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  • Bisho
    Heya, Belle! 

    Since you are an admin, I thought I'd reach out to you regarding this question: I'm looking at buying the Voyager plus package, but since it's a pretty penny, I was wondering how long it might be available for to the public before it disappears? I don't want to miss out but also don't want to dump my entire savings right away lol Not sure if anyone knows as I've tried looking for info regarding this but couldn't find anything. If no info is available on that, no worries! Just thought I'd ask! 

    Many thanks, 

    Bisho :) 
    September 30
    • Bisho
      Wow I'm really dumb - this was supposed to be a message NOT a message on your wall LOL *repeatedly hits face against wall*
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Hey hun,
      Decisions on the store and cosmetics are made at the Intrepid level. I am not able to state for certain without a direct quote for his lord and high sandal ;)
    • Bisho
      No worries! Thanks for letting me know 💖🙌
  •  Damascenon
    Hello Belle-Bot.exe,

    I've got a question. I wrote a HTML-Code for our guild but it doesn't work. Does the forum disable HTML-Codes? So I have to use the forum-editor?
    September 29
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      I like to use Google Docs and then run it through
    •  Damascenon
      Thank you for your answer.
      And I got another question. Can I change my forum-display name and how?
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Not at this time.
  • Guardianforces
    I'm in game but I'm not ready for it
    September 29
  • Jayeder
    Hi Belle-Bot.exe,
    Ive discovered a bug with the current version of the game (which makes the game unplayable guess i miss another testing phase :C ) im currently putting the error report together and i cant seem to locate the games current build number only just the launcher number.
    September 29
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡

      Please post details here <3
  • FuChingLan
    I had purchased the Intrepid Pre-Order Pack on December 10th, 2017. I was wondering why I don't see the items listed in the Pack on my Dashboard? It would be helpful to remember what I had purchased so long ago without having to look it up on the forums.
    September 25
    • FuChingLan
      Disregard question - I see on a second date (March 2, 2018) that it lists everything.
  • Geeque
    Having issues with being able to see my NDA from links on forums, it tells me I cannot enter that page. Lost my chance to all the Alpha O testing the same way as this Alpha 1 stress test. Cannot enter the game client to upgrade my AO NDA as requested by the email sent to me. Also getting same message. "you are not authorized to access the server." I followed the email instructions to the letter too. Please advise.
    September 24
  • Atticusfaith
    All I ask that you post everywhere when all BOW emails are sent out.  Then I will worry. :)
    September 19
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      StevenYesterday at 11:51 PM
      @everyone Glorious Ashes Community, all invites have just been emailed to Alpha One backers, please make sure to check spam/junk folder of your email for your invite to the stress testing phase of Alpha One, Phase 1. If you are an Alpha One backer and have not received your email within the next 24 hours, please submit a support ticket :heart: See you in testing
    • abe109
      17 Jan 18 - 04:58 PM Completed $500.00
      I am a backer the intrepid level alpha 1 but my email just changed, I deleted my old email address and just updated my new email today. Have not got the alpha 1 access yet.
  • Tey
    Really awesome person, very nice and helpful. :smile:
    September 23
  • justafreak
    Hi Belle,
    I'm not sure if I'm have problems or not accessing the alpha stress test.  I was able to log on Saturday for a bit, but since then when I try to log on it says "You are not authorized to access the service".  Also I have never been able to log into the stress test forums on the Ashes of Creation site, even though the email says it takes about an hour after the email to grant permission.  Is it me, or is it that the servers are down and its just technical stuff on the stress test side?
    September 17
  • Enigmaticat
    Are access codes still in the process of being sent out?  My husband and I haven't gotten our codes, but some of our friends have gotten theirs.  Email addresses are whitelisted and have been watching inbox and spam box.  Thanks!
    September 16
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      StevenYesterday at 12:06 PM
      @everyone Happy Saturday to the Glorious Ashes Community! I’m happy to announce that the stress testing for Alpha One Phase 1 is going very well. The team is hard at work fixing bugs and optimizing. Reception has been overwhelmingly positive, which is great for us to see! We will be inviting 3k additional Alpha One backers to test starting next week. Expect those emails to land around Wednesday. Additionally our next live stream is scheduled for September 27th at 3pm PDT. Much :heart:️
  • Oharunsi
    Hello ! i am having issues login in to the stress test  9/14/2018 6pm PC time

    can u help me?
    September 15
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Servers arent online yet. #Alpha_stress_news for updates in discord
  • Holy-Shiv
    Thanks for that reference
    September 15
  • Fibus
    Hi Belle,  I was told by folks on discord to contact you regarding issues I'm having with stress test access.  My forums permissions are not set up and the account I was provided does not work.  What should I do?
    September 14
  • Vardoch
    Hello i have pledged to alpha 1 but i have not gotten a code for the stress test i have looked through my email and also my spam and haven't seen it or maybe accident i passed over it and deleted it. All i have gotten was a Signature form 
    September 15
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Alpha 1 has not yet started, we are currently in stress testing in preparations for Alpha 1. Were you a Leader of Men backer or higher by chance?
  • evofire0
    Hi Belle, can you tell Intrepid to escalate my ticket number 6479? this is very important to me.
    September 11
  • Supremecommander
    is there anyway i can contact billing or your support unit?
    I have a massive billing question.  I've been setting up about 12 accounts and paying pledges for them so i could give away the accounts for friends and people on a forum however for some reason your company has begun to cancel my orders have i done something wrong?
    September 4
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      I would advise contacting support via -
      I am not familiar with the billing systems (not is cope for my role). The CS team should be able to assist you further.
  • StarDino
    so I submitted a guild leader request, however I want to change the guild forum in it, is there a way to delete it?
    August 27
    • Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Belle-bot.exe ♡
      Absolutely. Link me the post and i will delete it for you
  • Rogue
    hey qt hru
    August 17