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The Forbidden Island of the Lost

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( Amber Khan's point of view )

We hit the beach of this huge island, with it's dormant volcano at it's heart, and jungle as far as the eye can see. Why did Marisa drop us here? Why not closer to where we needed to be. And this heat, for the gods sake, it's so humid my body feels like it's melting. I turn to see the portal about to close, and Elyvenis rushes through right as it does. Lucky girl, but half elves seem to find that type of luck, and they get out of sticky situation more times then any other race. Marisa casts a spell to show us the way I guess, I watch as an arrow rushes across the sands, then that big loaf of a half orc Zarad pushes past us all to lead the way. Then that's when we hear that shrill of a long drawn out scream from the heart of the jungle. It sends chill down my spine, but the sound doesn't seem to effect the others, as they just press on into jungle ahead of us.

My attention turns toward that fine measure of a man in Granthor, I didn't know he was a Stormhand, if I could get his eye it would help my standing in the capital. But who am I fooling myself, Marisa already has her eye on him, and I see how they act together. What a shame, but then there is his friend Red, I could do worst, but he is still a great fighter. A huge plus in my book, and good men are very hard to find now a days.

Some trees crash down around us, I grab hold of my swords, pulling them out to get ready for what is coming. But it's just a large sloth type creature, knocking over trees so it can eat the tops off.

" Take it easy lass, it's just a jungle sloth. They are very gentle creatures, and don't attack anyone. ", says Red with a laugh.

" I know that Red, I am not stupid you know. I just got surprised is all. ", I say to him as I slam my swords back in there holders.

Blast the guy, I bet he was just as jumpy when those trees fell. Now I am on guard, this time it's a sloth, next time it might be something worst. I watch as Ash and Elyvenis rush off to scout ahead of us, and Zarad stops in his tracks waiting on Ash to return. Granthor walks over to me with a water skin extended out.

" You better have a quick drink Amber, this jungle heat is bad, and I can tell your having a hard time of it. ", says Granthor with a smile.

I thank him for the quick drink, and the water feels so good going down my throat. I pour just a small bit over my head, and it gives me a quick relief from this heat. The others return and say they found a cave just up ahead, and Marisa tells them that's where we need to get going next. The magical arrow that lead us this far, turns in the direction of the cave in question. And again Zarad pushes ahead of us all, and leads the way with quickened steps. What is his problem? Stupid half orc, he has alot brawn and no brain. I wouldn't ever get one of these half orcs crossed with me, but I would love to have one fighting at my side. I will watch his back, as long as he keeps mine guarded.

We reach the caves mouth and the shrill scream can be heard from behind us now, the hairs on the back of my neck go up. What the hell is out there, and do I want to know? I turn to see Max and Garwen looking into the darkened cave, and Red and Granthor draw swords with shields in hand, and they move just behind me. A low trimmer crosses the ground, and Marisa takes out her mages book. It must be something major coming at us, I never knew a mage to take out their books, unless they were about to cast a very powerful spell. I watch as the book floats above her left hand, and the pages turn without her touching them. Garwen now moves next to me with her shield extended, Ash and Elyvenis have their bows aimed out and ready to fire, but Max retreats into the cave. Blast him, something is hunting us down from the jungle, and he runs off to hide. I draw my swords, and I stand ready to fight, then that howling screaming shrill is right on top of us now. The trees shake, birds fly away, and the ground beneath us rumbles with each foot step that can be heard. Then we see it as it pushes out from the trees, it's huge almost as tall as the trees around it.

Two barren eyes stare at us with a pure hatred, and another growl surges from its crooked mouth in unfathomable agony. Two enormous horns adorns its slim head, which itself is glowing faintly in the shaded trees. Quick breathing escapes the creature's jagged nostrils set within a shrivelled nose. Its slim head sits atop a tall, blubbery body. Spikes cover its shoulders, I don't exactly want to take a closer look to inspect this further.

The creature bolts toward us, its two legs calmly carry its diabolical body with a restless energy. A bony tail moves behind it, its movements reminiscent of that of a cat. Two cramped wings extend themselves fully. Fiery bones, and fleshy membranes stretch upward before curling up. The creature's stare becomes more and more menacing with every second. Then it strikes and we go into action.

To be continued...............


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    ( Ranger Ash's point of view )

    In all my years of training as a Ranger, I still find myself lacking the power to face this new enemy. I heard of these Daemons as a child, but figured it was just stories told to scared children. Now I face off with one standing within feet of me, and the level of fear that is gripping me is almost to much to bare. The creature charges us, and leaps quickly into the air, and crushes down in the middle of us all. I dodge the attack as quick as it happens, then draw my bow with arrow in hand. I can see the others scramble to brace for another attack. Never mind them for now, the creature has his back to me, and I take aim and fire a few arrows into it's back. I watch for a second, and I grab for a new arrow, only to watch the ones I sent into the beast do little damage. It doesn't even turn to see what stuck him from behind, as it goes after Garwen now.

