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Some Concerns

I'd like to preface this by saying that this game looks super interesting, and I'd love to see it do well.

That said, this is a very similar concept (to me at least) to some other games. Specifically, I'm thinking of Everquest Next, which like this was in development for a while, and looked super interesting. However, they released some preliminary modules, the gameplay ended up being entirely un-fun, and the project got cancelled after two whole years of development and a lot of people investing time and money into it. I'm not really worried about this stealing from EQN, but it does concern me that this is an "Open world game with factions and you can influence stuff and it's super cool". It's a great concept, I'm just seeing a lot of similar wording to stuff I've seen in other games that have flopped on release.

I guess what I'm wondering is this: where does this game set itself out to be different from other freeform games? Better engine that works more smoothly? Better focus on multiplayer? A more interesting potential for story lines that justifies maybe some small questionable gameplay choices? Does it follow less of a traditional MMO combat idea and follow something more unique and skill based, like For Honor (but with working servers, what a waste of a great game)?

Anyone who wanted to elaborate here, that would be great


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