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Regarding package upgrade

KDSaltyPonyKDSaltyPony Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One

A bit of context: I have the KickStarter "Braver of worlds" package, but I'm interested in the "Leader of men" (the bonus racial skins look cool :smile:) and by the "All Inclusive Summer Bundle - Add On".

I have already checked the subject but I still have some questions (forgive me if they are redundant, I haven't found any answer...):
  1. For how long will I be able to upgrade my package? I'm currently installing myself and buying fournitures, so I can't buy it before a few months...
  2. Same question for "All Inclusive Summer Bundle - Add On".
  3. There is something confusing in the support. in this page "What is included with my Pre-Order package?". It says "Any additional cosmetic items granted from the upgrade will be from the current month's cosmetic package. ". Is it only for packages like "Zenith's Advent" and "Deeds of the Dauntless" or are KickStarer and Summer considered "pre-order" too? In the last case, if I buy the "Leader of men", it means I will receive the "Fire and Frost" skins instead of "Angel and Demon"? I bet it's the first case but better sure than sorry... :confused:

Thks for your answers!


  • Hi there friend! Answering your questions in order below:
    1. We haven't announced any end dates for when these upgrades will be available at this time, but we plan to let you know in advance!
    2. Same answer as above!
    3. There is a separate article for "What is included with my Kickstarter/Summer package?" that might make this more clear. If you were a Kickstarter backer and upgraded from Braver of Worlds to Leader of Men, you would get the Demonic/Angelic racial skins included automatically. You should also then see the Fire/Frost skins available separately in the store after you upgraded.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can help answer in the meantime!
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