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  • Some youtubers have been theorizing that augments will likely be for aesthetics only and wont change our abilities much because balancing 64 classes will be impossible. How much will my abilities change when I apply an augment?
  • For abilities that will have stat alterations for the two targeting types, will that factor remain during PvE content?

    For example: aiming at a mobile, high hp boss to retain optimal dps.

    P.S. I would like the factor to remain even if it's a minimal benefit.
  • Something I really enjoy about the mmo's I play is the sheer variety of collectable items. A big turnoff for me would be if half the players in an area have the same weapon or same gear. Will ashes have a large amount of different weapons/armor pieces to obtain as well? Thanks :)
  • ClawwClaww Member
    What are your plans towards the story of the game? Is there going to be enough story elements implemented in the game? Will there be enough drama or plot twists ? A good example would be FF14.
  • Is there a system for which players are allowed to join a siege if there are more players in a city than allowed in a siege? Are they chosen by the mayor?
  • HamletHamlet Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter
    edited June 2022
    Are you guys open to server rollbacks in the event of an unforeseen bug or dupe that would introduce an economy breaking amount of currency into the economy?

    In addition to the above, will intrepid take a hard stance in banning players who abuse these bugs for advantage over legitimate players.
  • When a node sits between two higher nodes that are the same as each other i.e a tier 4 sat between two tier 5's how is ZOI determined? Also if the controlling node was downgraded would the other higher node automatically gain influence over the lower one or would there be a requirement to gain control?
  • GoalidGoalid Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Caravan attackers have only the reward of stealing the caravan's goods, without any risk currently planned according to the wiki. Since the game is about risk vs reward, what risks do you plan to add for caravan attackers?

  • CaptainStrawCaptainStraw Member
    edited June 2022
    As an RP enthusiast, I love a game that offers inmersion in even very simple things. With this in mind: Will you allow players to build portable campsites anywhere in the wilderness? I know there's an entry on the Wiki, but it hasn't been confirmed. It would be an awesome thing to build a fire next to a nice lake or river, and be able to cook the fish right there; or hunt a deer and cook it right there and then; and afterwards spend a few moments beside the fire in the night. A lovely RP element for those of us playful souls. On the same note, would you please let us have torches so we can explore dark places with beautiful inmersion and a cozy light?

  • Will there be other melee weapons like polearms and blunt weapons?
  • Will there be an element of randomness to the weather, rather than a series of presets?

    For example will the system randomly create a windy and sunny day? or an overcast, stormy day or night without rain?

    Would be fantastic to add a level of unpredictability to the weather system.
  • what inspires you, the devs? what other outside sources of lore do you pull from to add to AoC?
  • If looting rights are based on a blended tag and damage done system, will there be a mechanic in place to ensure roles like tanks and healers have an equal shot even when they haven't dealt as much damage?
  • Will there be a "World Drop" loot table that allows for super rare items to drop from anything and for any level player and it is based on pure RNG?

    This table could drop an artifact that begins a quest for a single player and upon completion opens up a grander quest for the world to participate in culminating in the original quest starter completing the chain by delivering the fatal blow to a world boss that was summoned during the grander quest chain.
  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    Hello again glorious Ashes of Creation community! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared a question with us for this month’s stream.

    Q&A submissions are now closed, and we’ll see you at 11AM Pacific on Thursday for our livestream!
  • DezzRevasDezzRevas Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Before the calamity were the Py'rai and Empyrean elves cohesive under the Pyrian Banner. Or were they somewhat divided within the Pyrian Kingdom?
  • raeyikraeyik Member
    edited June 2022
    How do you plan to solve the 'catch-up mechanic betrayal'?

    Ie. Whenever big games introduce expansions and updates they inevitably introduce catch up mechanics that make existing content easier. This could be from boosts against bosses/raids, removal of level or party size requirements, reduction in content difficulty, etc.

    This marginalizes the effort of those who took the time and resources to clear the original content while it also waters down the impact/meaning behind the rewards acquired (as well as a weakening of player skill progression). This leads to many feeling like the developers don't respect the players that put in that time and effort to triumph over the original challenges set forth.Hence, a feeling of betrayal
  • zeezzeez Member
    When it comes to breeding, will other players be able to share/ breed at each-others stables? Also, will there be a guild stable available that multiple breeders can breed at? - Lastly - When does a mount/ pet etc no longer become tradable? (Or is it always tradable?) ** thanks 🙏🏽- think y’all are doing AWESOME- our guild can hardly wait for alpha 2!! - love you all- luna🐼♥️
  • BracuBracu Member
    How do you make combat feel direct and responsive?
    AoC hype
  • Will movement and camera rotation be 100% achievable via keyboard input? This was achievable in Final Fantasy 11 online and VERY helpful during combat.
  • AntDawgThaBossAntDawgThaBoss Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Will we be able to turn combat animation effects on/off?
  • For light weight weapons, will it be possible to jump on enemies to avoid the attack and back stab them?
  • AcijAcij Member
    I was wondering will there be a difference (in mobility, attack speed , dmg, cast speed, etc) between one-handed weapon + shield, dual wielding and just 1 one-handed weapon.

