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Please allow us to kill/diminish the notification banners

NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited June 2022 in Support & FAQ
I would really like the option for us to remove or significantly diminish the big red banner announcing maintenance. And preferably also the purple one below. It's annoying and really distracting in the long run.

Preferably let us close them completely. I would rather not have to look at that for the next 10 days. :smile:

This is what it looks like for me on desktop (Firefox)


  • Agreed. It's giving me New World "Upcoming War" map notification vibes and I'm not enjoying the flashbacks. :D
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  • SomethingWittySomethingWitty Member, Staff, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    edited June 2022
    Greetings Nerror,

    I am not sure if we have the ability to hide those alert messages, but I will pass along your request.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
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