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  • cmmon
    Hello ! I checked the wiki as you suggested but i am still very confused, have no idea what a stress test is and what is alpha 0, 1, 2, beta 1, 2...I see the schedule  but I do not understand any of it.for example if you are the alpha 0 tester do you get to play that specific part of the game all the time and then when it is alpha 1 phase you play that or you are out of the game ? this is so confusing.I see the cheapest package I can buy is 75 dollars, beta 2 test.what does that mean ? when the beta 2 test starts, I can download the game and play some content for some time  or I can play up to the actual launch ? sorry for all the stupid questions, I do not get the system at all.
    would love to play right now, this game looks amazing. so surprising that there are guild already and so many people here... soooo, please, if you could shed some light on this, you would make one  confused woman very happy ! thank you
    September 18
    • Kratz
      Hey there :) If you search the wiki you'll see the which essentially explains many of your questions. Alpha/Beta are testing phases leading up to launch. The purpose is to test and break the game so it'll have as much polish as possible at launch. Many of the community are already part of these phases through investing in different gaming packs. It's too late to enter Alpha 1 as the phase has already started but all registered users (like yourself) will be allowed to experience the Arena Mode Battlegrounds once the Alpha 1 testers have tested it for a month. I hope this information helps a little but I concede that it can be overwhelming. :)
  • Arobain
    Howdy there, I like your dwarf profile pic,  are you perhaps interestes in joining an all dwarf guild? 
    September 12
    • Kratz
      Thanks for the kind offer but I won't be joining any guilds before launch :)
  • nagash
    is that a elf I see ^^
    September 3
    • Kratz
      No, no Elves here. I borrowed an Elven prosthetic head from the set of the new Amazon series. Just poking holes in the right places ;)
    • lexmax
      *jaw dropped*
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    • nagash
      come on down ^^
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