    Meaning....shield + one handed weapon - higher defense but slower mobility, attack speed, lower dmg, etc
    dual wielding - lower defense but higher dmg, attack speed but lower mobility, etc
    1 one handed weapon - lower defense and dmg but higher mobility, better cast speed, lighter in weight, etc

    I would love to see just 1 one-handed combat style
  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    Greetings everyone - thank you so much again for sharing your questions with us, and for tuning in for today's livestream! In case you didn't hear us cover your question on the stream, it may be because we've shared an answer previously - check out more on that below!

    @ChaosFactor (question), @urbanmyth (question), @10kColdNights (question), @Mikos (question), @Frameen (question), @thehalfginger (question), @evilelrond (question), @CrackedJack (question 1, 2), @Sengarden (question), @Mihaele (question 1, 2), @reighend (question), @Vissox (question), @sheeps (question), @Mangert (question), @Bobsyns (question), @Norwick (question), @protostar (question), @Spittfyre (question), @Xerosum (question), @RobertBelmont (questions 1, 2), @tristang (question), @thackery (question), @ziziaoc (question), @Dolyem (question), @Arugan (question 1, 2), @JamesSunderland (question), @Keyozen (question), @Dismas (question), @FatBobby (question), @Thanteos (question), @Texaslizard (question), @KnightlySleeps (question 1, 2), @arsa92 (question), @Dawt (question), @SecretSuperHero (question), @CaptainStraw (question) - Please only post one question next time as requested, and if you only posted one question, please make sure to keep it as direct/succinct as possible - that way it's more likely to be picked!

    @Sometimesmiles (question), @Hjerim (question) - Stay tuned for more information on cosmetics as we progress further in development! ^_^

    @Evonyx (question), @Jujubee661 (question), @Cadac (question) - Please stay tuned for more information on the player housing and freehold systems as we progress further in development! ^_^

    @JustJon (question), @deathmonkeyxl (question), @VmanGman (question) - You can learn more about DLC, Expansions and post-launch content here, on the wiki!

    @Nostra (question) - Please stay tuned for more information on artisan classes / crafting as we progress further in development! :)

    @Cono (question) - We hear this concern somewhat often and you may see some of the long-time community members mention what I'm about to, as well ;) Steven's vision for Ashes of Creation is very clear and defined. The scope of the project has not changed much at all since Intrepid Studios first announced the game! You can rest assured that scope creep has not and will not be an issue with this project. ^_^

    @arsnn (question) - Hi! Unfortunately we don't have any information to give on what exactly the spot tests will feature or when they'll release.

    @Valorinth (question), @Shilee (question), @Disobedient (question) - Please stay tuned for more information on nodes as we progress further in development! :)

    @SnowElf (question) - You can most certainly expect to see iconic creations coming out of Ashes of Creation. Really, players tend to be the ones to decide which one's become the 'fan favorites'! So, we shall see which creatures of Verra capture all of our hearts the most ;)

    @Sago65 (question) - You can read more on what has been said regarding the seasonal resources and their relations to crops and farming, as well as the weather system here, on the wiki!

    @vMenezs (question) - You can read more on what server regions we plan to support here, on our support site!

    @Leonerdo5 (question) - We would love to start our Dev Diaries series back up! This is something we're hoping to do once our office has been fully furnished and is ready to be shown off ^_^

    @SirPatchNotes (question) - Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA to share on the release of Alpha Two :( You can keep up to date with news on our socials here!

    @Hazerduhs (question) - Please stay tuned for more information regarding character customization as we progress further in development! :)

    @nickgrizz (question) - You can read more on what has been said regarding guild progression here, on the wiki!

    @RenardCA (question) - NPCs / questgivers may offer different dialogue options which might result in different outcomes :)

    @Trishaz (question), @Frosty_Thundertrod (question), @ebiko (question) - As of right now, we have not projected any changes to our system requirements. You can view them via the link below and if we have any changes we will let you all know. 😊"

    @-T0Mb- (question) - There may be different variations of wild animals in the world of Verra. For example, you may see different variations of bears depending on many different factors, such as the season, biome and more!

    @tsplag (question) - You can read more about game balance, including that of our archetypes and classes here, on the wiki!