    She faces the creature, and it strikes down with it's clawed, and Zarad rushes it from the left to help draw it's attention away from her. I can only watch was Zarad is knocked back by the monster into a tree close by. Then it continues to finish it's sweeping motion toward Garwen, but it's stopped short by an invisible force. A barrier of some kind, then I remember Marisa was casting a spell. It must has be a protective one, but how long will it last?

    I rush over to Zarad's side now, he looks more angry vs hurt from the blow, and I help him to his feet to ready a new attack on the monster. He picks up his hammer weapon, and rushes the monster again. This time I send a few arrows ahead of him, striking the beast in it's right leg. It sends out a huge scream of pain, and I feel a moment of relief, we can hurt it after all. I fire a few more rounds into it, as Zarad rushes past the monster, striking it hard as he runs by it.

    The Daemon doesn't fall, but it was knocked back a few steps, and it turns to go after Zarad, who found his way behind a few large boulders. I watch as Garwen raises her mace to the air, and a lighting bolt strikes it, then she points the weapon at the Daemon hitting it hard with the lighting attack. I watch as it falls to the ground with a thud this time, and Red with Granthor rush in quickly with swords drawn. I rush it too with my own sword, and before the monster can get back on it's feet, we strike hard with our blades, cutting the beast deep. It screams out, and knocks both Red and Granthor away with it's powerful arms, sending them rolling across the ground. Leaving me to face it alone as it stands back up on it's feet. Oh hell I think, as it towers over me looking down, and I watch as it swings down to end my life. But before it can give me the killing blown, it is hit with a huge ice bolt, knocking on it's back. A second one flies in, then third strike of ice. Bless that Marisa, I hate her timing, but she knows how to save someone when it counts.

    Amber rushes past me now, and I quickly join her in this new attack. She jumps high in the air, with the points of her blades flashing, and drives them deep into the chest of the beast. I rush up to sink my own blade into the heart of the beast, but it still has the power to knock us away. It rolls to knees now, blood pouring from it's mouth, and it fights to get to it's feet. Zarad from the area he was hiding rushes it, before it can get up, and strikes it hard on the head. One of the creatures horns break free from the blow, and the beast screams with an ear piercing yell, as it's flaming wings dim a little, and it falls to the ground once more. It beats it's wings wildly, as it grabs the ground pulling away from us. I watch now as arrow's sink deep into it's spine. It's flame dies quickly, and so does the beast. I turn to see Elyenvis looking at me.

    " That is where you hit this beast's Ash, next time when you face one, aim for the middle of the back. ", Says Elyenvis as she pulls a small blade from her holder.

    " But I did aim from the back, the arrow did no damage. ", I say to her with a questioning look.

    She walks up to me and pats me on the right cheek. Letting me know she knows that, and she walks over to start cutting into the monster. Marisa walks over to join her, as I move to reclaim my sword. I watch as both Elyenvis and Marisa cut into the dead body.

    " What are you two doing? ", I ask with a puzzled look.

    ": These creatures are full of magical items, and their bones are highly prized in magic circles. ", says Marisa as she claims the other horn, and burns away flesh with magical flames.

    Elyenvis toss me a bag she found behind one of the wings of the beast, as she found six packs hidden there. I open the leathery pack to reveal a couple old treasure maps, a few magical scrolls and a few small bags of gold coin. Not bad for a day work, I will have to look into these maps at a later date.

    I look around and remember Max, blast it all, where did he rush off too?

    To be continued....................


  • ( Max's view)

    Into the darkened cave I ran, yeah it's what I do best, run away when there be trouble about. Run as fast as I can, putting the danger behind me. But I find myself deep in the blackened cave alone, at least I think I am alone. I can still hear the sounds of battle behind me, the others fighting that thing. Not me I says to me self, I am a survivor, and we survivors looks out for number one.

    A hollowing scream rings out, echoing through the cave, and it sends shivers up my spine. I got to get way faster, must go deeper into the darkness. I can feel the sides of the cave walls in the dark, feels cool and it's smooth but a little rough. Must be an old lava cave from the old volcano on the island.

    I remembered I have a few small torches in my pack, and feel around in the dark to take one out, then I lights me one to get a better look about the place. It's just a straight cave going front to back on an angle, no side tunnels at all. So a walk a bit more into this cavern, until I reach what looks like a huge door doorway. There is a pedestal to the left of it, and on it are six slots. I can see no way of opening this door, but then a rush of cold air blows and my torch goes out in a snuff.

    " What is this? A little piggy for me? Something good to eat? "

    Oh god! It's pith black, and something in in here with me. I scramble to light a new torch, and take out my short sword to defend myself from whatever is in the shadows.

    " Who is there? Show yourself! ", I say as I put my back against a wall.

    From above me it comes, blasted it all, I was so busy looking at this door, I didn't see the open space above it. Then it shows it's face to me. Two glowing eyes study their surroundings from their bony sockets. A gentle nose rests below, but it's the ordinary mouth below that takes all the attention. A creepy smile reveals two pointy canines and a flat tongue. Long bent ears sit on each side of its small, rounded head, which itself is covered in long and has two broad horns protruding from the sides hair. It lowers it's self to the floor below now, making it's way slowly down unseen holdings long the wall.

