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  • It was mentioned that we should see the Tulnar for Alpha 2, is that still the case?
  • HjerimHjerim Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    edited December 2021
    Do two-seat mounts are considered?

    Yes, this was a stretch goal that was unlocked in the kickstarter: Link. Search for "Group Mount"

    Shisa wrote: »
    Are the monthly cosmetic sets in the shop going to be broken down into pieces of a set so that we could mix and match them with other items at will, or are they going to be a set (one item covers all of your gear) cosmetic?
    I know there are items like pendants and cloaks that are advertised as one piece, but I personally enjoy mixing and matching sets. If the sets consist of individual items I would be more tempted to buy a set for a specific part of it that I liked. Its also nice to have a little bit of individuality in games, even if its wearing 2-3 pieces of a set and just changing the helm/gloves/shoes out with something else that happens to match from a different set.

    No they wont be broken down. All Costumes are a single piece that covers your entire character. Only Accessory cosmetics can be mixed and matched
  • hastaspoonhastaspoon Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    This has probably been asked, but will the mobs be interactive with each other? Meaning, a predatory mob will attack other mobs that come within range (you get the idea)? I love games where the environment interacts with each other even if me, the player, is not involved. It's fun to just sit back and watch some mobs fight it out because one wandered into another's territory. There is a new MMO out now where you can sit there and watch a bunny go right by a wolf or a uh...glowing red mob?....and you would think you were watching a Disney film from that aspect. I want life I say, LIFE!!

  • GoDDeathpactGoDDeathpact Member
    edited December 2021
    As D&D is great, and so are MMORPGs... and Steven shares that same passion, I thought this would be really cool.

    Since AoC will already have traditional GM's (essentially serving as moderators of the world), could they also potentially serve the dual role of DM's like in D&D and create random obstacles and challenges for players to overcome in real-time?

    Example 1: You and friends are grinding on bears for pelts, GM walks by and sees your party, GM spawns in "Angry Giant Mama Bear", Your party get a little mini-boss encounter, GM continues on his way.

    Example 2: GM makes the animals and monsters in an area corrupted, party's in the area notice the anomaly and start searching for the cause, find a corrupt crystal, destroy corrupt crystal, area goes back to normal.

    Example 3: Your party of 3 is exploring a dungeon, GM sees you guys, spawns a treasure chest ahead of you) - inside the chest is a scroll, scroll points to a certain "x" in the dungeon and offers a warning/temptation, party heads towards the location, GM has already set up another treasure chest at "x" location and also planted booby traps along the way, and a small mob/mini-boss encounter. Your party navigates the traps, beats the skeleton miniboss and his ads, claims the treasure and carry on their adventure!

    (GM's are free to of course help the confused adventurers navigate the situation)

    Would be very cool if GM's were given tools like these to create a more immersive experience for the players. I understand GM's would have the #1 priority of ensuring there is no RMT/Exploiting/Abuse etc happening within AoC. Assuming that they get some free time, a system whereby GM's could create an unscripted immersive experience in real-time for players would be a really unique experience for an MMO!

    You will be paying them regardless for moderation services. This could serve as a cool way for GM's to utilize their free time, and also serves to have players within the game experience cool short unscripted adventures!

  • Obamanizer wrote: »
    1 - Any thoughts on adding Directional Nameplates like we seen in New World?

    it really adds to the immersion of the world. Seeing nameplates for players through walls, trees, and other large obstacles is immersion breaking. For all New worlds failures, this was something amazing feeling.

    2 - Alpha 1 was obviously bare bones. But will we see MUCH thicker nature density in Alpha 2 or Beta 1?

    The world felt like a 2004 MMO with basic flat grounds all over the place unlike modern open world games like New world and say, Icarus. Being in those forests feels "right" and slam dunks the Immersion factor.

    3 - Any update on the possibility of UE5 Conversion?

    i feel like all the possibilities it would offer can only add to making a world we log our brains into and fall in love with immersion.

