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    lemuletlemulet Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    will hunting certificate prices vary enough to incentivize players to hunt different monsters area? MMO usually have areas that are most efficient for "grinding", will this price variation diversify how efficient places are to grind?
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    TryolTryol Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2023
    Considering the 6 distinct visual stages encompassing 85 (+15) nodes, from a development and design perspective which aspects of a node's creation requires manual effort as opposed to using some form of automatic/tool-assisted generation, and how much variation can we expect in said aspects between each node?
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    What are the current numbers for A2 keys sold either via Kickstarter or the AoC website shop?
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    aphorizemaphorizem Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Will the content within the game vary depending on the specific location where a city is "established" within a biome? In other words, can the choices players make in city placement within a biome significantly impact the types of quests, events, or resources available in the surrounding area?
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    SonicXplosionSonicXplosion Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2023
    How do you plan on making each node desirable, when certain nodes may be in more centralized locations on the map, giving them access to more content? For example, some locations on the world map look like they are very far away from other content.
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    RoshenRoshen Moderator, Member, Staff
    Glorious Ashes of Creation community!

    We appreciate everyone that made the time to submit a question for this month’s stream. Q&A submissions are now closed.

    We'll catch you on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 at 11am Pacific (click here to convert this to your local time) for the Caravan System Preview Development Update livestream.

    Don't miss this stream at
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    A lot of recent (if not all), open-world UE games have severe stutters due to shader compilation issues. How do you plan to deal with this?
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    agla wrote: »
    A lot of recent (if not all), open-world UE games have severe stutters due to shader compilation issues. How do you plan to deal with this?

    you missed the deadline :disappointed: haha
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    What races do you have planned to be ready (for players to use) in Alpha 2?
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    Since the corrupted players will drop gear/resources lootable by anyone, can i as a friend of the corrupted loot his gear upon death and then trade everything back considering we are not in a party?
    Also known as Haqi

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    Can we hear some new examples of augments and how they can change abilities?

    Preferably how tank augments would effect a different primary archetype, but anything new would be nice.
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    Haqi_gg wrote: »
    Since the corrupted players will drop gear/resources lootable by anyone, can i as a friend of the corrupted loot his gear upon death and then trade everything back considering we are not in a party?

    Yes, of course.
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    daveywaveydaveywavey Member
    edited October 2023
    Do you all have an intended combat timer in mind or is that a concept up to debate? Will it be possible that Rogues spec'd into massive damage talents could kill someone in under a second? Or is that concept generally contrary to the gameplay design?

    This link may help you:

    "The Ashes of Creation MMORPG will have a time-to-kill (TTK) of around 30 seconds to a minute.[1]

    Time-to-kill in the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale testing mode was adapted for a traditional battle royale setting.[1]
    The developers do not want one-shots in the final MMORPG.[2]

    "In the MMORPG we really don't want to see any one-shots. The time-to-kill needs to be strategic and tactical."[2] – Steven Sharif
    This link may help you:
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    Teyloune wrote: »
    Will we see better weather effects that are less flat, like have snow/mud/sand effects on the ground where your character will be covered up to the knees?

    Oh I hope not. I don't want to be a mucky dirtbag. I want to look awesome.
    This link may help you:
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    Will the studio be looking for employees from other countries for non-US servers?
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    OsFurOsFur Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    as a game maker and creator.
    why didn't steven ever appear in the big bang theory series? would he consider a stint in a trendy tv series?
    𝐎𝐬𝐬𝐚 𝐭𝐮𝐚 𝐬𝐮𝐛 𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐛𝐮𝐬 𝐦𝐞𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭
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    alistairdragonheartalistairdragonheart Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    For caravan drivers what tools do they have to assist defenders? Or are they limited to just running as quickly as possible to a safe place? Can the driver pause the caravan to help defend, have auras, mark targets, etc.
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    Please can you confirm if and how Clerics dark magic will come into play?
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    MargaretKrohnMargaretKrohn Moderator, Staff
    edited October 2023
    👀 Did you miss the latest livestream showing our Caravan System Preview?

    Updated OP to have the link as well!
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    VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    Greetings everyone - thank you so much again for sharing your questions with us, and for tuning in for today's livestream! In case you didn't hear us cover your question on the stream, it may be because we've shared an answer previously - check out more on that below!