    Now I can see a tall broad body hunched over. Two thick arms hang at its sides and end in small hands with small fingers, each with dull nails.
    Its legs are short and are slightly bent, each ending in flat feet. Its body is covered in delicate pale skin and its shoulders are about the same width as its pelvis, from which a large tail sways back and forth.

    " It smells good, does it taste good? Oh little piggy looks good. ", says the creature as it moves toward me.

    " Hey now! Whatever you are back off! I am not your dinner! You get away from me, or you will feel the cold sting of my blade! ", I flash by sword at with those words.

    It watches me a bit, and retreats a little. I am careful now, this thing eyeing me closely, and me with only two torches left. I know it's waiting me out, and I don't dare turn my back on it now. I take a few steps back, and in turn it moves forward to match my steps. I stop and it stops, blasted it all, I need to fight this thing. Then I remember, I do have a bit of food in my pack.

    " Hey what is your name? ", I says while feeling around for a bit of food now.

    " Name? what is a name?, says the creature as it licks it's lips now.

    " You know what others call you, to give you an identity. What you friends would call you. "

    " One never been called anything, so you can call me what you will little piggy. Not that it matters much, we will fest on your bones tonight, and fill my belly with your flesh. ", it says with greedy eyes now.

    I think quickly now, as my second torch starts to fade, and I pull out the bit of rawhide I had in my pack. I quick take a small pouch out, and give the meat a little rub of the pounder. I hope this works, as I find myself juggling my weapon, new torch and the bit of food. I light a new touch, as I find the creature has moved closer to me. But I warn him back with a wave of my sword.

    " Look you don't want to eat me, beside I have something better. I have this magical food in my hand, if you eat this, you will stay full for days. ", I say as I show it that rawhide in my left hand.

    " Magical meat? We never hear of magical meat. Is it tasty? Is it sweet? ", says the creature now with greedy eyes.

    I wave it slowly, and it follows the motion of my hand with every movement. Then I toss the bit of meat toward the creature, and it snatches it out of the air in a flash. I need to stay on my guard even more now, this thing is lighting fast, and it will be on me if I drop my guard before I can make a move. It smells the meat carefully, then eyes me for a moment. Go on I think, eat it down, and it does in a few quick bites. It lips it's lips again then looks back over to me.

    " That was good little piggy, but piggy be not telling the truth to me, the meat only make me more hungry. Now One be wanting little piggy even more. ", it says as a new rush of air blows through the cave.

    Blast it, my third torch is out, and it's pitch black in here. I can hear it moving toward me in the dark, as I scramble to light my last torch. I back away swinging my sword at the darkness, then I hear a thud as something hit the ground. I light my torch, and I see the creature face down sleeping on the ground. Whew, I think, but I thought I used the deadly poison, not the sleeping powder. Oh well, it still worked, and I am safe for whatever this thing was. Then I hear my name being called from behind me. It's the others and it looks like they killed off whatever was outside. This is a fun place so far, I got a funny feeling, we will have more fun on the other side of that door. I can't wait.

    To be continued................

  • Wow - this is really interesting, Granthor (are you a Professor Emeritus in English Literature by any chance?)...

    Thank you!

  • No, I am not a retired Professor of anything really. Just someone who as a very active mind.
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    ( Red's Tale )

    Never in my life have I faced off with such a beast, but it does have some of the best loot to be found. Elyvenis tossed me one of the six bags from under it's wings, and it holds a few gem stones, some gold coin and a small stone statue of a griffin. I take out the statue to get a better look, and Granthor walks over to me with a comment.

    " You lucky devil, you have a summoning item, that there be a griffin mount. But use it wisely, you will only get one use out of it. "

    I smile a bit while look it over a bit more, then that bastard Ash walks over to me. He holds out a treasure map, and points to my griffin with a grin.

    " I will trade you this map for that item. You don't have a need for it, and I will put it to much better use. "

    He reaches out to take it, but I put it away and let him know I will be keeping it with me. I put my loot away in my travel pack, and we all head into the cave. I wonder where that bastard thief ran off to, as Marisa casts an illumination spell to light the way. The cave slopes down a bit and is smooth, nothing special about it really, as we make our way deeper inside. Then we sees the coward, standing over a funny looking creature next to a huge doorway. It doesn't look dead, and I walk over to confront oh Maxi boy.

    " So....this is what you been up too, while we were out doing the real fighting. Playing with this thing, while we did all the hard work. "

    He gives me a cross angry look, I knew it would get him going, and here he comes to get in my face now.

    " You little old bastard! That thing was going to eat me! I was lucky to get away with my life. ", Says Max as he now tosses away the torch he was holding.

    I take a few steps toward him, and push my fighter into his chest.

    " Well why didn't you kill it, or is that all you can do is bore things so much, they fall asleep? "

    " Why you little piss ant, I would like to see you do better, when something comes at you in the dark and wants to turn you into it's supper.", say Max while pushing his own fight into my chest now.

