MML Music creation?

I am not sure why this is not more popular, but I would love an optional music system like in Mabinogi and Archeage. I would focus my entire gameplay on being a bard and making music for people to enjoy.

I just wish more games would have a similar system =/

I am not sure if this has been discussed or not, did not find anything with initial searches.


  • Sadly, we have not heard anything about this, but it seems like a really neat idea. As a bard class, you can do some jobs only specifically for bards. Plus, I like to listen to intense combat music from my teammate when fighting in raids :D
  • I only experienced it in Gw2 and have to say, I love it. Just finding ways of playing songs with different ingame instruments in itselfe is freaking awesome and fun.
    Since then I heard about other games who did it even better, I think one which was praised a lot was Lord of the Ring, supposedly it had a great system for that, but just something I heard.

    I would love to have, at some point, ingame instruments you can manually play, totally supported
  • I would love this to be added it would be great fun creating the music and learning the in game instruments!
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