vs. skills, and it will also be something you help us test moving forward!

    @BeerMe - Weapons and armor are not class-locked, though there may be some more efficient options:

    @StickyRubb - You can see more on where we've discussed in-game communication before here:

    @DocFrog , @Xyls , @Hakaiju , @Emba , @Dygz , @Rhinozh , @Vercingtorix , @Nixal , @Tyranthraxus , and @Talents - Since we didn't quite get to your question this time and it doesn't look like one we've answered previously, please feel free to hold on to it and share it in our next Q&A thread!

    <3<3<3 Thank you all again for joining us each month for these development updates! We love getting the chance to highlight all of the team's hard work and share it with you!
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    @Sathrago - Looks like someone might have shared some thoughts with you on this matter, regarding this design likely being based on encouraging inter-dependency between different players:

    @LieutenantToast what I was trying to ask is more so about how the different gathering professions dont synergize on a fundamental level. So the master fisherman, why would he find it easier to dig rocks out of the ground as a miner than if he decided he wanted to build fishing boats?

    I understand that yall wanna make the different artisans depend on each other so that a player cannot do everything, that's fine. The issue is that you guys like to rationalize/build mechanics into the lore of the game and this system cannot do such a thing. Imagine npcs in the world not being fishers or miners but gatherer45, as if gathering fish and gathering ore are in any way connected to each other.

    I hope I'm making sense here, it's very difficult for me to express what I mean here.

    In my opinion the best way to make an interdependent system without ruining the players ability to assume a specific identity would be to limit mastery to a singular artisan. If I dont have time or the ability to craft then I shouldnt have time or the ability to master another gathering profession. This logic applies across all of the artisan parent trees.
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  • Another Q and A another chance my question will finally be answered.

    Will we have in depth stat tracking such as K/D/A tracking? This is extremely important especially since we will not be able to track stats with add-ons due to them not being allowed.

    Not sure if this answers your question exactly.

    Thank you that answers part of it. Looks like they are just going with that. Sadly not going to get what I and a few others want. I want it to track deaths, and instead of server be PER CHARACTER on that sever. With the option for Public or Private. With option to reset.
    Looks like my question will never get answered by them.
  • A question about the nodes system.

    Node system will change things around, but If I am High level and a new node grown. Will I lose the low level gameplay from that node, because it will be too easy or not interesting for my level?
    If yes, The new things that will come will be cool for sure but people will always lose something when the changes happens.
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