    While we were fighting, and the others had their attention was on us, the creature wakes up, and quickly slips away. Max turns to take a few steps to run after it, then stops short and looks back at me.

    " Now look what you're done, it got away. Blast it all, now it will be hunting me I know it. ", say Max with concern in his eyes.

    Then we hear a voice from the distance echoing back.

    " Little piggy tricks the One, we will get piggy one day. Yes the One will find you. Little piggy will be mine.... "

    Yep he should have killed it when he had the chance, and Max gives me a dirty look now, as he walks over to Ash. I turn to see Marisa with the crystals floating over the pedestal, and one by one they seat into the slots of the stand. As the last one clicks into place, the large doors in front of us open slowly, they grind open as they slide into the cave walls. Then an over powering stench of decayed flesh crosses the air, I grab hold of my nose, god the smell of it. But some of the others don't seen phased by it, as they press on into this crypt.

    Marisa takes the head of the pedestal now, as she is the last to pass the doorway, and the huge doors close behind us with a low thud. Ahead of us I can see the beginnings of some large catacombs, filled with coffins of different types, and a few large burial cambers. Bones of different races dot the walls, I notice there are more elf type skulls along with what looks to be dwarf heads too, but I don't see many human skulls. I don't think much of it, as we continue to follow Marisa, while she takes the lead in this tome. As we go down different side tunnels, and small passages. I am glad she knows were we are going, I would have been lost in this maze of death, at least I hope she does. Feels like we been walking for hours in this place, so many passages down here.

    Then we see a huge archway in front of us, as we make one last turn, and it leads into a huge room filled with dragon bones of different sizes. Most look to be in tact, and as I look around, I can see sky above us. It's the opening to the volcano, this must be where the dragons come to die, at least it seems that way. Then we hear a low rumbling voice from behind one set of large bones.

    " Who dares enter this sacred  place? "

    We all pull weapons to get ready for what is to come, then a huge dark shadowy figure rises up high from the ground, and looks down at us with red glowing eyes.

    " This is the lost tome of the dragons, and your not welcome here. "

    To be continued........................ 

  • ( Granthor's tale )

    As Marisa raises the level of lighting in the hall brighter, we watch this huge from take on shape. It's a transparent dragon, and it watches us closely now. I can see narrow fiery eyes sitting graciously within the creature's horned, narrow skull, which gives the creature a rather intimidating looking appearance. Several enormous what look like crystal growths sit atop its head, just above its narrow, dog-like ears. Several rows of crystal growths runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines. Its nose is pointy and has two tiny, warped nostrils and there are tendrils on its chin. Several rows of sharp teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and give a preview of the terror hiding inside.
    A short neck runs down from its head and into a bulky transparent body. The top is covered in wispy reptilian skin and rows of thick armor plating runs down its spine. Its bottom can barely be seen in this light, as it looks to be just a deep cloudy fog over the ground. But as it moves forward toward us, four massive limbs can be seen now, they carry its body giving it an imposing and dignified look. Each limb has 4 digits, each of which end in long talons seemingly made of bone at one time. Slender transparent wings grow starting from its shoulders and end all the way down at its pelvis. The wings are pointed, a specialized layer of seeminly different colors changing light like skin makes up most of the wing, and long tendril like growths grow from many parts of the bottom sides of each wing. It beats the air a bit, showing off a rainbow of colors, then folds them back into place on its back. It shows the rest of its body to use, as it lowers its head to our level now. I can see its simple tail ends in a curled tip and is covered in the same reptilian skin as its body. 

    I know we can do nothing more to this creature, so I return my blade to it's holder, and the others do the same as the creature speaks to us in a low rubbing voice. I am so amazed that it can speak at all, but I know little of what dragons can do, as I listen to what it has to say.

    " You don't look like tome robbers. What is your business in this sacrate place? "

    Marisa holds up the head piece from the pedestal, showing the six crystals off to this ancient ghost dragon. It turns its head to eye the piece closely, then it turns to look us all over slowly. Even in death this creature still is very intimidating, as I watch it look over Red then Garwen, it must have been very formidable when it was alive. Just the size of it's mouth alone could gobble up a grown man in one bite, I am glad it's dead now, I would hate to have to fight something like this now. Then the mighty dragon stares down at me closer. I can feel something move over me, as if probing me deep, I have a feeling something is in my mind, then the feeling fades quickly away as the dragon looks at the others.

    It finishes with Max, pausing over him for a moment looking closer, then it turns to look at Marisa once more as it speaks.

    " So you all have come for the treasure, the riches of the four lost kingdoms, as you say the four crowns?

    " Yes monster! We have come for that treasure, so where is it? ", says Max stepping forward a couple steps.

    Ash grabs hold of his arm, pulling him back, and points a finger in his face to keep him quite. I can see Max getting on edge, not sure if it's fear, or he is just crazy.

