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Alpha Two

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So i'm beginning to wonder when we're ever going move from Alpha One since the past what, 2 or 3 month dev updates have zero progress updates in them or timeline updates. Alpha Two is now on it's third? delay and was supposed to happen in Q2 of 2022 and we're now in Q3 with no sight of it even on the horizon. So what's the deal? I personally would love to hear monthly updates on the status of the current testing, as well as timeline updates for when you think something is going to slip.


  • ElderElder Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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    All we can do is speculate on information from the developer livestreams and wait.
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  • TalentsTalents Member, Intrepid Pack
    It's impressive that almost all your info is wrong.

    The last 2 stream updates were probably the biggest progress updates we've gotten so far. The one 2 months ago was about the weather/season system and the one last month was a combat update.

    Alpha 2 was never supposed to happen in Q2 of 2022, they haven't released any date for Alpha 2, nor have they delayed it since they didn't give a date in the first place.
  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    There are currently no announced dates for when A2 will start. There have been no statements that A2 would go online in 2022, so it sounds like you heard some community speculations.

    Keep an eye on the #news channel on discord and your emails on order to get notified as soon as A2 gets close!

    I'm closing this thread now, but please feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions!
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