    @Frost01 (question), @verlisify (question), @Yenn0war (question) - Please only post one question next time as requested, and if you only posted one question, please try to make it more clear and direct if possible - that way it's more likely to be picked!

    @Kargone (question) - While there’s no specific date for this to share currently, prior to our launch we will absolutely have corresponding articles that revamp the knowledge base around the intent, systems, and mechanics for nodes.

    We spoke about this during a recent Community Q&A. Here’s a timestamp to that conversation:

    @Erahh (question) - The name reservation process hasn't started yet, and when it does you'll be reserving a name for a live character and not a test one.

    We’ll share details regarding how to reserve your name once the time comes :)

    @Doozer (question) - Tattoos are both cosmetic and can influence player power. There’s more information about tattoos in the wiki here:

    @Tyranthraxus (question) - Skills come from primary archetype choices. A player’s secondary archetype does not provide additional skills, but it does provide augments for skills.

    @Fantmx (question) - We’re always looking for opportunities to do Community Q&As, as it makes sense for our schedules. Stay tuned!

    @George_Black (question) - Yes, some abilities will require a specific weapon to be equipped.

    @Hardhit (question) - A single Node won’t be able to do everything through Service Buildings. Nodes will have to choose which Service Buildings they want to build and progress, which may make some Nodes more attractive to different professions.

    @Schmuky (question) - There are different ways we can make different pieces of content more difficult for larger-sized groups. To see what we’ve shared about our plans to address zergs, see the wiki here:

    @Roubi (question) - Augments can affect a multitude of things. It can drastically change the ability itself. It can change the damage type. It can change the cooldown period. It can change the damage values. It can change the distance. It can dramatically change it from a ranged effect to a melee effect. Augments can create things that feel like entirely new skills, but they're going to keep some identity with what that primary active ability was.

    You can learn more about what we’ve shared regarding augments in the wiki here:

    @Raven016 (question) - In each vassal node structure, there can only be a maximum of two City nodes (stage 5 nodes) at one time. How often Nodes will be destroyed will have a lot to do with the politics and culture of each server.

    @Optics2134 (question) - All mounts have the ability to acquire up to 4 abilities and skills, and some of these are unlocked through the Animal Husbandry system. To find out more about what we’ve shared about mounts and progression related to them, see the wiki here:

    @RowniScipon (question) - This is something the design team is exploring now. We answered this question on a previous livestream. Here’s a timestamp to where this was being discussed:

    @RazThemun (question) - Crafters make the best stuff in Ashes of Creation. To learn more about what we’ve shared regarding Crafting, see the wiki here:

    @Aniion (question) - Recipes are things players obtain, and a player must have a recipe in their book to be able to craft that specific thing. Molds, on the other hand, are a material used in crafting.

    @RudeDiable (question) - Curently, this is not a planned feature <3

    @GrappLr (question) - The primary difference between Naval Caravans and Merchant Ships is that, unlike naval caravans, merchant ships cannot transition into land caravans. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Leonerdo5 (question) - Interesting question! To put it simply, some teams do playtesting often. For example, some teams are working on/in the game daily, like QA, engineers, artists, designers, etc. Teams like HR, or even Community, aren't in the game as often as those teams. However, we do company-wide playtests, where everyone gets a chance to hop in and test the game together! :) Oh! The community team also likes to hop into the game to test stuff together, sort of like a team-building exercise! <3

    @Lashing (question) - Steven loosely talked about this earlier this year (which you can see here)! As for normal mods, the current plan is for them to scale with the node, which you can read about here, on the wiki!

    @cosmichedgehog (question) - The team is hard at work on the Tulnar! With that said, the team is putting some extra focus into the other 8 core races to make sure they're in a good spot for testing. Tulnar may not be available at the same moment as other races during testing :)<3

    @Iniak (question) - You can see Steven and TheLazyPeon discussing that here! You can always read more about it here, on the wiki, as well!