    @Arren78 (question) - We understand that immersion is very important to our players. Our animation and VFX teams are working hard to make playing this game an immersive and unique experience! If you didn't see the basic weapon attack demo from this livestream, I highly recommend you watch it ^_^

    @Griffin7417 (question) - You can read more on what has been said regarding proximity VOIP here, on the wiki!

    @Mycology (question), @horendis (question) - The team is hard at work designing and developing the caravan system! It's coming along nicely ^_^ Please stay tuned for more information on the details of the caravan system as we progress further in development.

    @Schmuky (quesiton) - What would you like expanded on? Do you have any specific questions in regards to the systems?

    @Esoteric (question) - Our plans on the time it takes to reach max level have not changed. However, these things are subject to change as we progress further in development towards the release of Alpha Two :)

    @Norkore (question) - If this stream didn't answer your question, then please be sure to stay tuned to our socials for more information regarding combat in the months to come!

    @Drunkninja (question) - You can read more about safe zones here, on the wiki!

    @sl3nder (quesiton) - Some abilities may be tab / action specific, depending on the ability or the way it is altered. You can read more on this here, on the wiki!

    @gameknightplays (question) - We know that this is an important topic to our community. Not long ago Margaret Krohn, our Community Marketing Lead, put out a message on this. You can read that here :)

    @Maouii (question) - We'd love to do spot testing before the release of Alpha Two. Stay tuned for more information as we progress further in development! ;)

    @Minus (question) - This would completely depend on what or who you're fighting and what the mechanics of whatever you're fighting have, if I understand your question correctly!

    @Gizmow (question) - We do our best to set expectations for our project! Ashes of Creation is a very ambitious game promising both new things to the genre, as well as different interpretations of things that have existed. With that said, we hope that by being open with development, people will have a good idea of what to expect to see. The release of Alpha Two will have a big impact on this as well!

    @Kamik (question) - Combat is constantly being worked on and improved at the moment. With that said, we're always open to hearing feedback from the community! Once we get combat into the hands of our players, that feedback loop becomes easier :)

    @Contortzz (question) - Sure thing! Here ya g.. hey, wait a second! Nice try >:(

    @Zettrex (question), @ELRYNO (question), @Ozijak (question), @Diamaht (question), @Alacrite (question) - Please stay tuned for more information on combat as we progress closer towards Alpha Two!

    @KeeperBrGO (question) - Steven is the Creative Director and visionary for Ashes of Creation. It's his overall vision that drives the overall development! Our artists, designers and engineers have plenty of room for creative freedom and interpretation. Steven has a concrete overall vision for the game that is the glue that holds our teams together! His day to day includes LOTS of meetings and delicious burrito lunches ;)

    @Roofian (question) - Please stay tuned for more information regarding archetypes and classes as we progress further in development ^_^

    @Garruk (quesiton) - You can read more about what has been said on the Animal Husbandry system [url=""]here, on the wiki[/url]!

    @GrandSerpent (question) - When in an Alpha stage of development like we are, everything is subject to change!

    @DeviLzFury (question) - No updates at this time. Please stay tuned to our socials for any updates in the future! ^_^

    @Azherae (question) - Please stay tuned for more information on the leveling and experience gain systems as we progress further in development. We will do our best to update the community with any updates to existing systems if or when they occur ^_^

    @abar (question) - Absolutely! With a world as big as Verra, there will be plenty to explore and we encourage our community to do so :)

    @HandOfUnity (question) - There will be more rare mounts with unique appearances :) One way this can also be achieved is by the Animal Husbandry system, which you can learn more about here!

    @JustVine (question) - That is our goal! ^_^

    @SirChancelot (question), @Pmilhous24 (question), @l3v3rag3 (question), @Hexcat (question) - Please stay tuned for more information regarding augments and classes as we progress further in development ^_^ For now, you can read more on what has been said here, on the wiki!

    @Adonex (question) - Most of us here at Intrepid are extremely proud of all of the progress that has been made overall. Steven is so enthusiastic and driven and he LOVES showing off everything we can on the livestreams because he is tremendously proud of the team :)

    @Frost01 (question) - You can read more about respawn lore and mechanics here, on the wiki! ^_^

    @Ael (question) - You can read more about summons here, and pets here via the wiki! <3

    @Serfic (question), @Dangerpup (question) - Rock-Paper-Scissors is the backbone to balancing (the MMORPG-Role-Trilogy). With that said, there is always room for skill expression in any PvP game! A better player will always have an advantage over a less skilled player. Whether through mechanics or experience or somewhere in-between ;)

    @KingFury (question) - We would love to have the character creator in the hands of our players in advance! As for a time, we have no dates regarding character creator or Alpha Two quite yet ;)

    @Boggleful (question) - Please stay tuned for more information regarding map size and Alpha Two as we progress further in development! <3

    @Blinkas (question) - A single character can only master one of the artisan classes. However, an account can master more than one ;) You can read more on artisan professions here, on the wiki!