    The Dragon grins wide showing off its teeth, then turns to walk away, and sits down on the ground on its hind legs. It now looks to the right, and a large doorway appears in the rocky wall. It glows with a light-blue lighting along the edges, and its center is a bright white. Fog can be seen leaking from the cracks now, as the Dragon speaks to us once more.  

    " Through that doorway are two paths, one to the lost treasure, the other too an altar. The treasure room will have the crowns you seek, if you choose that room, only take one of the crowns. It's riches will bring the fortune you seek, but also bring you the weight it bares. The altar room holds secrets even I can't see, but I know this much, you will need to give something up on the altar, and it will give you what you need in return. Both paths can and will change your lives forever, but not both will being you the future you seek. For you stand at a cross roads in life, so choose wisely young adventurers. Your faith is in your hands. "

    The Dragon lays down on the ground with it's head still high up and looks over to Marisa.

    " Young spell caster, take the key to the doorway, there you will see a pedestal, place it there, then step away from it. "

    She does as the Dragon says, I watch as the pedestal head turns left then right a few times, as we hear the sounds of locks opening. Then as it stops turning the door opens inward, and a bright light shines from inside a smoky hallway. We all walk slowly toward the opening, but we can't see what's down the hall.

    " Enter one at a time, once you have made your choice, you will not return to this place, and will be taken away from here in a flash."

    " Where will we end up? ' ask Amber with concern.

    The Dragon lays it's head down, then closes its eyes as it replies to her.

     " You will go where you need to be, where your road will continue. Go now, your future awaits you. Now go..."

    With those words we turn to face the doorway. The first to enter is Garwen, with shield up and ready, she enters the light filled hall slowly, and disappears from sight. Next Zadar looks over to Ash, as he nods to him with a smile, and he enters the light quickly. Elyenvis is up next, and she looks at Ash for a moment, then at the rest of us, as a smile crosses her face. She brushes her long blue-greenish hair away from her right small pointed ear, showing off the jeweled earrings her father gave her. And with that she enters the lighted doorway. Then I look over to Ash, he takes a deep breath, and pauses for a moment.

    " Well Granthor, I will see you on the other side, no matter what happens next. I swear to you my friend. "

    He extends a hand toward me, and I join his hand with a grip of respect. Then he turns to enter the light, and disappears from sight. Now it's Amber turn, she looks back at us for a moment, then turns to look at Red. She gives him a small smile, and moves to hug him a bit.

    " You make the right choice in there you hear me, you old little redheaded fool, I want to see you again. "

    She hugs him once more as I can see Red's face matching his hair now. Then she turns to enter the doorway, and like the others vanishes from sight. Now I look over to Max, who was so fired up a few minutes ago, now he paces around playing with his dagger, looking unsure about what to do next.

    " What's your troubles Max? I figured you wanted this. ", I ask him with concern.

    He stops to look at me for a second, then puts his blade away, and takes a deep breath.

    " You know I figured I wanted to live like a king, and here is the chance I am getting to be one. But I find myself questioning maybe it's not what I really want after all. ", says Max while staring at the doorway now.

    He turns to look at me once more.

    " It's been pleasure Master Stonghand, but I fear for our futures. "

    He smiles at me a little, then turns to enter the light, and is gone in a flash. Now Red moves to the door way, then looks to me and Marisa.

    " You know you two make a great couple, don't ever lose each other. I will see you again on the other side my friends. "

    I extend my hand to Red, and he gives me a firm grip, then he hugs Marisa close, then he turns to enter the doorway to leave our sight. Now it's just Marisa and me. She looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers, and she gives me the biggest smile.

    " You know I spent a few years looking for this place, the power it has to change lives, and now I am not sure I want to make that change. If your not part of my future I don't know.........."

    I stop her there before she can finish, and move in to give her a big kiss, we pause in the moment for what felt like hours. We move apart slowly with smiles on our faces, then the Dragon breaks the moment with a low rumbling voice.

    " Marisa. Please come to me once more, I have a favor to ask, and something I must give you before you leave this place. "

    " What do you want of her Dragon? ", I ask with a very concerned look.

    Marisa just takes my hand now, and looks me in the eyes.

    " I will be fine Gran, just go on ahead of me, I will make sure no matter what. I will be not far behind you ok. "

    With those words, she kisses me once more, then she backs slowly away from me, letting her fingers slowly cross my left hand. She motions for me to go, as I give her a smile once more, then I enter the doorway of light.

    To Be continued...........

  • (Zadar's tale) part 1

    Upon enter the doorway or light, I finds myself standing at a forked hallway. Just as the Dragon spirit for told, I can see the Alter to the left of me, and a room with four crowns to my right. Thinking for a moment, how can I best serve my people, then without another thought, I enters the crown room. They hover in the air, within a pillar of golden light, and shine brightly as they turn slow. I looks them over slowly, wondering how this will help my people. Then a voice rings out, as if answering my question in my head.

