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Hello World! - How Do I Get Involved?

Hello world!

Thought this would be a reasonable place to introduce myself what with the forum title and all. Been a longtime fan of MMORPGs, but never really truly satisfied with them over the long-term. Played Star Wars: Galaxies back in the day and I'm happy to see the dev team include some vets from that game. (Hoping for some of those features to wash over with a nice modern-day paintjob.)

I never seem to post much in forums, so I'm trying to get into the habit of changing that for the better. I do want to be involved in this community as it grows and would be more than happy for people to make some suggestions on how to do that.

As for me, I work in IT and am a nerd through-and-through. I like both my theme parks and my sandboxes, though I find that sandboxes are rarely done well. I'm as comfortable with a shooter as I am with Final Fantasy though I've always favored the third-person perspective.

Shikya Karaskage


  • Be welcome in the rising lands of Ashes, worldname to be announced
    <puts a cup of tea into your hands>

    I have no idea in what way you want to get involved, you can always look through the forums, picking up topics and voicing an opinion.
    You can <a href="https://discordapp.com/invite/93FXJen">join the official discord server</a> , hang out with the community, keep it lively and enjoy the exclusive content and first looks we get.
    Other than that, what are you looking for?

    See ya around
    <walks off sipping delicious tea>
  • I am right there with you, Shikya. I have been out of MMO's for a while but I really have an urge to get back into it and I figured getting involved with a promising MMO from the very early stages was the best place to start! As far as getting involved is concerned there isn't a whole lot of direct support that can be offered at the moment as Grisu mentioned (enjoy the tea). However, you can support the game by helping grow the community and keep it alive. More support for a game like this is exactly what it needs to thrive! As for me, I have been lurking in the forum here shooting off the odd post here and there (Hi!). I have also heard great things about the official Discord, that started as a community Discord if I recall, though I've yet to check it out myself. Anyway, yeah! Welcome to the Ashes community! :P

    <subtly sips coffee instead of tea>
  • <Looks at your cup of tea with disgust and offer you a mug of nordic mead>

    I bid you welcome on the forums.
    Like the tea drinking Grisu have said (I bet he's going to play an Elf!) just take a look around and come with your own opinions on the topics or start your own.
    I know you're on Discord already, and that place is good for first hand information and chit chat with the devs and Ashes members.

    Cya around :)
  • I'm usually more the troll guy or some animalistic nature bound theme if available.
    Elves are nothing really more than a rescue line for when there is nothing fantasyisch that appeals. For some classes I will pick dwarfs over elves too without any hesitation and clank my mug filled with mead. ; )
  • Heh, I was only messing around ?
    I wouldn't mind seeing animalistic races in Ashes. Sadly I tend to pick my race with the best racial stats for my character. That's is why I hate racial state and love them at the same time. Cus' I like that the races has various stats that reflect their culture and race. But I hate myself for not overlooking the stats and just pick the race I like the most...
  • Thanks for the warm welcome guys, gals, dwarves, elves, and/or <insert identity here>! I will have some of that tea, Grisu, and will humbly pass on the mug of mead. Though my family is Norwegian in descent, I've tended more towards the herbal and sugar-y end of the drink spectrum (for better or worse [probably worse {okay, definitely worse}]).

    I'll see what I can do to keep my voice heard among the crowd and I have to say that the Discord server is an excellent idea and a pretty happening place. I'm trying to get some of my friends to follow the game's progress, but several of them have a (understandable) wary eye towards game promises and MMOs. I think it's a good sign that the community is already picking up so early in the process and that the devs seem to listen to the player base closely.

    As for the topic of races, I'm on board with both the typical fantasy tropes (human, elf, dwarf, orc, halfling [I just read that as half-fling and imagined a hobbit being thrown by a dwarf]) as well as a few odd choices (golem, cat-person, dog-person, lizard-y race, etc.). I've got a bit of a furry streak, so appeasing that part of me would be worthwhile even though I tend towards the bow-wielding elves as my main in most games.
  • Have you seen the artwork of the mule yet? Or the bullbutterfly and flower mimic for that matter?
    I'm really looking forward to what strangeness and oddities and just perfect combination we will get.
    (The mule alone sold me already on the art)
  • I am very excited to see Ashes of Creation come to life. Every time a video or a post about Ashes comes out, it only inspires more questions about the game! I find it difficult to contain my excitement and keep leering over at my calendar to see if it is close to release time yet (When is that? December?)

    I'm not sure the best way to get involved in Ashes other than to be in San Diego (where Intrepid Studios is located) and be friends with the Devs. Barring that, I suppose being active in the community and hyping the game seem like the best ways to get involved. I know I'm going to do that as much as I can and I hope to see you all there, too.

    I have heard a rumor that Intrepid was looking for Story development and, if that is true, I want to humbly offer up my services.
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