    @Obamanizer Good questions but remember, only one question per person. So I suggest choosing one of the three and edit your post accordingly if you want it to be chosen (those who post more than one question are *always* ignored and their questions never make it to the livestream)
  • MayhemMayhem Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Will there be an option to boost your character to max lvl at some point / make a max level character (only during testing) so people can test different classes and augments easier and not have to manually level every class to max that they want to test?
  • Happymeal2415Happymeal2415 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited December 2021
    Any news on a Jeff replacement?

    Edit: also how is Jeff doing if you guys know. Has Thomas ended him yet?
  • QugenQugen Member
    edited December 2021

    > Q : Will a Photo Mode/Video Mode be implemented into AoC?

    - This will help dramatically to create content for the community, for example RolePlaying, Cinamatic scenes of Verra, and most forms of content.

    - Games that do this phenomenally are Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age Inquisition, Spider Man for PS5, Genshin Impact, Jedi Fallen Order, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

    - These games have great photo mode's, but they DONT allow us to capture the scene while mobile.


    > Essentially a MOBILE CAMERA MAN.
    - A system/camera angle that allows us to move the character in first person and shut off the HUD. Therefore while recording we can create cinematic scenery. Allowing us to see the world BEYOND the character we are playing while moving, OR vice versa. Genshin Impact's photo mode is the best example, they allow you to hide the character while in their PhotoMode, and strictly focus on the environment/world. Although they dont allow us to move the character.
  • Hello glorious friends! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared a question with us for this month’s stream. Q&A submissions are now closed, and we’ll see you at 11AM Pacific on Friday for our livestream!
  • can we get that joocy alpha2 date :p
  • At the start of a new server, when all nodes are level 0, will it be possible to travel to any other nodes as a level 1 character? As in, could I choose to run straight out of a divine gateway to a node halfway across the continent and start leveling it?

  • KeggerKegger Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Can you provide any updates on the targeting system/UI (changes from alpha/progress/plans)?

    From reading other posts, I see this is a somewhat heated topic - so any insights you can share are appreciated. In the end, we all want a game that's fun.

    i.e. from the targetting side of things will there be keybinds available for things like "target of target" or "focus target" (set by players)... from the UI/action side of things, how are you made aware of group status ailments (indicators on bars or players?) and are you reacting by clicking bars, aiming at players, action targetting an AoE, etc.
  • What kind of treasures are available from the Treasure Hunting "lifestyle"?
  • Reminder_1920x1080.gif

    Glorious Ashes Community!

    We’ve decided to change the date of our upcoming livestream to Thursday, December 23, 2021 at 11AM Pacific! (Click here to convert this to your local time.)

    We’ve updated the original post as well to reflect this change. We have some really cool things we want to show you all, but they are not quite ready for this Friday, so we’d like to give ourselves a little more time to polish them up! We thank you all for your patience and we’re super excited to end the year with some fun!

    We'll see you soon for our development update livestream next Thursday!
  • Will mounts have "weighty" movements to them like in Guild Wars 2 where the mounts accelerate while taking off in the beginning and decelerate before coming to a full stop, with them also not moving instantly when turning around etc? Or will it be like WoW where mounts moves instantly?
  • I know this is late in the game, but has your team ever considered of doing weapon/skill based gains by using weapon/skill to increase efficiency instead of levels. Example would be UO (Ultima Online).
  • Are you focussing on plot as much as on gameplay? I mean, how big a role does a story have in entertaining the player?
  • Greetings,
    i have a question about the two class system, there will be one primary role and another secondary role for each character, so far so good. There are currently 64 possible main/secondary class combinations available, will every combination get an unique skill set in order to explore Verra?