    " You stand before the crowns of the four lost kingdoms. Once you claim one of the crowns for your own, what was lost, will be found under you leadership. You will be granted all the power of that kingdom, and own all that comes with it. "

    I looks closer at each one now, taking a slow look, and I can see how each is made. One is golden with vines wrapped around tall trees, and small red and blue gem stones lining the base of each tree. Another looks like a huge ban made of iron, it holds white sapphires going around the top and bottom edges, and runic symbols in the middle with red rubes in the heart of each one. He looks at the third and it is a solid golden crown, with five high peaks circling it, and it's trimmed with blue gem stones, and has a sliver lining. The last one is pure silver with golden trim runes, and it holds no extra jewels like the others.  

    " Behold! The crown of the woodland kingdom, the crown of the mountain kingdom, the crown of the island kingdom, and the crown of the great plains kingdom. Choose wisely, for once you have made your choose, it can not be undone. The crowns await your decision. "

    With those last words I take one last look, and make up my mind. I take hold of the woodland crown, for my people live best in the forests, and I know this will serve then well. The crown almost feels alive in my hands, as I look closer at it's make. Then that voice echoes in my ears one last time.

    " Place the crown on your head. Take your place in your kingdom. "

    With those words, I does what the voice tells me, and place the crown on my head. Then the light in the chamber grows brighter, and I can no long see what is around me. I feel odd for a moment, then the light slowly fades, and I can see I am no long in the crown chamber, but I sit upon a mahogany hrone. Around me are huge braziers half encompassing each of sixteen soapstone columns light up the lower levels of the throne hall and their light wraps the hall in a warm radiance. The flickering lights show off while marble icons and gargoyles looking down upon the stone floor of this royal hall.

    A furry rug splits the entire room in half from the doors to the throne while matching banners with ornate ridges decorate the walls. Between each banner hangs a small luster, almost all of them have been lit and in turn illuminate the tapestries of late orcish heroes below them.
    Extensive, plain glass windows are edged by curtains colored the same scarlet as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with burnished corners and gold leaves.

    I sits atop an elevated platform and is adjoined by three equally lavish seats for esteemed guests. The throne is covered in divine sculptures and fixed on each of the broad ears is a sapphire crown. The broad pillows are a light scarlet and these too have been adorned with gilded corners.

    There is an abundance of modest, yet comfortable stone benches, all of which are facing the throne in a wide V-shape. Looks as those of higher standing can instead take seat in the ceremonial mezzanines overlooking the hall.

    As I see more, there are fine dressed orcs and half-orcs standing before me in a great hall, and they all take a knee. I am their king, the king of the woodland lands. But were am I? This answer will have to wait, as an orc in fine fur robes walks up to me, and bows down deep, he points back to the doors of the hall.

    " Your Highness, the Dark Queen awaits. Shall I allow her an audience? "

    No time to think, but I can't stop what I have started, I can at least see who is coming to meet with me. I need time to figure out what I have gotten into, and how to use this for my people. I agree to meet with this queen, and watch as a white pale skinned thin women walks in with her guards. She is dress in black robes, and her head holds a black four pointed crown. Her lips are stained red, and her eyes are black as the night. For a human, if that is what she is, some would say she has a dark beauty about her, but as far as orc kind she isn't my type.

    " So great king, have you read over the agreement I sent you last week? ", she says to me with a evil grin.

    " What agreement do you speak of? ", I ask only to figure out what is going on.  " Don't play coy with me. The one where you forces will join with mine, or are you having second thoughts on the arrangements? ", she says with a frown now.

    I watch as she walks around touching the arms of a couple of my guards, as she slowly moves around the room.

    " You know I like orc kind , so strong, so bold. Even you being half human, oh great king, still have more orc than human in you blood.  But I can see your human side needs just a little more time to think things over, but don't take to much longer. I will go forward with or without you, and any lands will be forfeit." she says with a small grin now.

    " You will have my answer in the morning. But until then pleas enjoy your stay with us. "

    I motion for a court aid to show the queen to one of our best rooms. She smiles and bows slightly to me, and leaves the hall. But not all of her people leave right away, the fellow with a flute at his side stands in the doorway, and he eyes me for a short while, then leaves to follow his queen.

    I know that person, it's the piper, blast it all, I wonder if he remembers me. I guess I will find out latter, but I have no fear of him now. Even if he knows me, he can't touch me in this place. I wonder where the others ended up.

    To be continued in part 2....................

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    (Zadar's tale) part 2

    A few days have past, as I stand on a balcony now from my bedroom in my great castle. It's noon time, as I over look the might city I inherited from taking this crown, and I wonder what did I get myself into? I gave my answer to the Black Queen, and she wasn't to happy with what I had to say, so she left my city, to return to whatever hole she crawled out from under. I was granted the power of leadership of my people, so my first order of business was to not be a puppet some hag of a queen, and I let her know in so many words, without letting her know I wasn't going to play along. Time is what I needed to organize my people, and time is what I told her I need. So with that she went on her way, and now the real work begins. So much to do, and so little time.