    @Spurius (question) - That is certainly a neat idea! ^_^

    @Trayne (question) - NPCs will likely not permanently and forever die when or if killed.

    @Guazey (question) - You can learn more about family summoning here, on the wiki! Please stay tuned for further information :)

    @Rabbit (question) - Those fighting in sieges are fighting for something and have something to lose. So, it's less about killing for fun and more about saving your home, or fighting for a new one! You can read more on node sieges here, on the wiki! You can also read more about castle sieges here ;)

    @Myrkur12 (question) - You can learn more about endgame here, on the wiki!

    @RowniSciponi (question) - Please stay tuned for more information on Monster Coin events as we progress further in development.

    @_xenOm_ (question) - Please stay tuned for more information regarding biomes as we progress further in development <3

    @Veil Mistwarden (question) - This is something we would love to do for our community in the future!

    @Romancyy (question) - A large percentage of Ashes of Creation's game systems are expected to be in place for Alpha-2. Alpha Two is also inteded to be a persistent alpha. You can learn more about that here, on the wiki!

    @Vaccine (question) - Our experienced and talented team of engineers will ensure that everything works and runs smoothly. Running our Alpha and Beta tests will help us achieve a great experience at launch!

    @Neurotoxin (question) - The items available in the monthly pre-order packs are exclusive to those respective months. They will never again be available for purchase! So, the items purchasable with embers in the store will be seperate than the ones we've shown so far <3

    @Mhaks (question) - There is currently no plans for a "Book of Grudges" or "Dammaz Kron" in Ashes of Creation.

    @JourdanZero (question) - There will be plenty to do for collectors. Players will also have the means to make their characters unique! :)

    @GrizzlyTeddy (question) - There will be an arsenal of melee weapons in Ashes of Creation. You can learn more about melee weapons here, on the wiki!

    @Claww (question) - Lore, questing and story is very important to us. Steven and the team have been developing quite robust lore for the game. However, lore and story won't be delivered in the same way that it is in FF14, being that that game is a very narrative and story driven game. A large portion of the story within Ashes of Creation will be created by the players themselves through our Node system!

    @QuackWabbit (question) - There may be an element of unpredictability for players when it comes to weather and weather events :)

    @WhiteBlood (question) - Steven has had a long-time TTRPG campaign running for many years. That is one of his biggest inspirations behind the lore of Ashes of Creation!

    @darkseraph (question) - You can read more about rare items and loot tables here, on the wiki!

    @T Elf (question), @Fantmx (question) - There were a few questions in the past stream that relate to these. I recommend checking out the VoD on our YouTube channel for more information!

    @Norththemage (question), @Elwendryll (question), @Kiwi_ (question), @Craiken (question), @Nyxxa (question), @Fantmx (question), @Obamanizer (question), @Tryol (question), @Hamlet (question), @Goalid (question), @spyromancer (question), @Lithion (question) - Woo!! Your questions were selected at random and featured on our livestream! Be sure to check out the VoD if you missed it live ^_^

    If you don't see your username tagged in this comment, then you likely had a question that we wanted to get to on stream, but didn't have enough time. Please return next month for our next development update livestream Q&A and ask again! ^_^
  • Last stream it was stated that crafters make the best gear in the game. A lot of older MMOs had the approach that crafted gear is mainly the lower tier gear that enables you to raid along with dungeon gear. Would crafting be the main way to acquire gear in AoC in the sense that you grind dungeons and raids for materials to then craft into gear? Do raids and dungeons drop gear in themselves or would it be purely crafting oriented? Are there plans for gear to be upgradeable through crafting in some non-visual ways, like boosting stats or adding gem slots etc? I love crafting in MMOs and the crafting approach really excites me.
  • AcijAcij Member
    How will shield affect player (mobility, attack speed , dmg, cast speed, etc) in comparison to 1 1h weapon or dual-wielding?
  • For the nodes will there be some that is just a series of small islands so sailing there would be a huge part of the gameplay.
  • How will loot move from the mobs inventory to mine ?
    Will i have to interact with it
    Will pets grab it like BDO
    Will it poof into my pocket or loot masters pocket
  • Looking at the most recent livestream, melee attacks and their skills seem to be heavily AoE focused, are there any systems in play or in development that will prevent Ashes from turning into "pull 20 mobs, AoE them down, rinse and repeat." Or is the team designing encounters with heavy AoE in mind so that mobs can still pose a threat in the open world and in dungeons?
  • How tightly populated will the world be? How will the game fill the vast land with content and create a wish for exploration?
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