    Or will it be more module based.... For example: There is a ranger(primary class) and wants to play an Soulbow and choose the cleric to be its second class, will he get the same secondary class skill set, that a Highsword would obtain? (primary Fighter/secondary cleric)
  • AmarAmar Member
    edited December 2021
    Hard to call it a question really but are you going to make a player lock for the UI?? Really tired of movin the mount box every summons...I'd like it all to be where i put it last time...
  • See ing as there is not enough Node vs Node Events or enough Caravans or enough Corrupted toons to sustain a PvP community could you describe what Open world PvP game mode or PvP game mode will be available to players all the time excluding arenas. Like lets say a PvP guild of 100 meets every day at botu 6 pm what are they going to do. I mean you cannot do node vs node every day.
  • RevengeRomanRevengeRoman Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Will the Ashes team consider supporting the Proton compatibility layer as opposed to native Linux support? Or at least give the linux community to work on getting Ashes working using the compatibility layer?
  • Hi Intrepid, Merry Christmas!

    With the benefit of a few months of hindsight....
    .... what three things have you learnt from Alpha 1 (server) testing that have most shaped or changed your design implementation from what you had previously expected it would be?
  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    At the start of a new server, when all nodes are level 0, will it be possible to travel to any other nodes as a level 1 character? As in, could I choose to run straight out of a divine gateway to a node halfway across the continent and start leveling it?

    Yes. If you can dodge aggro and make the run, then you can; however, you won't know where the Node is. They do not appear until Stage 1. Stage 0 nodes are not on the map. They were in A1 for testing purposes.

    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Hrothgor wrote: »
    i have a question about the two class system, there will be one primary role and another secondary role for each character, so far so good. There are currently 64 possible main/secondary class combinations available, will every combination get an unique skill set in order to explore Verra?

    Or will it be more module based.... For example: There is a ranger(primary class) and wants to play an Soulbow and choose the cleric to be its second class, will he get the same secondary class skill set, that a Highsword would obtain? (primary Fighter/secondary cleric)

    So you do not get any skills from your secondary choice, you get augment and from your Secondary you get 4 schools of Augments.

    So Every Ranger + Something will have the exact same skill-set (tools) but depending on their secondary they will have different flavors.

    With that said, every + Something gets the same 4 schools of augmentation.
    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • Greetings everyone - thank you so much again for sharing your questions with us, and for tuning in for today's livestream! In case you didn't hear us cover your question on the stream, it may be because we've shared an answer previously - check out more on that below!

    @Hjerim (question), @NiKr (question), @The Cawckiest King (question), @Hurtmei (question), @SirChancelot11 (question) - Stay tuned for more details on skills and abilities for each of the archetypes/classes as we dive deeper into testing them with you!

    @JeanPhilippeQC (question), @labmen1 (question), @Oddjob (question) - Group mounts were unlocked as part of our Kickstarter campaign, and similar to our other creature creations, we'll be showing them off as our amazing art and animation teams bring them to life!

    @Garren (question) - We'd recommend keeping an eye out for previews of our weapon skill trees as we get closer to having you help us test them out!

    @Ka Dargo (question) - Similar to how we've noted that the mounts and pets you happen to see as cosmetics are variants of creatures being created to fill Verra with life, I would expect to see at least some overlap between the skills available to you and those in your foes' arsenals!

    @Knakke (question) - As it stands, healing/buffing a combatant target will also make you a combatant, though nobody other than the killer would be flagged as corrupt. The flagging system in general will be subject to rigorous testing and feedback once we get it in your hands!

    @Lashing (question) - Keep an eye out for more details on stats and their implications for your character as we start to bring them online for testing!

    @Gramerjen (question) - To clarify, when you say "team up with", are you referring to joining a party with them, or just helping them freely in the open world? Please feel free to clarify for next month's Q&A so we can dive in deeper!

    @Azherae (question) - Stay tuned for more details on naval content and combat as we bring those features online for testing with you!

    @DownpourG (question) - You can check out more on our plans around weapon skills here!

    @Cimarb (question, question, question), @Kamik (questions, questions), @kyraku (questions), @Obamanizer (questions), @Alzeido (questions), @Tryuk (questions), @Dolyem (questions), @Gromlof (questions), @TheDarkPaladin (questions), @Disobedient (questions), @onyxum (questions), @Lyon (question), @hastaspoon (questions), @GoDDeathpact (questions), @Qugen (question) - Please only post one question next time as requested, and if you only posted one question, please make sure to keep it as direct/succinct as possible - that way it's more likely to be picked!