    Looking over the city now, its cast on the right side of a grove, the burg of what is know as Hammerfall is home to orcs and half-orcs alike. I am told this burg wasn't built by the grove by accident, as it has spiritual significance, which is of great importance to the people of Hammerfall and its success. The burg itself looks mediocre. With its gray rooftops, worn sandstone walls and dusty windows, Hammerfall has a repulsive atmosphere. But it still home for my people, and everyday they pour through the city gates to claim it as their own.

    The main attraction I hear is the museum, one that holds a lot of orc history, which was built over sixty-two years ago and designed by humans. But those humans are long gone, and they left their mark on us all. One being those of us who are half human, but we still call ourselves orc. We can still hold our own in any fight, even if the pure bloods don't accept us deep down, we are still orc at heart.

    Hammerfall has a healthy economy so I am told, which is mainly supported by wine brewing, thieving and woodcrafting. But the biggest strengths are elaborate blacksmithing and rare wood production. But we lacks people skilled in tailoring, that we trade for to get what we need.

    I turn as I hear a knock on the door, it's General Gunug, and he enters with a two of his officers Oguk and Kilug. They are all pure blooded orcs, and have shown they are loyal to the crown I know wear. Still not sure I can trust them, after all they did help to wipe out the city of Moonborn, but still I am their king now. So I face them, as they bow deep before me.

    General Gunug has long years as a warrior, as his long grey boarded hair, exposes a bald head on top. He still has a firm muscular body, even for an orc, and he wears pieces of plate armor that covers key areas of his body. He wears a long black cape on his back, and he looks at me with his dark brown eyes, as a bit of drool drips from a mouth of long pointed teeth.

    " My lord. The last of the dispatches have been sent, the other tribes on the outer regions have answered the call, they will be here within the week.", he says while wiping he face with his left hand.

    " Have all the regional lords accepted my claim on the crown general? ", I ask watching his expression.

    He pauses for a moment, then slightly looks back at one of his men, then returns his attention on me.

    " We have heard from all but one my lord. But Lord Muk has yet to answer a reply.", he says with a little nervousness now.  

    I try not to look concerned, as I send them away to find out why I haven't gotten any word from the far eastern township yet. I know Lord Muk very well, after all I took his daughter for me mate, but I left her under his care with my children. As I went to seek my fortune with my new friend Ash. But I would figure he would come running, with the news that I am the new king of the land, he can be a bit of a throne in anyone side, and I know even a new king doesn't move him into action. But this king will not be ignored, so I will send messengers to bring him into the fold.

    I call for an aid, as I sit down at a table that in my room. I get ready for a nice afternoon meal, as the aid with helpers bring in the kings lunch. I think for a bit and wonder. Whatever happened to the others, and where is Ash. Would be nice if he was here right now. If he could only see me now. The new king of the north, long live the king.

    To be continued.....

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    (Marisa's Tale)

    He's gone now, as I stand in the dragon's tome, the one I loved all my life is gone to meet his destiny. Now I alone sit with the spirit of a dragon long since dead to this world, and I alone will see what it wants of me.  

    " Come child, we don't have much time now. ", says the dragon in a low rumbling tone.

    I turn to see it glowing brighter with blue lights flashing, then slowly to a dim down. It looks to be fading from this life, so I move closer to it cautiously.

    " I am here dragon, what do you wish of me? "

    " Go to what is left of my body, take of it a piece of the crystal, then a tooth from my head, and finally a piece of scale that is left. Take all this with you into the hall of light, and place it on the altar. ", the dragon motions to it's decayed body.

    " Why do you wish me to take these items from your body? I don't wish to...."

    His roar cuts off what more I wish to say, then I listen to it, as quickly I move to remove the items from it's body.

    " You must take what I requested of you young magic user, it will aid you from what is to come. But hurry, for my time is coming to an end, and another is comes to take my place in this tome. So you must not be here when the new one arrives. "

    I take up all that was told to me, and it moves to the doorway of light now. I follow and watch as the pedestal lifts up into the air, then I turn back to see the dragons eyes glowing bright red.

    " Go now young one go, for my last act is to send the power crystals away. So the cycle can be repeated once more. Once it's done, the doors will close, and they will not open again. "

    I nod a sign of respect to the great dragon, and enter the doorway of light. I can still see it, as it sends the crystals away from the pedestal, and they fly quickly up and out of the volcano. Then the spirit of the dragon flashes once more, and fades from sight. The door slowly closes behind me, as I hear the beating wings of another dragon, and it lets out a huge roar as the door closes shut.

    I turn to walk down the hall of light, and I reach the forked hallway. I can see the crown room to the right of me, inside is a single crown floating in a golden light, and to my left is the altar room. I wonder who took three of the four crowns, then I watch as a new column of golden light shins down, and a second crown now materializes in the middle of the light. Odd I think, but maybe it's what needs to happen. Somewhere in the world, a kingdom has fallen, but who's kingdom was it? I take a closer look at the crown, it looks to be of elfish design, then it comes to me. This is the crown of the Northern Elf king? By the gods no! Have they all been wiped out?

