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Forum Rules & Code of Conduct

VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
edited April 2023 in Welcome & Rules
Welcome to the official Ashes of Creation forums! This post provides the rules for our forums, so be sure to review them before joining in the discussion.

Forum Rules:
  1. Follow Vanilla ( and Intrepid Studios ( Terms of Service.
  2. Utilize categories for their purpose. Most forum categories have a pinned post that provides more information. At the moment, all forum categories support English threads; posts or threads in other languages may be removed accordingly.
  3. Do not spam. Utilize minimal use of all caps, no advertising, “bumping”, or cross-posting.
  4. No NSFW content or controversial content. (Sexualization, politics, religion, gore, etc.)
  5. Do not post yours or anyone else’s personal information, this includes addresses, phone numbers, and information within pictures.
  6. Be well unto others, and respect each other. (No hate speech, racism, sexism, suicidal ideation, excessive trolling, toxicity, etc.)
  7. If your forum username and/or avatar violates one of the above rules, you will be assigned a new username and/or avatar until you update them. While not required, we’d prefer that you use your Intrepid Studios playername. If your username contains personally identifying information that you wouldn’t like other people to see (such as your real name), you can update it from your Intrepid profile here under "Account Actions".

If you break any of these rules, Moderators have the right to put you in timeout until the issue is resolved, or ban you in cases that are severe. Do not argue with Moderators. Ban and timeout evading is not tolerated.

If you see content on the forums that violates the above rules, please report it to the moderation team for review. You can do so by selecting the “Report” option from the Flag dropdown in the lower left corner of any post.

If you have any issues, comments, or concerns, reach out to a Moderator or Community Manager. If you have an issue with a Moderator, please contact Vaknar, and we’ll get things resolved quickly.
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