    @Ace1234 (question) - You can read more about the hybrid combat system here, on the wiki! We'll have more detailed information to share in the future, as we get closer to testing ;)

    @NyehNoice (question) - There was an interesting thread not long ago in which user @liniker posted some QOL features they'd like to see. You might be interested in checking that, and others like it out <3

    @DarkestLink (question) - Classes are the combination of a primary and secondary archetype, and can be altered through many different means, such as augments, skills, weapons, gear, etc. To change the way they're played! You can read more about Classes here, on the wiki!

    @lustinusShiva (question) - Archetypes can use any kind of weapon or piece of armor. However, some abilities may require the use of certain types of gear!

    @ArnasPanika (question) - You can learn more about leveling here, on the wiki! Keep in mind, some aspects of the game will be subject to testing and feedback <3

    @DougBug27 (question) - Currently, the plan is for the appearance of a node to be determined by the leading contributing race <3

    @xillin (question) - You can read much about gear bonuses here, on the wiki! As for how many different sets you may want to collect and wear, this may be up to the player or the circumstance! :)

    @tauresp (question) - Elements may have more influence in certain seasons and climates. For example, frost abilities may be stronger in winter. This affects both PvE and PvP. There may be ley lines and strong magical places in the world that change or alter the way spells work. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @ChaosFactor (question) - These things will likely fluctuate and change according to testing and feedback! Once the team has gone through testing and balancing, we'll have a more concrete answer <3

    @Depraved (question) - We want the Bard to be an important and necessary archetype in Ashes of Creation! Because the Bard is a support-oriented archetype, you can expect them to provide great utility to their teams!

    @killion (question) - That answer, or the % given in the answer, likely doesn't apply to every other system of the game. Due to the many nuances of every system, our goals for each of them (in regards to Alpha Two) likely differ a bit to accommodate for those differences :)

    @SunScript (question) - Currently, the plan is for NPC guards to attack corrupted players on sight <3

    @SongRune (question) - Currently there may be a specific gear slot for musical instruments, but this has not been finalized yet. We'll have more information to share regarding these features as we progress further in development! For now, you can read more about musical instruments here, on the wiki!

    @Contagio (question) - We're not quite at the stage yet. However, that day will come as we progress further in development ;)

    @Lemulet (question) - Hunting certificates and loot tables likely will not be the same across the board, and will have some variance. Hunting certificates are specific to an economic region and may be traded with hunter NPCs at hunting lodges within nodes for commodities. These commodities can then be transported to nodes in other economic regions (via caravan or merchant ship) where they can be traded for gold. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Tyrol (question) - The recent livestream on Village Nodes and Mayoral activities loosely went over this topic! You can watch that here:

    @Renritar (question) We have quite a lot of people excited to test Alpha Two with us! We haven't shared an exact number of testers at this time <3

    @aphorizem (question) If I understand your question correctly, then yes! The progression of nodes will directly affect the content available to players through many different means. Tangental systems, such as the event system, will also play a part in this! I encourage you to[url=""] check out the wiki, where you can learn much about the many systems of Ashes of Creation[/url]!

    @SonicXplosion (question) - It's almost exactly as you say! One reason players may have incentve to level up a node is for the content that node may unlock, regardless of its geographic location ;)

    @EnderlinH (question), @Liniker (question) - We are currently still planning on featuring the season system in Alpha Two <3

    @SkylarckTheBotanist (question) - We'll have more detailed information to share regarding the Tulnar as we progress further in development <3

    @Drunkninja (question) - We'll have more detailed information regarding Guild Skills as we progress further in development <3

    @Teyloune (question). @Castai (question), @NyceGaming (question), @Sago65 (question), @CROW3 (question) - Your questions were ones we hoped to have gotten to on stream but didn't quite have the time. We'd love it if you come by next month for the next development update livestream to ask them again! ^_^

    @TheDarkSorcerer (question), @akabear (question), @LandSharkX (question), @Gaul_ (question), @GrilledCheeseMojito (question), @-T0Mb- (question), @Arcano_ (question), @Azherae (question), @NiKr (question), @TopWombat (question) - Congratulations! Your questions were answered by Steven and Margaret on the livestream! Be sure to check out the VoD on YouTube in case you missed it live! :)

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    📦🚚 In our latest Development Update, we previewed our Caravan System, showcased glorious art, and answered some of your questions! Check it out!

    👇🏽 What part did you enjoy the most?
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