    Wasting no more time, I enter the altar room, it's a plain stone block, with two stone statues of knights facing each other looked down. They hold swords in their hands, and have then extended crossing every other. A light shines down from above, and I approach slowly with the dragon items in hand.

    " Hold young one! ", booms a voice from above me.

    " Know this before you place anything on this altar. You must first give up something of great value to you, then you may give me items you wish to offer me. Once done, I will give you what is needed in return. ", says the voice in low tones now.

    I can't think of what I can give up, then I remember I still have my fathers old staff. It's been in the family for centuries, I wonder if the altar will take this? So I take the staff from the holder on my back, and slow walk over to place it down on the altar. The light over the altar grows bright, and the staff fades from sight.

    " Is this all you have to offer me child? "

    Knowing what the dragon told me, I offer up the crystal, bone tooth and the piece of scale from it's body. I place these items on the altar, and like before the light grows bright, and the items fade away. But this time they are replaced with a leather sack, and a dragon headed jade crystal staff with red eyes.

    I take up the items in my hand, and with that the lights in the room grow bright. I can't see what in front of me, it feels like I have moved from where I was standing, then the light fades lower, and I am now standing at the doorway to my father's home. I look around, and everything looks to be as I left it a few weeks ago, and my brother comes out the door with a surprised look on his face.

    " By the gods Marisa, where did you come from, and what the blazes are you wearing? "

    I try to look at my outfit, it's white in color, with a low rounded neck line. Fine golden ropes cross a long v-line goes down my middle section, and a flap of cloth hangs over my lower section to my knees. It all looks to be in good taste, as I feel the material a bit.  A white hooded cloak sits on my back, and I am wearing long white heavy cloth boots. I hold the dragon staff in my left hand, and the leather satchel has replaced my old cloth pack on my right side.

    I know I am back in the capital again, but I wonder what happened to everyone else from my party. If nothing else, I will go to Granthor's fathers home, it's a good place to start. I tell my bother to come with me, while I discover what happened to my beloved Gran.

    To Be continued.....................

  • (Granthor's tale)

    I am home again. I don't know how I got here, but I find myself standing in the window of my father's house, looking at the starry sky. The full moon is high in the sky, and it lights up the whole area, and I can see the capital very clear as day. But now I find myself wondering what happened to the others.

    The light I entered, right after leaving Marisa behind, blinded me for a few moments. Then I found the two chambers, and I made my choice. But was it the right choice, maybe I should have taken that last crown. Bah I am no king, even if I took that crown for myself, I wouldn't know what to do as a king. Ordering people around isn't who I am, so I made the only choice I knew was right to me.  

    I gave up what was given to me by my father, the sword and shield, only to get the same in return. Along with an amulet that fused to my armor, once it touch the surface of my chest. Then all went black, and I woke up here in bed.

    What the hell happened? Where did my armor and weapons go? Oh yes, father told me, he has them all put away, until I am ready for them. They found me face down on the ground outside, and took me in. Now this is where I ended up, but what of the others?

    I rub my chin, feeling the growth of stubbed hair there now, thinking I need to shave soon. I turn to look around the room now, and it's a basic setup of a bed and table with chair. But then there are the paintings of my father on the wall, showing off his adventures of over the years. He has them all over the house. It reminds him of what he use to be like, and shows us what need to aim for. He always wanted us to be better than him, but I am the only one of his four sons that left to have adventures as he did.

    Sleep starts to take hold of me again, so I return to bed. I left the curtains open, so I can watch the moon slowly travel cross the night sky. It's very beautiful, and I find myself thinking of Marisa now. Those deep blue eyes, her long yellow hair, and a smile the can melt men's hearts. Sleep takes me after a few more moments.

    Time passes as now the sun shines into the room, doesn't feel like I slept at all, then the sound of giggling echoes in the room. I turn my head to see Marisa sitting on the edge of my bed, wearing a white outfit, and she is holding a cup of morning coffee. I can see there is a jaded staff with a dragons head resting against the wall by my bed, and a white cloak is draped over a chair near by. I look at her once more, as she smiles at me.

    " Finally you awake sleepy head. Here I have something for you.", she hands me the coffee,as I raise up in bed, then she gives me a soft kiss on the lips.

    Wow what did I do to deserve this type of service. It's like she came out of my dreams to greet me, and a very nice dream this must be.

    " I am glad your here Granny, I was worried you might have taken a crown for yourself. But I knew deep down you would be here, and I am glad.", she stands and walks over to the window now.

    " You know me all to well Marisa, I was temped to take that last crown, but at the end of the day, it wasn't what I wanted. ", I stand to move next to her, as I put the coffee on the table. " Your all I need now, and nothing in this world is more important to me."

    She turns to give me the biggest smile now. Then we hug each other closely, and I give her the big kiss I can, and she returns the favor. We stay like this for what feels like forever, I don't care about anything else right now, just as long as I can stay in this moment, I finally have what I always wanted, and I am not ever letting her go.

    ( To be continued in.....................Journey to the Black Gates)

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