Questions and thoughts about AI of NPCS

I've looked around, possibly not enough but if there is a conversation about it I would appreciate it if you could mention it :).

As a player who mostly plays PvE more so than PVP, I was rather curious how the NPCs will work especially with quests and cities, or even enemy NPCs possibly. Whether they will be individually different from others, meaning each having their own personality or like the interaction with them could be different through talking or what they would do as their background taking in account of their race, belief, job, etc..
Also possibly movement, will it almost resemble fluidity or be kinda of rigid, 8 direction only sort of thing; which I'm sure will be very much fluid just curious how much. How exactly will they affect cities, especially their businesses, or the things they can do? I know most of this world is shaped by players choices, such as nodes and other things but I believe allowing small details for questing, buying things, or whatever business with NPCs involve; would be really cool if each NPC was different, and not have repetitive like features. Such as their looks, how they look when doing their job at shop, to when defending/attacking something such as a quest involving them. It maybe too much, but would still be curious to know.
I would also like to ask about if they will play a major role in the lore, or the government of different cities. Lore is almost entirely expected, but I would also be curious to see if the AI themselves would form settlements or governments within them by them selves, not only players. Just wanting to know whether there will be massive importance NPCs will bring besides the colonization of our settlements, interactions at their shops or specifically their jobs, and among other things like lore/quests.
I'm so hyped for this game, with all the different ideas they have in place, to how beautiful it looks. I can't wait to see what this world has to offer than others :).

I'm also interested to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas about how NPC will give a huge role to this world, or give importance through minor but intricate details :).


  • I dont know about the "settlements or governments" thing since that would kind of disrupt the player-driven focus of nodes and such but I do certainly hope that once players band together build up a node that we can recruit NPCs to come and live in that town. It would be very un-lively if you walk into an area that is supposed to be a major city/trading hub and there are only the PCs there. Im actually ok with them not having too much autonomy as far as a sleep schedule and such, I'll reserve single player RPGs that expectation.
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