    @Just A Man (question) - You can check out a bit more on where we've shared our philosophy behind combat and what our plans are for the system as a whole here!

    @Overthrow (question) - It might be too early to tell whether this will be the case, as it would be very dependent on markets that developed in each region and on each server!

    @RowniSciponi (question) - Monster Coin events are system-spawned events, meaning players have no direct control over when, where, and how they happen (so you couldn't truly target someone specifically that way). They're triggered by activity in the world, and even if no players participate in the event, the monsters will still be run by AI. You can check out more on our plans for that system here!

    @RavensC0nv0r (question) - As avid gamers ourselves, one of our biggest motivations is to build Ashes of Creation to be the MMO of both yours and our dreams!

    @Cadac (question) - We recommend keeping an eye on our social channels, as we've started sharing snippets of our new office in pics and videos ;)

    @odishy (question) - We haven't announced any plans for support on that front at this time!

    @Zettrex (question), @Blip (question) - You can check out the latest on where Steven's shared his thoughts on the hybrid combat system here!

    @Tyranthraxus (question) - So far most of the plants and animals on Verra have tended to be more fantasy-like variants, rather than direct replicas of what we have here on Earth ;)

    @DougBug27 (question) - You can check out more on where we've discussed what a summoner's control and abilities might look like here!

    @Maouii (question) - In general, expect to see many many more iterations on all sorts of features (including animations) between now and Alpha Two, and of course beyond!

    @Shisa (question) - The costumes available in the Shop are one-piece outfits that will go over your entire set!

    @Superplus (question), @CritzBTW (question) - These items all have associated lore that ties them into the world of Verra, which you can check out in the articles we share each month here! You can also check out more on our main design philosophies (including sources of inspiration) here.

    @Zirdelas (question) - You can check out more on the stats we've shared plans for before here!

    @KanRazz (question) - Right now our main focus is on working towards Alpha Two testing for Ashes of Creation, and we haven't announced any plans to bring back Apocalypse for testing purposes at this time!

    @Schmuky (question) - Previously we've shared videos such as 5,000 simulated players in an area, and as we continue throughout testing, I would expect to see additional simulated and real player testing to take these fights and push them to their limits!

    @bigepeen (question) - You can check out more on where our team has shared their philosophy around game difficulty here!

    @Lethanel (question) - While we haven't announced anything along those lines, we always recommend keeping an eye on our social channels to keep up with the latest news!

    @chaoticwaffles (question) - Whether or not freeholds might have basements is still to be determined at this time!

    @ShadowBlade (question) - We'll keep you posted on the status of the character creation tool and when you can begin helping us test it out as we have more news to share on that front!

    @fude (question) - That sounds like a blast, so we'd say go for it! <3

    @Eley (question) - Our team is always keeping an eye on the latest challenges, to better understand how we can address them as it relates to Ashes of Creation. In regards to character creation/server population and queues, you can check out a bit more on where we've shared our plans for that here.

    @Rociz (question) - We'll continue to keep you posted on what you can expect to see and test in Alpha Two as we get closer to that phase!

    @Mayhem (question) - During previous testing we've boosted characters to max level/skills to try out combat and other systems, so I would expect to see that in upcoming testing as well!

    @Happymeal2415 (question) - While we haven't announced anything at this time, we'd recommend keeping an eye on our social channels for the latest updates in the meantime!

    We'll see you again soon for a new stream in a new year! <3
  • 🧡 Thank you for tuning into our stream!

    While the full broadcast video renders, check out our walkthrough of Ashes of Creation with some of the exciting UE5 changes we've already implemented!

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  • ❄⛄ Check out our December Development Update with our announce that we're now developing with the Unreal Engine 5!

    ❓ What was your favorite announcement that we revealed during the stream?

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  • 🎉🥳We are extremely excited to announce that we are developing Ashes of Creation on the Unreal Engine 5!

    💡 UE5 offers our team more tools to develop at a faster pace and make Ashes of Creation even more spectacular than it already is.
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